hello my dear dear they're ghosts okay hey welcome to your July reading and this is gonna be a little bit more general reading as well as a little bit more spiritual reading for July I'm just two quick announcements before we're gonna jump into your reading okay so the other announcement is about the Tarot cool intuitive tarot reader that I actually had last fall I had some really amazing students and that same course is now available on my website touppercase lesson by lesson so the course is well basically it is it includes everything that you need to know about Tarot we're gonna study the history of the Tarot how you're gonna lay out the cards some spread so you're gonna take care of your cards the majors the minors core cards you know it's everything there but the most important thing is that it's going to help you or teach you how to read cards intuitively and it's based on my own experiences on how I have become intuitive web psychic with with the cards and I recommend this course actually the those of you who are just starting to learn Tarot or have put yourself first taro taro cards and you can basically just you know learn on your own time and on your own schedule but it includes homework and it is very important that you also do this homework because that's the how you're gonna actually learn how to use that intuition and learn those cards okay and the second announcement is that 2019 fall edition I used to do like I don't know like three years ago two years ago I always had like these C's and readings readings that came for that you could buy for my website and I haven't been doing them now for like a year so I'm bringing them back so the fall 2019 September October November readings I have recorded half of them and I keep on recording them during this summer and Virgo reading is ready so it's a very wide reading it's it's money it's love it's held career so it used to be love reading only but I really wanted to get you more focus also so really it's nine nine four ninety so it's not expensive at all and there's a link down below where you can purchase it but now but all I was talking a lot that was so quick okay hey virgos let's see now I'm not surprised at all there goes that in July we have so many Pentacles which means that you're going to be really focused on work like super focused well you know we like our Pentacles that's true and it seems like with the four F Pentacles that we are also going to be holding to our Pentacles pretty tight let me see now it seems like I think that the reason why you are kind earth or you've been saving money I feel like this is kind of energy that is you know already in June but you know some of you might be also going to this in July and what I actually know is from the previous readings that I've done is that these energies can definitely flow into August so I noticed that the timeline is kind of like you know three months so but let's see now there's definitely a lot of action here a lot of action in July and you can expect to get money a lot of it so it doesn't kind of go go with the four of Pentacles in that sense die arm as we know for if Pentacles is about saving money for a lot of you I feel like there is some kind of purpose why you're kind of holding your money tight it could be that you're like saving money for something because money will be flowing in believe me it's kind of like it shows up like it's gonna be small first but it's be gonna it's gonna become bigger amounts of money because the page of Pentacles is here and that is kind of like a little drops of money some of you might be getting you know base getting a home it's very strongly here moving buying a house home for some of you there is a court decision here of dividing property or you know if you've been married there's some legal situation going on here but it seems like you're gonna be so much like focused on this work with the aid of Pentacles what is kind of interesting here is that that there's going to be fights here 2 4 5 stocks oath always about changes so it's saying to you virgos that these changes that are happening here this won't come without a fight so there will be people who don't like what you're doing there will be people who don't want you to go on this path or do what you do maybe maybe you're starting a new business or new job or new career or you know but there's like people who are against this and they might be even like messages or something from people like telling you that don't do this old you know whatever but it seems like you're not bothered at all because here we can see with the aid of Pentacles that other girls are just you know smacking that coin there it's like you you absolutely don't care now in the middle of your reading we have the night of Ross so virgos expect that there will be a lot of movement in July you know you might be traveling a lot there might be you know a lot of new exciting things coming up especially when it comes to money business a lot of messages a lot of you know ideas and I really like the fact that we have on the same road wrote I'm sorry on the same row eight of Pentacles neither Ross and the base of Pentacles so those little coins that you're getting there little coins or this in just this little idea because the page of Pentacles can be also just a little idea of making money you know and the Nidal Roth is also new ideas you just keep on focus you know you can see that those this idea when you put the work and you put your tools on the coin you are graduating to this ten of Pentacles energy here now I'm gonna already jump into your angel oracle cards because I feel like the message is very important here and as we see that the other card says that as you honor and follow the guidance of your heart prosperity is coming to you now so this means that any kind of situation that feels uncomfortable for you I mean if you're in a job that you don't love or you don't get the race that you deserve or or you are in a relationship that you want to leave but you don't you're not sure because you wouldn't have maybe the money it's saying that just you know what if whatever is best for your pride when you honor yourself and have a self pride you know you don't have to worry about the money it will come if you want that ways you got a walk to your boss and even if you're scared as if to say that you know what I deserve that race you know you're gonna say it but yeah anyways you know what what what in the world can happen they can say yes so they can say no no it's not the time to be scared Burgos use this night of Rods energy it's Sagittarius energy Sagittarius are all about adventures you know they they want to see the world they want to experience things they are fearless use this energy you know even people are gonna be upset about it they are going to be upset about your choices and unfortunately there will be some kind of egoistic battles here too and for some of you this might mean also that you have your goal set and you are so determined to win that you do it by any cost that you absolutely you know don't care you just want to get where you want to get and you want these ten of Pentacles I know you do enough for all of you for some of you there is other people you know involved that are trying to fight and win with any cost but I think that you know in the end you have to make a decision here and it's really important that you are fair because the Justice Court comes up with the two or storage so we can see that you know it's it's the scales there's two scales and you know he has this true story so definitely it's a choice that you have to make and you have to make a fair decision here fair to everyone now because we have so many pages and well two pages and we have a night here for a lot of you there's also you know something to do with children here and it really could be maybe some kind of custody battle and you got to make what the choice that is right you know the queen of Pentacles is the mother it is of course vertical female but it is the mother now the queen of Pentacles is also the one who is managing the money that she already has king of Pentacles is usually more about making that money and the bet queen of Pentacles is looking at the page of Pentacles so some of you are definitely thinking about investing into something here now what it comes to home relationships I feel like there is going to be you're getting on the same page with someone I feel like the communication is going to start or open up here but it's like this is all Pentacles this is sober go reading so you definitely have to check out your your who sign your rising sign you know to get get some more information the crystal kite here is saying that her fate and hope because there is something positive and new on the horizon that you can yet see so you know just keep keep keep you keep you keep you keep on going virgos and if we think about the air energy and the source that we have here fiber source and the two of sorts you know it's kind of like probably probably you know because you are having these fights and these arguments with other people that their opinions are somehow blocking you or somehow like blocking you from seeing what you need to see or making a decision so don't give power this month to anybody else you know keep the power to yourself focus on yourself and and trust that you will be the one who knows how to make these you know justify decisions when it comes to yourself you definitely know how to do those so don't don't underestimate yourself at all okay because you know I see that you are you are moving toward something that it's gonna be really big I have the two stories and the ten of Pentacles even makes me feel like do you even understand it yourself because it's kind of that this person in the Torosaurus is not seeing what is in front of them and in front of them there is ten of Pentacles for some of you you know if this is nothing to do with money this is about you know this is about love maybe there's a Libra Sagittarius in your life and it's kind of like you're so focused on everything else or fighting that you don't actually see that this person is the one but you know to be honest where most of the Virgo sleaze is very financial reading and for some of you yes it's definitely something to do with the you know legal system and court decisions here family situations but if you want to move virgos you're gonna move here there is home for you coming here if you want to buy a house home apartment it is coming you know and the money is coming from the page it's gonna become ten of Pentacles so keep on going absolutely love this okay there goes Hey thank you so much check out that Tyrell school also absolutely this fall edition 2019 Burgos check it out you had a good reading so take care and at the moment I am NOT taking private readings but I will announce when I will be doing them again so have a great mod of July and I will see you guys soon okay bye-bye


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