VLOG/1.1 – New York GRATIS (…o quasi)

Yo what up peeps! Welcome! It’s your friendly neighborhood Albaz! 2nd Season, welcome back, I’m super pumped. Season 2, but really it’s season 1 because the first season was Season 0 Big news this year, first off my beard is gone…because I messed up this morning while shaving Brad Pitt will be joining me this season, I left him a voice mail and I am pretty sure he will be calling back Anyhow, guys…let’s get started! If you remember, in Season 0 I walked you around Roosevelt Island I was your Cicerone and I showed you…a few different things you can do on the Island This season, in this episode, I’m going to take you on a tour around New York …and show you what you can do for free…well, almost free. You can be a loser, just like the people standing in line behind me… …and spend $25/30 for the Liberty Island ferry… …just kidding, you gotta do it at least once. $25 is not that expensive… eh, it’s a cute tour…I’ve done it 3 times with my mom, friends, etc. However if you have no money…just walk to the Staten Island Ferry pier… It’s free. ZERO DOLLARS. You’ll see the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island (and Governor’s Island). You can’t miss. You must do this at Sunset Two birds with one stone: The Staten Island Ferry is just around the corner… Here behind me is the Museum of Native American History This building once was the Customs building… It’s a Federal Building and believe it or not, they rent it out to the Smithsonian for $1 a year!!! It’s completely FREE…and now I’m going to take you inside. One little thing: the number you see here they are not for you to play MegaMillions or PowerBall… …these are the Subway lines close to all the locations I’m showing you… …just in case you want to spend $2.75 per ride (you can also get a weekly pass). Bonus for you peeps, we are on the 6 train… …right after the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall station… …there is an abandoned station. I hope the bright light in here is not going to prevent me to show you the old City Hall station… …let’s give it a try! And this is completely legal. An MTA worker just walked by and asked me if I was waiting to see the abandoned station. Obvious stop, another free site, the WTC, World Trade Center park. Here behind me the WTC1, aka the Freedom tower, the WTC is a group of 7 different skyscrapers. I think 1 or 2 of them are still been built. The park is accessible for free, and is host to the WTC1, the 9/11 Memorial, the Museum… …and the Oculus: the new mall and PATH train station. I’m in front of the Metropolitan Museum of art, aka The Met… You can get in by paying only 1 dollar…however… …you have to be a resident of NY, CT, or NJ This rule has been change in January of 2018… …and that means, up until january anyone could get in by simply paying a dollar, instead of the suggested donation of $25 Honorable mention…but…does it even make sense in Italian?!?! Now I’m going to take you inside! This is the Museum of Natural History You can get here thru Central Park, if you are coming from The Met…that takes about 10 minutes. The ticket is $22 but you can get in with a $1 donation, no matter where you are from. So it’s pretty much free. And, if you did not know…the museum was used for the exterior shots of A Night at the Museum, with Ben Stiller! This is the main building of the New York Public Library on 5th avenue/42nd street… …110,000 square feet of books, it opened in 1910… …it’s the second largest historical archive, right after the National Congress library in DC Yo peeps, I’m home….I’m shot! My feet hurt! That’s it for today. There are obviously so many things you can do in this city for free… …and I am pretty sure I am going to show you more things in a second episode Anyhow, time for a shower. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and COMMENT!!! And make sure to watch Season 0! CIAO!!!

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