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Timbaktoon look at this robot , his name is Dragoz. He will destroy Vir the Robo boy in front of everyone. These wires & system are to control this robot. After wearing these, it walks and behaves like the wearer By this headphone whatever commands are given, it obeys them. Boss let me take a trial, let see how it works. Meow! You are genius boss, she is right boss. It works boss, see. Ok I got it, now stop. You are genius boss. Maddmax is mad, very very mad. Come I will help you cross the road. Stop!! Thank you son. What is this ? Who is Dragoz? For sure this is Madmax’s robot. Gintu write I am not interested. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadum dum dumadum. Haha!! Robo boy has replied that he is not interested in the fight. Haha!! He is scared, he will have to fight , we will compel him. Haha!! Complete town is getting destroyed , Dragoz named robot is on a destroying mission. He says “Till Robo boy doesn’t agree to the fight I shall continue” . Robo boy accept my challenge or you are the reason for the destruction. Vir don’t worry, I will teach him a lesson. No Gintu , this fight is between the robots and not the magic spell, this is at the equal strength. Robo boy has to prove that he can do anything to protect the people of Fursatgunj. Send the message to Timbuktoon that Robo boy has accepted the challenge. Hello! Robo boy has accepted the challenge to fight with Dragoz. Phone call in a shoe? Boss Robo boy has accepted the challenge to fight Dragoz. Friends today is the biggest fight of all times. Welcome to the most powerful , most dangerous, the greatest , the toughest creation of the world Dragoz!! And here comes The Robo Boy. Robo boy it will be my pleasure to finish you, haha!!! Ok, ready? Start the fight. Hahaha!! Yeah!! Robo boy!! No, now I will teach him. Vir!! Get up!! I will pick him up, Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam. No Gintu, Vir has adviced not to use magic. Have faith. Yeah!! Vir!! Duck. Vir, What are you doing? Why are you not moving? Can’t remember anything, how to react then, by the time I am thinking, I am getting the punch. Your reaction is very late , memory chip is damaged . Look he is coming, he is lifting his feet, you step aside. Very good boss, you are fighting good. Your robot is so far away from you but is following all your commands. Grandpa, Dragoz is controlled by Madmax, he isn’t fighting by himself. Oh! So he is using the remote control device, this is not the matter of concern at all. I am worried about Vir’s memory chip, its damaged, his reaction abilities are very late . Grandpa, can’t we control Vir with a remote control? Imli lets go, we will also use remote control for Vir to fight. Vir can’t fight at all. I can’t help Vir with the magic. But I can do other things. What are you doing? Boss, help!!!! Imli you fight and meanwhile I will repair the damaged memory chip . Imli attack!!! Robo boy!! Yeah!! Boss, what are you doing? Boss, help!! Imli, now Vir is charged and can fight now. Hello Vir now you are all right. Imli was fighting using remote control. Now you can fight yourself. Thank you Imli. Grandpa lets go to the Arina. Yeah!! Robo boy!! Yeah!! When will the fight begin? Haha!! Late comer. Robo boy won the fight already, haha!!

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