Vlastník Larry Silverstein přiznává, že kolaps WTC 7 byl řízenou demolicí

I remember give me a call from the fire department commander tell me that they were not sure they’re gonna be able to contain the fire listen II know we’ve had such terrible loss of life if this Madison does his part and they made that decision to pull and then we watch the building collapse you

2 thoughts on “Vlastník Larry Silverstein přiznává, že kolaps WTC 7 byl řízenou demolicí

  • Yes… It is strange that the plane has front and the left wing of the building, but on the left side of the aircraft is not a crack in the building. They had it prepared explosives, just bad timing. I think that the theory of 3D projection is correct, and I found something about it even in Genoa revelation. People over WTC also recorded on their mobile phones any flying objects. It appears that they're rendered from above, they have a high technology. Maybe beam fusion. There were traces of radiation. The beam is invisible, instead of melting is seen on the building and this place was visible. Some of the beams are melted and cut at an angle, cutting angle would correspond to the direction from above. In the smoke and away from the twins are seen glimpses of it's firing from the flying objects. Helicopter flies around, they had to see. Everyone is silent and denying. But this fact has Silverstein not admit. It is better to admit to the explosion than the fact, that they have a technologie, that people do not know …..

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