[Voice Reveal] Goodwill thrift flip – Crop Top Try On Haul – May 2019 – Bum Wild

hello bum Wilders bum Wilders bump stirs that was thinking here I think that's what I was thinking bump stirs today I have a thrift store buy on haul so let's see what we got well first I had to bring back the infamous blue crop top because everyone seems to love that one so I thought I would start out with that one just to make you guys happy and of course it's adorable how can they die so next I have this tan strange at the store I thought this was better now that I see it on on camera I don't really like it the material in the back is a little bit big there's a little bit too much and the front is just kind of a plain I mean I think you would have to wear it with jacket so don't love this one next I love this one it's so cute I love how it drapes and the material is so thin and so smooth super super soft it'll be perfect to wear to the beach over a swimsuit like perfect summer wear love it all right this next one is like a casual crop top because it's not too tight and it has a small cap sleeve which I like for summer not all occasions call for like spaghetti straps or thin tank tops so this one I like covers a little bit more of the back a little bit more of the belly than the blue one and just a little more casual more laid-back something you hang out and watch a movie in this one I really liked the front and the back they're different you'll see the front print is pretty fun pretty wild it'll be really really cute under like a jean jacket and the back is all lace which is great it just gives a little bit of a sex appeal without being a little too kiddush with the front pattern so I really like it but the one bad thing is that the lace is in the best shape in the back so it's a little bit stringy I lucked out and found the same type of crop top as the last one as a black one I just head on but white this is a little bit more of like a daytime summer versus the dark one which I think I would wear more in the nighttime I could totally see myself wearing this too like summer barbecue with some cute high-waisted shorts doesn't need a jacket because it's gonna be summer and it's super warm this one is like a ribbed like it's almost like a wife-beater material which I like because it's pretty comfy and soft but not too stretchy and I also like the crewneck this one I think was actually like a normal t-shirt that someone cut off and they may have thought it was a little bit too short too small but I thought it was absolutely perfect to wear over a swimsuit and others ones who cover up it's perfect for the beach perfect for like if you are stopping at a store that has no shirt no shoes no service guess what I have shirt on I could totally come in and this one is just absolutely adorable not all who wander are lost that's totally me I totally wander and I'm definitely not lost I'm just on an adventure now anybody can come along on the adventure with me and I hope you do and you can do that by subscribing to my channel I've never really asked anyone to do that before apparently that's a total YouTube thing to do so please subscribe and like and comment a few of you have asked in the comments why I don't show my face I only do that just for privacy I have a my own personal life outside of this don't really want everybody I know to see my ass and titties you all can but not everyone I want to know that's me I'm also in the process of creating a patreon and putting together content that I'll be releasing on there I don't want to open up the patreon when there's nothing on there so as soon as it's ready to go I will let all of you know bye see you soon

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