Victoria Jackson: "There's A Communist Living in the White House!!"

it seems these days I'm in a haze and I can't concentrate on things can't eat or sleep feel incomplete and kind of scared and creepy I look over my shoulder Lots and shudder when I watch TV I bite my nails and cuticles and watch my words very carefully flag at White House I might my lip a lot and fidget with the buttons on my blouse why because there's a communist living in the White House why aren't people shocked or something why aren't people up in arms does anyone read history or see red flags or hear alarms the streets are filled with deaf and dumb as I squeak like a mouse my husband really misses me my parents think I've gone crazy only Glenn Beck understands me and if more Sean Hannity and Huckabee but you know besides those three endless weed people who drink the tea there's no one else who can see the confidence of a white house now you may say do I have any evidence to support my some positions and I will say where do you need to start on his grandparents were socialists his mother was his father as a communist he had Marxist professors he taught a course in college on Saul Alinsky he while his college records are sealed he told I'm Joe the Plumber on the campaign trail spread the wealth which is a direct quote from the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx and that other guy he uh he appointed Van Jones to me his green jobs are then Jones is a purported communist now a capitalist would never appoint a communist advisor he Oh his church of twenty years what with Jeremiah Wright preaching was Black Liberation Theology which is actually Marxism ah let's see then as soon as he got in office he um had the government take over the banks in the car industry and now he's trying to jam down our throat socialized medicine and the cap and trade I mean how much more proof you are I'm jittery my teeth a great eye twitch I shake I ruin a lately I'm perplexed and pinched in pain I pout and ponder it's good alliteration maybe I have lost my mind or have been drugged by some narcotic maybe I'm in a movie called 1984 or on this idiotic but if I am in a dream fast asleep I think I will just try to keep my eyes shut till this goes away and I awake to a happier day when my ukulele does not play this song of dire distress and dismay this song called there's a communist living in the white

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  • Oh no…the likes/dislikes are split at 3.5 thousand a piece! Now it is my great responsibility to be the deciding vote, but I'm split in MY opinion too! Maybe if I find and drink some if this tea she mentions, I will finally understand this video well enough to cast my vote. Until then I guess I will abstain.

  • When has communism ever worked, every communist country in history has been a hell hole, the people left very to extremely poor, no rights, can't leave the country etc. And she is factually right with everything she says. Saul Alinsky who dedicated his book Rules For Radicals to Lucifer had the forward written by that evil, warmongering, clinton foundation criminal enterprise, war criminal, Hilary Clinton.

  • Victoria Jackson was correct. Wonder why the people posting negative comments are not as aware as she was about the truth of Obama. It will all come out before long and a lot of people will be eating their words or they will have been compliant with the agenda of the worst Pres ever. So glad he is out of office forever.

  • White conservative Christians often come with rural retarded genes. Vic's family were Bible thumping fanatics, her crazy genes eventually showed up. Nutter like so many righties!

  • Seriously, if you see her from the 90s she seemed like a sweetie and the last person you'd expect to be a bigot uptight religious nutjob. I've never had a childhood crush die in flames so fucking fast. She might look beautiful, but she's ugly af on the inside.

  • I wonder if Weird Al Yankovic (who was friends with her for years, since UHF in 1989) sees her doing shit like this and just shakes his head

  • What I would love to ask her now (as I would any woman who voted Trump) is how YOU personally can tolerate a man who treats women the way he does, and would it be okay if he did it to you?

  • the fucking irony is that with TRUMP we DO have a communist influence in the white house. When was the last time you heard about the Ukraine? Trump approves of Brexeit and Russia surely wants NATO dissolved. Trump is doing the bidding of PUTIN, Hillary would have stood firm.

  • so if being opposed to "spreading the wealth" you would be in favor of the rich "hoarding the wealth"…  apparently equity and fair play are communist themes.  well count me in.

  • I wonder what Weird Al Yankovic thinks of her now. They were good friends in the 90s, but he's so chill and funny. If you listen to his original songs like "Trigger Happy", I'd guess his views swing left (although he's the type to stay out of politics), and I certainly can't imagine him agreeing with or condoning the way she acts or the things she says in recent years.

  • Sad when your childhood favorites/crushes turn out to be way different people than you thought. What bugs me isn't so much that Victoria is super Conservative, but how inarticulate and downright hateful she is. Seems like she can't think for herself and just regurgitates Fox News' talking points, but in an even more extreme way.

  • God this is just sad. The hair bow ditzy blonde bit of this woman was old in 1992 let alone 20 years on when she's bloated, exasperated, and pushin for senior citizens benefits.

    Also VJ, he's either a Muslim, a Commie, or perhaps you're a racist bigot…looks like I just answered my own question.

  • I thought Barack Obama was a radical Muslim?  You can't have it both ways.  Under communist regimes, religious practices (including Islam) were banned.

  • Jribs,i read in obama's book about his MENTOR-F.Marshall DavisJr/blk poet and COMMUNIST.Obama embraced those ideas,dummy.

  • Haha such a fucking idiot.
    Only Americans can be this stupid, only in America socialism is a bad word…

  • Really? So what she called George Bush when he was spending like a Drunken Sailor for those 8 years in the white House. The unfunded 2 wars with no strategy. The bailout out of reckless Banks and brokerage firms. The meltdown of the real Estate Market. The stock market fell to 3,000 points. Medicare prescription drug program ran up the National Debt. 2 massive tax cuts for his Rich Cronies. When is Victoria "right wing nut" Jackson is gonna write a song about George Bush Destroying this Country with is Drunken Spending. Remember Republican States get more Welfare and watch more Gay and Incest Porn than any other States. Victoria "right wing nut" Jackson, put down teabagger crystal METH and stop cutting your Conservative teabagger Republican PROZAC in half 😨😱😵😷

  • Forgive me for not commenting sooner, but "BRAVO"! Your song was not only amusing, but truthful and inspirational as well. Sadly, things have only gotten progressively worse since 2010. "AND HE'S STILL THERE"!  Perhaps the biggest part of the problem is the average American dolt thinks you're referring to Groucho instead of Carl. Or" Lennon" translates to one of The Beatles. In any event, I fear that America is now on it's last legs, and obviously doesn't know how to stand up anymore. God save us.

  • Y'all cowboys we've gotta shoot 'em up with are pistoles!! Comunism bring injustice and unfair too all. This is what Hitler did in WW1!! WE MUST STOP THEM!

  • The ribbon she perpetually wears in her hair appears to be the only thing keeping her wobbly brain from falling out of her skull.

  • Victoria

    Anyone Notice Obama Got Blasted 4 Times In 1 Week? (Video) 4 Horsemen Of Apocalypse?

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