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Children tomorrow some new toy companies are coming with their new remote operated toys to promote. So they are putting an exhibition over here, you all should come and can bring your friends also. Yes sir! Students don’t make noise, Bunty you control the class. Ok sir. Friends I will show you all some artistic thing, I will draw Vir on the board, Vir please don’t mind. Haha!! Sorry instead of Vir, it has become Tir. Instead of V it has become T. Haha!! This Bunty has to be taught some lesson, he always tries to trouble you. It’s ok Imli, now I will make fun of him. Friends even I know to draw, I will draw Bunty on the board, don’t feel bad about my minor mistakes Bunty Haha!! From no where it looks like me. Oops! Sorry small mistake, instead of B it has become A, that is instead of Bunty it has become Aunty. Haha!!! Boss, I got a news that, in Vir’s school some toy companies are keeping an exhibition to promote their toys. Boss do something like this, that Vir cannot go to the exhibition. You have a big body with small mind, I got an idea in my sharp mind, listen you also open a stall over there. No boss, Vir is our enemy, I will not take toys for him. These toy’s are not for Vir to play, instead these toy’s will kill him. Imagine Vir dying in the hands of toys. Hahaha!! Meow! You are genius boss super duper genius. She is right boss, she is right. Boss Vir has not come yet, what to do? Leave all your robots behind the children, they will get scared and start screaming. Then wherever Vir is, he will come running to save them. Haha!! Ok boss. Yeah!! What is this happening?? Run!! Whose toys is this? Take care of them, stop them. Mr. Kakkad, be careful. Mummy!! Save me!! Quickly run from here!!! Vir, run, over there robot toys are creating problems, they are firing laser beams. All the teachers and students have been locked in one room. Run!! You all go, I will just check it out. Vir you wait, I will check, so small toys and creating big problem. I will just go and solve the problem Hey you all better leave from here or else I will get angry, I will count till three. One, two, one minute I will give you all an equal chance. Agadam bagadam aalam phalamikadam tikadam dum dumadum Ok. one, two and three. Where am I? Oh! how come this world has become so big? Oh! Why this crow is behind me? Save me, help!! I think, now I will have to go. Imli, Chulbul you both stay here. One minute, I will open the door. Vir!! Chulbul you take care of Timbaktoon, I will go and help Vir. Boss we have caught Vir. Haha!! Saw how my plan worked, I am genius, super duper genius. Thank you Imli, these toys are small but they are very dangerous, I will destroy them. You go and release other students and teachers. Robo boy suit on. Where are the robot toys? Sir, Robot boy has come, so they have gone behind him. Now no need to worry. Why this crow is behind me? What have I done wrong to him? Save me! Come on, let us fight. Haha! How are you Vir? These toys looks small, but when they hit it hurts.Haha!! Enjoy Vir, enjoy. Byebye! They are small, but they are smart, I will have to bring them towards me. Magnetic rays on. Oh! I had gone to fight with the toys, what am I doing here? Thank you Robot boy. Thank you Robot boy!! Imli, where are those toys? Those toys are destroyed by the Robot boy, till robot boy is there we don’t have any danger.

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