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Oh! Grandfather. Help!!! Robot boy!! Vir!! Leave the car, grandpa please tell him. Vir use your extra power, Vir! You all take the car and go from here. Thankyou Robot boy!! Haha!! Byebye Vir, today my dream got fulfilled, haha!! Extra power on. Catch him, don’t let him escape. Grandpa, damage beyond self repair, I need you. Vir I have traced your location, we are coming. Vir, are you alright? You both have come, now I am fine. Imli, I will check Vir, you go to the tunnel and keep an eye, signal us if you see any danger. Vir I have made you to serve people and when you do that I feel proud and happy. But when you get hurt, it hurts me and I feel like I should take you somewhere far away, where nobody bothers us. No grandpa, I have been made to serve people and that was your dream, Isn’t it? No matter what, to keep up your dream I will keep on serving people. I am proud of you Vir, I am proud of you. Imli take care of Grandpa, I’ll just come. Vir, I feel like stopping you, but I know you will not stop, so take care of yourselve, all the best. Hey catch me if you can. Take some rest kid, I am tired feeding you. Boss what job have you given me. Gintu you are eating snacks here, over there Vir is in danger. Vir is very powerful, he doesn’t need anybody’s help, Isn’t it Gintu? You eat. You are right, Vir the Robot boy doesn’t need anybody’s help. You are teaching all wrong things to my friend, now I will show you. What am I doing here? Oh no! Not now. Hey, I am here. Grandpa one down, six more to go. Yeah!! Underwater suit on. Grandpa three down, four more to go. Yes!! No!!! Hey you are looking out for me over there and I am waiting for you over here, come on attack me. Grandpa, five down two more to go. Yeah!! No!! He is defeating all seven robots. Drill suit on. Grandpa six down, one more to go. Oh, so this is it, Mad Max can recognize his robot by this M logo, now I will remove this logo and confuse him. Vir surrender yourself or else I will kill your friend. Vir!! Haha!! Now what will you do Vir, Imli is in our custody. Vir use your self destructive button and kill yourself or else I will kill your friend. Haha!! Quickly press your, self destructive button and kill yourself or else Imli won’t survive. As you say boss. Vir!! No!! Haha!! Grandpa, Imli it’s me, I defeated Mad Max in his own game. Vir! Oh Vir! No!! I will never be able to defeat Vir, why? Even I won’t give up. Chulbul, what am I doing here? Sorry Vir, this all has happened because of my mistake, I am sorry. Whatever happened, forget it, now erase the memory of the Fursatganj people, that Vir is a Robot boy. Erase Mad Max and Timbaktoon’s memory also that you are a Jinn and you made seven clones of me. Agdam bagdam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum. Let everybody forget what they have seen. Let’s go and eat snacks from where you were eating. What are you doing here? When did you start this snacks corner? Why didn’t you tell me? Even I don’t know boss. I can’t remember anything boss. Sorry boss!! Is anyone here? Whose shop is this? I am going from her. Hahaha!!

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