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Suddenly there is lighting in the sky without clouds, what is the reason behind it, lets go to grandpa and ask. Ok Vir. Looks like someone is playing around with the lightening. Otherwise there can never be lightening in the dry sky, nor does it fall. I am glad, very very glad. Now I have the power of lightening from the sky, power from the sky, haha!! Now I am going to be very powerful, very very powerful, haha!! Meow! You are genius boss, super duper genius. She is right boss, she is right. Timbaktoon get ready, now the time has come to finish Vir. Hey!! Stop, come back, there are cars coming. Hope you didn’t hurt yourself, you want to cross the road? Come I will help you. Son if you want to help me then please take me to my house, it’s very near. Ok! You all go, I’ll be right back. Now you must be getting late, you go back. But before leaving, please give me a bottle of cold water from the fridge. Robo boy suit on. Well done Timbaktoon, you made no mistakes this time, now Vir is in our control, haha!! Now he will dance on my tunes. Vir, who is your boss? You are my boss. Finally now Vir is mine, haha!! Vir! Now go and finish Dr Prem Sahay, so that he does not create any other Vir like robot. Go!! Ok boss. What is he doing? Vir is not like that? Is this Vir or his duplicate? This not hero, he is villain. This is Vir only, lets run from here, let’s go to grandpa fast. Grandpa!! Vir. What are you doing Vir? Grandpa, are you ok? I am ok but Vir is not, I have to stop him anyhow, or else he will destroy Fursatganj in few seconds. But at the moment it seems that you are the target. Yes! You are right, someone has done some changes in his system. Now how to stop him, so that I can get some time to study him. I will stop him grandpa, I will fight with Vir. Wait Imli, you can’t fight with Vir this way, he has robotic powers in him. Take this jacket, wear it, you just manage to engage him, till I find some solution. Ok grandpa. Come on Vir. Imli there is a red chip in Vir’s back, remove that. Ok. Vir!! How is this possible? How did my contact with Vir break? Grandpa, what happened? Why is everything broken? Haha! Welcome back Vir. Imli, with bravery you have done a great job. But what happened? Vir, did you finish Dr Prem Sahay ? Yes I have. Very good. You think I am a fool like Timbaktoon, I understood the moment your and my connection failed. I understood that the chip in you is been removed. Now understand in this language also. Take this!! Now it’s your turn to understand, and that too for the last time. Today your game will be over Vir. Nothing is going to favor us boss, its best to run away from here. You have destroyed me, I will not leave you. Take me along with you boss.

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