9 thoughts on “Voices from Russia in Defense of Socialism

  • Most, say Communism/Socialism failed.
    What about the Nazis? Never heard of people saying Nazism failed.

  • if Lenin saw this video he would be sad for the end of the revolution and pleased for the mobilization of the people.

  • what i do not get is why was there no armed restiance of pro socialist? what were the gun laws? melee weapons would help too

  • This is an eye opening and deeply insightful documentary. "The people hated communism" is a complete lie of western propaganda. Things worked well before the 1985 perestroika reforms! There was a huge amount of economic development, and many soviet countries had major industries that were greater than the greatest of western industries, and it was all legally owned by the very people that built it up! The people were fighting for their right to own the very society they built up and were deeply traumatized by having it taken away from them just to be controlled by a few billionaires for their own interest.

  • Excellent documentary. Really exposes the myth about the Soviet people not wanting socialism back. They were ready to die to defend Soviet power. They were martyrs for the proletarian cause. Also is that Lenin at 13:44?

  • We in the Communist Worker's Party (in Finland) always understood that the USSR collapsed because of Revisionist mistakes that allowed Yeltsin to come to power. For us, the fall of the USSR was not "proof" that socialism had failed. It is hard for me to imagine why so many self-proclaimed communists didn't see it this way. We opposed Gorbachev from the beginning and knew his political line was disastrous.

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