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Wow, such a fat rat, looks delicious!! Mona no, you can’t catch it. Wait stop, listen to me. Stop!! Meow, boss my teeth! This rat is made up of metal. Haha!!! This is not a rat but a robot. If you couldn’t recognize it then even Vir won’t. I’ve made many such robotic rats that will enter Vir’s house at night and cut all the wires inside his body And then Vir will be finished. Haha!! Vir won’t even realize when he would be finished. Hahaha!!! But where are the other rats and how will they recognize Vir? Good question, I’ll let you know. I’ve uploaded your photo on this rat robot. Now through this, your snap will be transferred to all the other rats. Whichever snap is on this device will be the target of these rats. Haha!! Now see the fun. Boss, they are behind me, boss save me!! Send them behind Vir boss. Haha!! I am glad. Timbaktoon!! Save me! Help! My donkey sense says that there is some danger. Gintu, look so many rats. Help! Vir look, rats. Help! Oh! From where did so many rats come? Gintu, finish them off. No Gintu, don’t kill them, they are rats and have come here in search of food. Just throw them out. Why are you so scared? They are just rats. I am very scared of rats. Vir is awake, no use now. I will have to call back the rats. Later on I will analyze the situation and attack. No worries, all the rats have gone now. Don’t be scared. It’s surprising that being a jinn you are scared of them. Although I am a Jin, I’m still a kid and even I get afraid. What happend Vir? What was the noise about? Grandfather, I have no idea from where so many rats had come but I th rew them all out. Hi Vir. Hi Imli, you know Imli yesterday so many rats came into my room from somwhere. Gintu was damn scared. Instead of helping us, he climbed on a table and started shivering. Haha!! But from where did so many rats come? So many rats? Vir help!! Gintu, turn yourself into a cat, the rats will get scared and run away. Look, this might be the first cat that is afraid of rats and running away. Oh! this rats have come again. Imli, they are not rats, they are robots and they are here for me. I will take them away from here. Robo boy suit on. Haha!! Vir, the Robo boy, how long will you protect yourself. Although my rats cant fly, but they can run at a speed that you could never even think of. There are rats behind Robo boy. What type of rats are these? They are running on the wall with such great speed. Grandfather, all these rats are robots. There are small monitors inside them in which my picture is uploaded. With target written on it. This is why they are following me. I have an idea how to trap them, listen. Ok Vir, bring them out of the city I’ll set a trap for them. Ok grandfather. Grandfather, my jet pack is damaged, I can’t fly now. Grandfather, all the rats are finished, it was a nice trap set by you. I am mad, very very mad. Mother rat attack!! Oh even this is left, Grandfather, Chulbul, Imli step back. Eat him, bite him, haha!! Vir bye bye. Jet shoes on. Haha!! Vir, today nobody can save you. Haha!! Now you are gone. Vir!! What is happening? Vir!!! Somebody is calling my name. Vir, are you ok? Vir, where are all those rats? I ran many miles away from here. Only one is left. Look there. Ohh! such a big rat! These aren’t rats, they are robot. All those rats were robots. Repair him and send him to Timbaktoon. He is watching us from distance, maybe he is waiting for this rat. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum duma dum. Boss, this giant rat is behind me boss. Save me boss!! Hahaha!!

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