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Friends today we all will decorate a big Christmas tree in the garden. And we all will celebrate Christmas together. My dad has bought a very big Christmas tree. Oh really, how big? Very big and I will keep it outside my house and decorate it. Lets see, how big the tree is? Ok. Robot boy, thank you very much , you saved my life. Vir, you shouldn’t do such dangerous act, you are just a kid. Grandpa I am a Robot boy , if I was a normal kid then I wouldn’t dare to do such a thing. because I am very clear that these are not suppose to be acted or done by any kid. Grandpa, I do tell each kid to be safe. Good Vir, I hope all the kids understand the safety like you . Who all will help me to decorate the Christmas tree? We all are going to the garden to decorate the Christmas tree, you go and decorate your tree. Come on, lets go and start to decorate our tree. Yes, lets go. Bye Bunty. Hey, we must decorate the tree such a way that everyone should love it and keep looking at it. What big deal is it, agadam, bagadam, aalam, phaalam, ikadam, tikadam, dum, dumadum. Yeah!! Wow!! How did it happen? It’s magic. Agadam, bagadam, aalam, phaalam, ikadam, tikadam, dum, dumadum. Return to normal like before. We all will gather in the evening with the decorative material to decorate the tree. What say Vir? Its fine, so we meet in the evening, ok. Timbaktoon, today is Christmas and I have made Christmas sledge like Christmas father has. Boss can I fly with it? You are the one who will fly on it, you are the choosen one. My brilliant brains has an brilliant idea. Listen, you in Christmas father disguise will travel on this and give gifts to all the children in the town. What happens after that boss? Then Vir and his friends will also come to collect the gifts. You kidnap one kid and bring the kid here.Vir will come here to rescue the kid , then imagine what happens. Boss, on Christmas day Vir will come here but we don’t have even cake to offer him Brainless leader, tank without water, bell without sound, I am not getting him to feed him with cake. Once he comes here, I will finish him. You are genius boss, adly madly genius. Meow!! She is right boss!! What is aadly madly boss? What are you looking at? Switch it off quickly. Which button to press boss? This, this or this. Hey what are you doing boss? Why are you beating me. I saved you. Vir, if you don’t mind can I wish my grandpa and come back. In your Jinn land do you celebrate Christmas? We do celebrate all the festivals. Gintu you go and wish your grandpa. Thankyou. Agadam, bagadam, aalam, phaalam, ikadam, tikadam, dum, dumadum. Children wish you all a merry Christmas, tonight everyone be on the terrace. Santaclaus will visit and gift each one, so don’t forget, be awake and be on the terrace. How can this happen? This has never happened before. We all must go to our terrace and wait for the Santaclaus and get our gifts. Yes lets go, lets see how a flying Santa comes and gives the gifts. Yes lets go, it will be great fun. Vir!! Vir help me! Leave me! Oh this is Madmax’s plan, that’s Timbaktoon in disguise. So no one can recognize and they can take Imli away. Oh so its you, quickly let me down or else Vir will not leave you. Yes Imli, today I will not spare Vir. Wing suit on. Come Vir, I was waiting for you only. Vir!! This tiny little girl is full of energy. I need to slow her down. Imli are you alright? Oh Vir, I am fine. Vir help me, my hands are slipping Vir. Sorry, I was following my bosses order. I got you a cake. Please save me. Thankyou Vir, you are truly great. Look I hid and got cake for you. Vir!!

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