Virtual Wholesaling Success Story : Antoine Campbell Sr

Hey what’s going on everyone this is Sam
Kwak one of the Kwak Brothers real estate investor and we have a special guest
today mr. Antoine here and I believe here in the East Coast
am I correct yeah I’m gonna East Coast awesome awesome yeah so I met Antoine
through Facebook a little bit of interaction and I’ve been seeing a lot
of his success and you know I’ve been itching to get get him on board here on
the co-operators podcast show and interview him on his success as well as
hoping him hoping that we get to hear some of his expertise and his advice so
how’s it going on Tuan good stuff good stuff so tell us a little bit what you
do I know you’re in the virtual hole selling him all right yes Kalamata
Washington DC and uh I run a real estate operation that primarily focus on
turnkey vestment and personal HOSA okay excellent and how long have you been
doing that and why for two years but when you Wow
that’s pretty good at congratulations a lot of people don’t make it to their
pinnacle success until the third or fourth even fifth year like like me
little grasshoppers like me so so just kind of getting to know you a little bit
more on to one why hold why virtual wholesaling what was what appeal to you
the most that you’ve chosen to do virtual hosting versus say you know
buying hold or multifamily what was that for what was that choice for like for
you well well as you know I’m gonna watch this in DC market and it’s very
tough and competitive and the bills are grind up and it’s not as easier to run a
sustainable operational way you know you don’t have predictable deals coming in
on a consistent basis so that automatically by default drove me out to
look into other markets where I can create a predictable business or desta
had over host other thing came about God so just want to make sure for those who
are listening what is virtual wholesaling if you can bring it down so
even a maybe a first grader can understand it
what would you say virtual whole selling is
virtual hosts elements own well you have one geographical location and maybe your
operation is in another geographical location you’re not physically there to
oversee certain things like going to a actual appointment going to actually
take the pictures meeting with the values going to settlement so everything
is done first yeah I can almost imagine the amount of challenges you have so
what what would you say is the most challenging aspect of virtual
wholesaling versus you know your traditional in-person hosting the most
challenging aspect is actually setting up the initial operation yeah and being
able to actually do it do diligence virtually all right here you can ride
around and see how so you almost gotta rely on the bluesman Brown and David we
will be gonna use the data to really make out the city’s okay
excellent so in it I know you have some experience doing this as well as you
know you made good enough money for it what’s something that initially you had
you you know sort of and I don’t like to use the word failure because I
ultimately believe I believe that failure is an opportunity for all of us
to learn but what was that one can you point out to one more where where one
can say wow that failed miserably but for you like you know I learned
something from that and I’m growing out of that did you have a moment like that
when your first we when we first saw her she hosts other offers was too hot so we
couldn’t get a buyer to commit because we didn’t understand the market we was
going off for the 70% may over and then I met my friend Christina for Spanish
fillers and she told me they hate you have to bash her and if you’re going
into a cash flow monkey the 70% mail route network you have to use this type
of formula she showed me how to do monster you know the cash flow formula
and then we started making our often based upon that we was able to move
profits Wow interesting so it pretty much a minor pivot or adjustment in your
strategy allowed you to move forward mainly because what the market demand it
was not necessarily what you had to offer
exactly right right okay so you know starting out you know if you were let’s
say brand new you know someone whose earth experience you have
a lot of different types of scenarios who went through what are some of if you
were to start over what what are some of the things that you would do differently
than what you actually did in the beginning yeah so the first the first
thing I would do differently is really take the time and Bill did you do the
property villages on one particular strategy so many people get drunk on
three four five different strategies but you go on Facebook and we’ve been taught
that okay you should do a three offer strategy and most home owners will be
found is that they not transactional they don’t understand why all these also
geography massage and slowly six I can start off with a cash offer and then if
that don’t work with he goes from other options we may can enter instead of just
you know don’t put like a contract or Facebook group and you know sell a fine
and please option a cash offer and he seen all this niche and I mean a running
away so I say I would do that completely different first I gotcha okay keep it
keep it a simple stupid right and it’s important because a lot of people that
are not necessarily experienced as you or I you know when they hear jargons
they get scared they’re like oh my gosh what is this guy talking about am I am I
gonna sell my home or not well what’s happening here so it’s really important
for all of us to remember to keep it simple don’t don’t over complicate
things because when you over complicate things things tend to get messy and go
wrong so that’s really really important so so what other aspects of business of
real estate investing are you’re involved in I know briefly you said
you’re also involved in fixing flip is all right about to be transmitted to a
turnkey investment business I like that model a whole lot it’s basically fixing
the flipping but stay directly to a my list to move your inventory you have
relationships with a turnkey box okay is that do you find out more profitable or
is it just easier to transact easier and it’s more possible because
it’s not predictable you know you guys 17 contract I won’t give her time but
majority of the houses already pre-sold before they
judgment even done so it helps our balance sheet yeah that’s pretty good so
who who are typical you know as far as your your turn key buyer like who would
you say are looking for these turnkey buyers are the individuals a lot of cash
readers they don’t want to do to people that’s looking for SS that thinking
about in an IRA or they looking about SS where they can depreciate it enough to
offset you know they have enough ancestors right depreciate that can
offset their w2 income for tax week so yeah yeah yeah I’m actually really glad
that you said that because that’s a lot of thing a lot of the things that
beginners don’t really quite understand they may take a look at a property and
say well that property is necessary cash flowing why would I want to buy that but
there’s there’s you know like well use your said doctors lawyers high income
earning individuals that they need tax losses to offset some of the gains in
their w2 side and in fact you can actually save more money by losing money
on paper in the rental property so that’s really good because you know
doctors and lawyers don’t necessarily have all the time to do the things that
we do right actually get engaged in some of the day-to-day but they want to
retire they want to go that their asset but at the same time they want to offset
their taxable liabilities so I’m really glad that you mentioned that it’s a good
learning opportunity for those are brand new that may not necessarily understand
what’s going on when it comes to buying properties that mean it necessarily not
cash flow right away so what’s uh let’s go back to virtual virtual wholesaling
what’s what are some of the common myths or misconceptions that you get about a
whole selling that simply isn’t true that you tend to dispel over and over
over again um well people sign it whole summer is
like leagoo can’t bill oh you know stuff like that it’s just that’s not true yeah
everything is hosted like even from Walmart they buy the Apple sano-sama
then a turn-off l agree for a certain dollar bill
so oh you know and then some people sent all contracts now to sound like to my
knowledge all contracts assignable unless stated otherwise in the contract
so uh just showing people that there are more opportunities and wholesome then
with their steam okay just for clarification there are states that that
they have their laws that say contracts by default are assignable and there are
states that say contracts are not assignable so it has to be spelled out
on the contract in itself so yeah I mean different states are gonna have
different when we go into these states that we don’t really understand at all
we just write the offer to bring LLC and then assign their LLC the the ensures
our LLC over to the buyer and they come to its cold table still as that blank
LLC right we able to navigate to any state law right absolutely
yeah that’s another way to do it so in in terms of virtual wholesaling
is that what’s your next step there are you looking to hire people out and and
autumn eyes it and move on to another thing or are you gonna stick around
virtual selling for some time what are your plans so actually like about we
have our entire virtuoso and businesses athlete virtru we have full virtual
assistant my involvement I’m looking to take that operation and make it more
possible to the point that my end goal is to be able to buy apartments and one
day on a nice hotel that have banquet space meeting space and focus on it
that’s one of our ice yeah so someone who’s just getting started let’s say in
your field of virtual host selling as well as fix and flip and they come in
right they want to learn and they’re so excited they’re passionate about this
topic what are some of the expectations that they have that necessarily don’t
meet with reality reality because this is all of us right we get into real
estate investing we had this expectation our head I’m gonna be you know a
millionaire a billionaire by next year you know I’m gonna run for president and
I’m gonna build a wall whatever right what are some what are some of the
expectations that a beginner may have in your field
really doesn’t drive right with the reality that they speak a lot of people
and unfortunate thing is I can pay my way to success okay and they try to
throw money at the wall and I’m I hate money doesn’t solve everything
it’s wrong you have to allow the process to happen on its own
you have to put in the work and that’s the only equation sometimes to help make
the situation better it’s time sometimes you know everybody can’t be at max max
little or Rothfeld Vargas and stuff like that you know don’t people are special
amazing my own way so we look at that and get shiny object syndrome and think
that we’re gonna have it seven eight figure year better than twenty eight two
years and I’m like that’s not you know don’t get your hopes of that you should
be looking for a lonesome game you know if one year one year you could Sicily
grind it don’t worry about getting go first I don’t know stuff
just worry about producing leads and once you produce leaves produce at least
once you get have these Dan you worry about prospecting them up and nurture
ELISA enough to the point that you can get a signed contract yeah I want you
gonna strain on a consistent predictable business because some people they get
their first do and they get drunk and then you know yeah it’s three four five
six months do they make do because they haven’t took the time to create a
national business so that’s my right that I get so anyone that’s new to start
off trust the process you know take the steps put in the work and uh try your
best to be your best you know at dinner date um this is not an easy thing you
doing this is actually a business that you created you have to allow it that’s
good no I that’s excellent point uh and that
honestly happened to me right after it closed my first deal I got a big head
I’m like oh my gosh I’m an expert and I honestly was resting on my laurels and I
wasn’t really working hard and of course I learned my lesson because you know
along the way I’ve you know deals that didn’t pan out the way that I wanted you
know I’ve I’ve have to exercise my unity and admit that I need to learn more I
need to grow and into work grind so amazing and I want to sort of switch the
gear a little bit a little bit more on the personal side so I’ll set away you
do for work I know us entrepreneurs it’s so easy to say our work is our passion
but what do you feel like outside of work what
typically like to Joe enjoy doing what are your passions outside of the context
of business yeah – take it back some I have a little more advantage than an
average person start no because I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2013 so I
haven’t see the w-2 check since January 2014 so I have a small advantage but you
have to know how to I’m still working on I’m not perfect you have to know especially if you have kid I had to keep
I have a 7 year old and I have a 10 you at the end of the day of at the end of
the day you can easily get drown and work you have to put family as you have
to put family and make your family of I own you have to put them first if you
don’t so many people in real estate that I see have failed merged their
relationships with the keys you have to make that necessary time if you don’t
make the necessary time oh you could be successful and be happy but you’re gonna
be miserable inside because your personal life not working out right so I
appointed spend time with my wife always trying to make it a point to spend time
with my boys and I always try to make a point to spend time with the family
selectively and try to balance it out even if that’s me going to a a real
estate event and I bring my kids with me afterwards they’re actually couple days
to spend time I always make sure I try to balance it out now that’s important
for sure that’s really important so there are North thing I wanted to ask
what is your number one challenge right now looking at your business or your
personal life what do you feel like is your number one challenge right now that
needs help solve for for any aspect well my personal life I’m preaching to myself
anything I just say yeah losing that switch because sometimes you say ok I
see the light at the end of the tunnel with my finish I’ll try and take it to
the next level yeah but someone in the background suffering because of the
decisions I made your family stuff like that so I’m trying my best to work on
that and just be more intimate with my wife when we go out on the eat I’m going
date we always always find a way to talk about business because she works with me
indepence Oh so I’m struggling in there real bass hey
I totally get it man my wife is uh always I want to say pressuring but
she’s accountable that you know when I come home I come home right I’m not I’m
not virtually in the office still working in my head so it’s really
important so that’s one is it’s been a great just moment interviewing you is
there anything that you want us to highlight or any last parting word and
also mention how we can find you if you have any project that you’re working on
if you want if you want to share that with us you know manage my so you can
find me SP grandma is CEO 929 okay Facebook is my man Antoine M Campbell
same I have I have a virtual assistant system that teaches people how to manage
to yourself in order to manage to be ace and we show you show you how to
management be a it’ll be a coach alone and teach you the systems and process
and KP ID we use the measure out finished with V A’s and we show you how
to set up your entire operation virtually that people can look into if
you looking at a dude virtual host silence then yeah absolutely
hey Antoine it’s been a pleasure being able interview you and just give me to
know who you are and I know we have brief front ends through Facebook but I
having a full-length conversation I think I get to better understand what
you do so for those were watching on YouTube definitely go and check out on
to one especially if you want to get into the virtual wholesaling realm and I
he’s in the East Coast he’s in the Washington DC area so if you like to
connect with him he’s he’s certainly around and of course be sure to
subscribe to youtube channel as well as hit the bell icon so that you get
notified whenever we release videos like this and we’ll have plenty more of
experts and high-quality individuals to join us for interviews in the future so
be sure to subscribe as well as hit the bell icons get notified antwuan thank
you so much for coming on board you’ve been an amazing guest and hopefully we
can get you come back for another episode in our podcast
oh no problem is I’m going to happy about excellent

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