Vlog 12 – Setting Up Our Garden Tower

everybody Kyla’s up they’re getting the
shrubs out of the garden we’re getting ready to go plant those up in the front
of the house so that’s the first project of the day and then after that what
we’re gonna do is I’ve got a garden tower right here and it holds up to 50
plants and four square feet so we’re gonna get that set up and a hold uses
soil so it has a composter in the middle of it so we’re going to set that up and
then we’ve also got two bundles of ten gallon root pouches we’re gonna plant
some more stuff down and then coming over here we got some bags of soil which
we’re going to obviously use to fill up the root pouches and the garden tower
and then some bags of rice hulls for weed control so we are gonna go plant
some stuff up and then meet up with you back back here in the garden after that all right so going through the garden
right now I’m getting ready to set up the garden tower but I was just going
through kind of counting stuff up and right now we’ve got like nine or ten
sections worth of spinach so that’ll should be enough to feed 10
people and so I’m glad to see that we’re on par with that because I really didn’t
count up until now so you know kind of winging it and then you know then we got
lettuce and we got Swiss chard so we will have like a good rotation of
veggies you know and I just keep getting worried just because I think that like I
over planted certainly things like radishes but we’ll have a good mix of
radishes lettuces head and cut and then also some spinach some Swiss chard and
soon after we’re gonna have turnips green onions so yeah we will definitely
have a lot cumin and whatever we lack in the beginning will definitely made up in
the long run so and then just give you a quick heads up on how everything’s
looking and obviously we got a bunch of stuff mixed in so I’ve got like spinach
with the tomatoes I’ve got either radishes or turnips in with this tomato
this one’s got Swiss chard rainbow chard growing in there and there’s all of our
peppers some of them didn’t make it but a lot of them here in the back or did
looking pretty good so just gonna have to wait for the rest of them to pick up
root maker bags over there root pouch over here
those were obviously planted a little bit later on the root makers but still
doing pretty good I think it’ll bounce back just hit him with some fertilizer
last night so everything’s you know kind of on the ups so I’m gonna grab that
grow tower or garden tower and see if we can figure it out alright so here’s the
garden tower and just debating where to put it and either way it’s like it’s
always going to be in a good spot just because it it actually can rotate and
then the bottom is stable has a compost catch I guess you would say where
catches the compost tea basically there’s a cylinder that runs through the
whole thing it’s got perforations through it and
that’s where you can throw all your compost throw and some worms and help
with the compost process and basically that will feed your plants as they’re
growing in the tower as well as giving you some fertilizer to use you know as
an end result of the compost as well so we’re planting this thing up with
lettuce basil kale and basically just leafy greens oh you wanna help me
Brendan yeah I’m trying to yeah forget this recording I like helping I like
getting dirty I really thought you’re gonna say super
autumn convinced X oh sorry be careful you gonna hold that oh my work well go get another bag don’t
mess with it babe it looked like it was leaning in no it’s off super off well no
red wigglers no we’re good we have to yeah but we can’t because what are you
gonna do okay go oh that’s gonna fall in it’s
fine don’t move it more it’s like it’s way off here huh like it’s off all right
technical difficulty I screwed everything up so now we got to dump all
the soil out and start over again I just don’t think it’s on like it’s nothing
sooner babe stop moving it did you do this we’re out to dump it all out look
how big this thing is it’s almost the biggest Kailah okay okay oh my god like out world it’s just not like alright so here you
can see this is what is sitting like a round the ring at the bottom and it’s
got these holes in it but there’s nothing to like fasten it in there with
so didn’t sit over top of the seal correctly so it was kind of like wobbly
and then when I push down on it then it’s read everything up so so you can
see we got a lot of soil down in there but it really yeah it really won’t be
that bad I mean you need some soil and some other stuff all right
need some soil and some other stuff to kind of get everything moving so that’ll
be alright so I’m gonna grab another bag fill that up get busting on some root
pouches and then the root pouches will probably throw them over here
we’re basil’s at this to be a good spot for like the leafy stuff so we’ll
probably put like I have like two rows maybe even three rows of root pouches in
here I was thinking about putting some extra in this like little white space we
have here so we could probably fit one two yeah three so really just trying to
utilize every single space except for this little area half the yard we have
for the dogs so you know gotta let them run around and do their thing too so
gonna get cracking on that and then you know that’s pretty much it for the vlog
today just want to show you that garden tower went together a lot easier than I
thought it would but then again there were some flaws that you know I don’t
know if that maybe it was just because it was a sample sample product that we
had it work that I’m testing out here it’s not enough maybe that’s what
happened or you know whatever so either way it’s probably just my fault so so
we’re going to fix everything up get some seeds planted fill up the root
pouches yadda yadda yadda so thanks for tuning in as always I appreciate it

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