Voice of the Wall – Your message of freedom

A film created with original letters from the Berlin Wall. A message from the Wall to the world. I was born August 13th 1961. Technically I separated sectors. The truth is: I Separated families, brothers,
sisters, lovers. It was a dreadful task. There was this family, trying to cross the
border. Searchlights. Sirens. Dogs barking. Crying. Wailing. Blood dripping. I
can’t forget. It didn’t stop. People kept trying. Some made it. Some failed. Again. Again. Again. They took it to the streets. Unstoppable. Becoming more and more. Still some believed I would stand forever. But then, suddenly the air smelled different. People holding each other. Free. Concrete broken, shattered. Relief. And if I could ask you for one thing: Do not
rebuild me, nowhere. Not even in your mind. Division is freedom’s biggest threat. Let’s fight against it. Berlin NGO: Die kulturellen Erben e.V.

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