Voices of Hope: Talk Saves Lives

I don't know why we continue as a
society to ignore our brains. I think we have ignored
the fact that this is an organ that deserves as much care and attention as
my heart, my lungs, and my liver. There's nothing to be ashamed of when you know the statistics and you know the numbers of people at risk and you know the numbers
of suicidal attempts that are made day after day and week after week and and don't ever be ashamed of your story share it with others because raising
awareness, one more story, leads to many more people opening up and sharing their
own. You know when people avoid you it's not necessarily because they're not caring, it's a lot of times they're just not knowing what to say and afraid to maybe say the
wrong thing. So, they don't say anything at all. Because a lot of people don't feel
comfortable talking about mental health and suicide there's a lot of
misinformation and misunderstanding and one of those is that the individuals who have made a suicide attempt, that they are perpetually fragile. That if if we ask
them or talk to them about their suicide attempt, you know, we're gonna put them at risk again which is just not true. An individual that had a car wreck, you
wouldn't be afraid to ask them about their car wreck. We have individuals that have been discriminated against for something that's beyond their control and where
there gets really dangerous is it's beyond their control but then they also don't get help because they feel like they are being judged. We all have a story and I find in
sharing our story we gain power cause we free ourselves from it but we also
empower others to know that they're not alone as well.

2 thoughts on “Voices of Hope: Talk Saves Lives

  • As someone who has had a life long battle with depression, and in my teens, a suicide attempt, this means a lot. Thank you, so much.

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