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Give my power back or else it won’t be good. Now I have to show you, how much power is there in a donkey. Yeah! Wow Chulbul, see Gintu this is the way you should fight, don’t be scared. If Chulbul can fight then why can’t you, you are a genie. Chulbul you are very brave, now I will fight, you recite the magical word. agadam bagadam ikadam tikadam aalam phalam dum dumadum. From my power a magical ball will come in your hand, then I will take it. First we will go home from here then we will do all this over there. Vir, where were you all? Grandpa that lady genie has come, and she is behind Gintu, she wants Gintu’s powers. This is an excellent life, whenever one feels to eat carrot, can have them. Numbers of them or any colours. Chulbul enough of eating , don’t show off and listen to me , she will come again in any disguise. If you have a doubt on some one then don’t say it in front of that person. We will converse by playing dumb charades. let her not know that you have recognized her. I don’t know how to play dumb charades, but I will try. How is chulbul able to do this? You tell Grandpa everything , I will go out and check. Hey donkey get out of the way , come on move. You shall have a bad day. Help!!!! Bunty’s father do something. Help!! Chulbul correct the magic , you too behaving like Gintu , quickly correct it and give the powers back to Gintu. You want the power to be returned so that you can be powerful, lady jinn bye bye. Where are you running lady jinn? Oh rat!! I am scared of rats. Don’t worry , I will catch it. Chulbul I am Vir, listen to me. Help!! Chulbul. Vir, I turned the lady jinn into the rat , lets trap her and put her in the cage . Akad Bakad Bambey bo, Vir should lose his voice. I am Vir, that is lady jinn, listen to me. Good Chulbul , you are excellent , now give your power to Gintu Gintu will take this rat in his jinn world and put her in the jail. What is the hurry Vir , we are a family , you say always wheather the powers are with me or with him. What difference is it. The magic is at home itself. No chulbul its wrong, it should be handed to the owner and correct person. Quickly give back the powers. You all cant bear my happiness, for sometime let the magic be with me. Please. How much time you want. Only for 20 -25 years. Chulbul don’t be greedy, you are a nice donkey, always helping others, don’t hurt anyone, give back the power. You can’t bear my happiness, ok let me return the powers. Haha!! Look at the lady jinn, she is helpless. Haha!! Was going to make me the prefect lady jinn , now in the prefect jail. This rat is playing dumb charades and showing signs , this is not Vir with long hair and long nose , is the rat our Vir ? May be this is the lady jinn games. Come on Chulbul , its too much , return the power to Gintu. Ok, wish I had it for few days , Agadam Bagadam. You are Vir? Ikadam tikadam dum duma dum Run!! Vir this is you. I am sorry, I was mistaken. Lady jinn now it’s the battle between you and me, do you want the powers of Gintu , come here. Vir you can’t win over me , first I shall finish you and later its Gintu’s turn. Haha!! Run!! Save me!! Lets see who wins. Akad bakad bambey bo. Give my magic weapon. Now my turn. My broom where is it? Akad bakad bambey bo, my magic broom come here. Boss what did you do? No! I broke my magical broom, no!! I will smash you like a mosquito. Ok then I will turn myself into a mosquito. Leave me. Now you take rest in the jail. Gintu take the power and take her to the jinn world. Thank you Vir, come on Jinn aunty, now go in the jail and rest there. No!! Yes!! Where is Chulbul? What happen Chulbul? Wish I was allowed to be the Jinn for few more days , it would have been a lot of fun. Haha!!

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