Vintage Goodwill Haul – Part I | Mid Century Modern Gazelle and Fishnet Bear

oh my gosh they need to sleep and they like staring at this and I'm thinking gosh that's big rooster the good thing drew is not here that could go all sorts of directions my family calls it my superpower it's my ability to see value in things that other people might overlook sometimes they go picking with my boyfriend sometimes it's my best friend Sue and sometimes it's my kids but at the end of the day it's all about having fun and hopefully it's just maybe making a profit in our most recent shopping video Andrew and I visited three separate thrift shops and on the table here I have our collective haul from those three separate thrift shops it's quite a lot of stuff so I've had to push the camera back but I did get some still shots of everything before I started this video so I'll impose them on the video so you can get some close-ups of some of this stuff we've got um I'm gonna go through all this but first before we get to that I do want to apologize it's kind of windy tonight and you guys know when it's windy I usually film downstairs but tonight it's gonna be a little noisy you're gonna you're gonna hear the roof and you're gonna finally understand why it is that I filmed downstairs when it's windy we're gonna get through this together so here we go alright the first shop we went to was a good will and the good full it was it's kind of my favorite goodwill it's where I got the the blanket recently the blanket that everybody was like crazy about but you know it was kind of slim pickins we didn't really find a whole lot today so let's go over that first okay so over here just kind of out of interview I don't lift them you will see I have some McDonald's turf field glass cups and your mother like Oh McDonald's glass cups normally I don't pick them up music yeah yeah but they're garfield and they've got like funny little Zana and the pair of these were 97 cents so these are 50 cents each and these three one for two dollars so altogether I paid four dollars for them they will sell from 20 to 25 bucks for five so there's money to be made as IR so that'll be nice um moving right along we're still at the first good mill I'm trying to like in my head go back and visit the good ball and figure out like what I bought was there um these candlesticks right here were actually the first thing that I picked up I believe these are family roads they're not super old they do have felt on the bottom I think that these were actually added later they weren't they didn't originally have felt so I mean somebody liked them and took care of them despite the fact that they are I believe modern imports they are marked made in China there are cute little candlesticks I don't expect to get and then 15 bucks for them that's probably what I'm going to list them for there are no chips or cracks on them which I like because a lot of the times I will find them with little dings what not oh let's continue from the first step ah great your friend why not break now uh we've got our little turkeys here a pair of Turkey little candlesticks and I'd paid oh it's on the butt ah let's see okay um two dollars I paid two dollars put a little turkey candlesticks I would expect these to go between 15 and 20 dollars especially around Thanksgiving so I'll probably list them before that and just want to sit I imagine they'll probably sorrow they do have their original nap go where stairs so they are made in Japan but they have a lot of their original paint there is a little bit of chipping on the paint but not a whole lot now there is a chip on the front that I didn't notice but despite there being a chip it appears to be a man factures defect there is glazing on the chip so it's not something that happened after the fact so that makes me feel good so I'm not like freaked out about the ship I think it happened there's a manufacturing defect so I like that there's glazing on it so if doesn't sell they're going on my table for Thanksgiving because this year Thanksgivings at my house someone's at my sister's house and I love my sister but gosh darn she's got a lot of dogs I just got one giant Burmese mountain dog named but it's huge dog sweetest thing but it's just bear oh that's the dog's name it's bear it's yeah we're doing deathly allergic to anything with fur one of my sisters for Thanksgiving these pop and benadryl you know anyway I'm moving on I also got this ceramic pumpkin now this is not vintage at all it's hiding behind us amazing purse that we will get to this is not old this is modern undoubtedly modern I'm not sure what like ever how it came from Big Lots or something I love fall it's one of my favorite seasons I love decorating for fall absolutely love fall see there's that wind um I think I'm gonna hold on to this because I do love it now it did come with a little LED light that just stuck up in there it wasn't an actual tea light it was an LED light that had a switch on it it was all rusted so I pulled that out I'm hoping I could find something that would fit in there and create a light effect if not it's still a mega nice decoration and I paid $4 for that so that's probably gonna end up as part of my decoration so okay moving right along I'm trying to think if there was anything else for me first a thrift store we went to but I think that was really it there at like I said there was whole lot there today I was kind of disappointed but then after that we had two options we could either go to another goodwill down the road or across the street from that is a community which is a local thrift store for us they do a lot for our local community as far as donating back to the community which I really like about community aid I hate their loud music absolutely hate their life I'm just gonna clean on a loop and there's this one song that plays and it's always that one song that gives me a copyright strike it's horrible and like third and like what they do but I hate there a lot of music gosh darn it alright moving right along we decided to go to the goodwill injury study he had a feeling about the goodwill I said okay and you're let's trust you're feeling and let's go to the goodwill I'm glad we did because some good stuff now let's start over here with these gazelle type creatures whether they are deer or gazelle I'm not entirely sure it looks it appears as though they've got horns but they've kind of got either I want to say are deco but they're kind of mid-century modern they're kind of like in that in-between stage between the two and I like that I like the design I like the lines of them stylistically they're nice they're really nice and I paid $4 for those and I couldn't find any sold to compare them to which I liked I found up here that were similar that sold for twenty five that were all chipped up and really scary-looking so I've been another period that was similar that was listed for $90 I think I'm going to list my pair for 75 and see where we go from there but I do like them a lot they are they have a nice neutral color they're not like real flashy they're just neutral which I I think is good I'm so moving right along what else did we get there let's you know what let's talk about their self so I'd get it off the table because it's kind of like crowded right now I've got this primitive shop now do you believe it is pine because it's got these knots on it and I'm white that the hearts are all uneven and it's got these hooks on it it's got a split here but it doesn't go all the way through I don't well maybe a little bit but you know I just I really liked it it's just primitive and it brings me back to my days doing estate liquidation and I remember I got all these shelves I was doing this liquidation of this this household it was like a forbidden house and I was cleaning it out and I got all these like giant like wall shelves hanging shelves just like this one and there was one of us like four feet long and I listed it up I was just like listing them for whatever and I saw that the really long ones were listed for a lot of money and so I lifted up for $180 like just kind of as like a let's throw it out there like we're fishing and see if we get any bites wouldn't you know what I had a buyer from China buy it for a hundred and eighty dollars through the global shipping program I don't know how much they paid for shipping this thing was four feet long but it was a shelf just like this now I don't expect to get a $180 for this shelf this is we paid $5.00 for this I'm cleaning between 25 and 35 dollars just a primitive wall hanging shelf with little coat hooks on horse cutouts so not one hundred and eighty dollars we're gonna move on to the front here because may have another shelf they don't think you guys can quite see you probably saw it in the video no this one was the first one that I spotted really like I don't think it's super old I think that it's probably modern somebody made this somebody painted it there are no marks on it at all I didn't see any residue from stickers like I mean you facture made it I don't see any signature like dad signed it like to Emily or anything like that it's just a nice shop with a couple puppy dogs eating this guy's dead a ribbon hot-glued but we paid five dollars for this one I would expect this name twenty-five to thirty-five dollars with the hand-painted dogs I like these guys working that they've got the long ears like my Marmaduke okays know I have a hound dog that I rescued we go my black and tan cute hound so I've got I'm kind of a sucker for hell knows you know no I think it's gonna be okay I don't it's gonna fall here big ruckus down there it's because they fell down I actually saw this elephant mug sitting on the shelf and I have a thing for elephants and I saw the elephant mug it was like a little look it's an elephant and I grabbed the elephant mug I paid 97 cents for this I'll probably list it for seven bucks that's usually how I list my mugs unless there's something like really special about them um mr. 97 cents gonna list this one for seven but hiding behind the elephant mug was this guy he's just a cute little chubby guy with a hat he's a creamer he's got a little bit of paint missing up by his spout um but he's vintage and he's darling and pudgy he's got like these little rosy cheeks um he named me I couldn't believe he was marked for 97 cents first of all the kids like some of the stuff is still outrageously priced and some of it is just like so outrageously under priced and this is one of those like I would at least expect them to have $4 on this and they have a dollar on it paid a dollar for this there's one listed on eBay right now for 25 dollars I'm thinking up I would probably ask 20 it's funny for this so I got that as well um moving right along we're not there yet we're good there that was probably one of the best things I got all day um and you guys who do clothes and purses are like Oh first look at that first get to the first get to the purse when that's the first okay um this little cottage I picked this up I knew it was more than likely made in Japan I didn't have my glasses on and of course they put the goodwill sticker right over the made in Japan and I was peeling out it and I'm staring at trying to like figure out what it says and like I can't see you got my you know like I assume as my glasses get smudged I can't wear them there just can't so like I started out the day with clean glasses and by the time I get to film in my video they're submerged and I just take them off and I don't wear them and that was the case today so this little cottage teapot you would could say usually comes with a creamer and sugar it's worth a lot more with the creamer and sugar without the cream and sugar it's worth between ten to fifteen dollars it's not chipped it's not cracked it's just little cottage and just I paid two dollars for it so I'm gonna get some money there um this is a little planter with a rooster on it another made in Japan I'm so guilty of like made in Japan grabbing it like stuff that is made in Japan I think it's funky I paid two dollars for the planet Earth I would probably list this I want to say between you know I probably list this for 15 I think 15 to 20 and it's like ridiculously out of proportion because it's like a killer giant rooster and he's coming to like stop the people oh my god you just sleep and they would staring at this and I'm thinking gosh that's a big rooster the good thing drew is not here that can go all sorts of directions I swear I'm drinking coffee okay moving right along uh-oh the lamp this is another one that we got at that goodwill okay so this bear right here can you see the bear you can probably see the very how many of you a close-up of the berry me this bear is considered a fishnet paint job the painting of the bear would be considered fishnet so when you see this you could consider it fishnet now there are some very very expensive fishnet painted figurines out there I was gonna say critters then I'm like wait no let's be more accurate and just they figure it um there is there's some really expensive ones out there that are made by really nice ceramic houses this guy unfortunately as cute as he is sitting on his law wouldn't pedestal he needs definitely need some like Old English on his little pedestal um is Andrea by static um I kind of was like a little on the fence about it but I like that he's a lamp and I think that was the selling point for me because I knew that he wasn't one of the more quality ceramic fish net figurines but he's a lamp and I was like okay and he's blue and white and that's a good thing so I got it and he's cute and he would look great this is a side table or something I mean a bedroom so I'm I paid four dollars for him I would probably list him for 35 to 45 dollars for the fact that he lights up and everybody loves things when they light up all right let's keep going don't forget to Like and subscribe and if you spot it's something that you just can't live without don't worry I've put a link to our Etsy store down in the description

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