Vimala’s Curryblossom Café – Mission Main Street Grants – Chase

(Background Music) Vimala Rajendran (Narration On and Off Screen): When I was three years old, in our first home in Bombay, I was in my mother’s kitchen. And instead of shoo-ing me out of the kitchen, had me help her and I enjoyed doing it. (Sizzling) I would remember the smells of those days, and that’s what I cook by… The sense of smell. My name is Vimala and I’m the owner chef of Vimala’s Curry Blossom Café in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. (Chefs speaking) Employee (On Screen): Hi! Vimala Rajendran (Narration On and Off Screen): We opened our doors to this community in 2010. Hi, how are you? We emphasized “people, planet, profit.”
We knew that no matter what the price, some people wouldn’t be able to afford the food. So we started the “Vimala cooks, everybody eats” program. We received money from those
who can give a little extra, and the money is used to serve those who cannot pay for
a meal that day. Manju Rajendran (Narration On and Off Screen): It feels like a real gift to be doing honest work in a place that is constantly trying to become more true to our values. Vimala Rajendran (Narration On and Off Screen): A small business has various challenges, finances being the biggest one. Did you remember to order the fifty pounds of chick peas? Rush Greenslade (Off Screen): Yes. Vimala Rajendran (Narration On and Off Screen): I heard about Mission Main Street Grant. Rush Greenslade (Narration On and Off Screen): Check it out. Vimala Rajendran (Narration On and Off Screen): There it is. And my husband and I went to work right away. And minutes before the deadline we finished our proposal. When I got the phone call that we had received the grant, I held my breath. It’s a dream come true, and I’m still in awe. Rush Greenslade (Narration On and Off Screen): It’s just so rewarding to know that an organization like Chase would appreciate our values. People over profit and quality over bottom line. Vimala Rajendran (Narration On and Off Screen): Really appreciate you coming. With the grant money, we hope to launch a food truck so our food can go far and wide. And hire employees who will help grow our business even further. Thank you so much. Every day I wake up and I’m so excited to
come to work because we are making a difference. (Restaurant sounds)

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