VOLTA Artists Express Their “Freedom Moments”

Hello, I’m Elena Suarez. I’m the ballerina of VOLTA. For me the best feeling in the
world is when I am on the stage, because I can connect with
my pure and true self. I dance with something
that grows inside of me, and it comes from the heart. So for me that’s the freedom. My name is Eric Madrid, and
I do parkour in VOLTA. My doctor dropped
me when I was born. My dad caught me, though. And ever since then, having that desire to be creative and try
something new and challenge myself, it’s kind of a lifestyle. My name is AJ Anaya,
and I do BMX on VOLTA. The first time I felt free was probably
around the time I was 15 years old. I discovered the sport of BMX, and I was able to ride around
the skate park at any speed, any height, and do whatever
I wanted, and I absolutely loved it. And that’s why I fell
in love with BMX. Hi, my name is Harry Owen. I am a swinging rings and parkour
artist on the new big top touring show, VOLTA, by Cirque du Soleil. So there was a time in my life when
I stopped competitive gymnastics, and that’s where
I felt the most free. My love and my passion for all
of my gymnastics and acrobatics— I didn’t want it to stop there. So I decided to carry on training. So that’s when I felt true
to myself and who I was, and where I feel the most free. And it’s still happening today. My name is Paola Franschini. I’m an artistic roller
skater on VOLTA. The first time I felt really free
was when I put on my skates, because when I skate,
I can express myself without any kind of judgements, and I can feel totally
connected to who I really am. My name is Nikita Teterev. I am a professional freerunner
and an artist on the show VOLTA. When I was a child, my friends and
I used to jump from parking garages. The world became a
playground for me, because I can do whatever I want,
because it is freedom, it is my choice. My name is Joey Arrigo, and I play the character
of Waz in VOLTA. I’m going to say like the moment of
freedom for me, I was 15 years old, and there was a moment where I
really came to accept myself. It was at that moment
that I was able to express myself and speak freely
with anybody that I came across. That was the first moment that
I felt free within my own skin. I felt freedom. My name is Ricky Carmen,
and I’m a freerunner on VOLTA. Last year, every weekend,
I would escape from my job, and I would just get in the
car and drive somewhere. I realized that I had a passion
for just going into the world and freerunning out there and
exploring and adventuring. I quit my job, and I just decided every
day I should wake up and do what I’m passionate about. So I bought a plane ticket to Hawaii and then just sort of
travelling the world and just doing what my
heart wanted me to do. And that’s the first
moment that I felt free.

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