Walk and Talk 2018 (Official)

[Music] [Music] [Music] I just arrived and I am gonna give you my point and express my thoughts no good guy no bad guy just like the story will antagonize itself meet me join me let’s walk it’s the best sport [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] freedom how do you perceive it what is it if we translate it directly into Polish that’s funny cause free it’s common but dumb in Polish means home therefore it’s quite strange combination to be free at home it’s a contradiction how can you be free at home unless we consider a home when you’re leaving alone then it’s truth but if you are living with family it’s not the case you cannot do what you want you must consult you must and must explain and rationalize everything may be freedom is a free house but what does it mean some kind a whorehouse squat very strange ok I am sorry I guess I went too far with my interpretation about the meaning of the word freedom anyway there is a fundamental question to be free or not to be free or to be in the middle of this all alternatives have benefits and disadvantages my preference is to be free as much as possible to afford for everything I want to first of all there are limitations because of the law and other general society rules a part of this we have barriers in ourselves such as openness tolerance and so on for me freedom means that I can at least do what I want impossible frames for example I can wake up and take a train or a flight to another country if I like or I can just stay at home and chill out if I like unfortunately or not what a freedom means to be alone of course we can have still friends but they should not limit our choices it’s more dynamic and fun in comparison to be not free having family dog nice job and stable life I think that life is so precious to spend it in a normal way but of course it’s up to each of us how we want to live surely freedom is in Armagh but we need some civilization as living on the island without energy and other things it’s for free but is it nice think about it [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] system which system is the best democracy as there is no any other idea one you could hear it many times the biggest problem with democracy is that people are not aware what is the responsibility behind the level of awareness is extremely very those who are interested about it have no influence as everything might be decided by majority manipulated by few people if we consider all of us know how it works we could have an ideal world but unfortunately it is how it is of course we live in a stable system but again we are not free I can imagine it’s very difficult to put in place a free system because then there is no system at all under some kind of anarchy this is how it’s begun then more and more it’s been becoming what we have now my opinion is that even we could build a real free system finally it will transform into democracy it’s like a sinusoid therefore it does not make sense to fight with democracy the only way is to go further and make people aware by discussing and involving them into political process we should be Guardians and watch on all hands of the politicians otherwise they are free and they can do what they want so my conclusion is move your ass and be curious especially that it could be worst like dictatorships what happened last century bloody dictators murdered millions of people so I guess we need to stay with democracy or at least transform it into Republic otherwise new crazy people could kill us because of their ideology what do you think think about it [Music] you [Music] [Music] war why do we fight why could not we live in a peaceful world the answer is simple because of the human nature we want to have more money more power this is the reason why we’ve got conflicts everywhere in the whole world we like to conquer to get more and dictate the view to others as we think our way is the best and all should follow us if they don’t agree then we have a war this is an origin of course it’s not only about different point of views primarily it’s about making the business and getting more power it’s like a drug gradually you always need more drug to be satisfied more more and more it looks like almost all humans are addicted why almost because there is a small group of people who know this game but don’t play while it’s two tiny population to make a peace in the world some people tried and died like John Lennon is it worth to try again or maybe we are living in the purgatory or even in the hell and we cannot change anything think about it [Music] [Music] [Music] religion believe or not to believe that’s the question which is unfortunately without the answer it starts when you are young then you believe in God whatever he or she or it is just believe because you do not have enough knowledge and you are not sufficiently aware about the world then when you grow up you are questioning everything it is the crucial moment when you still believe or not or even believe in the opposite way you might be believer in God or believer that God does not exist I like to be in the middle cause it’s not possible to prove whether God exists or not it’s more likely that God does not exist but still it’s not proven one day everybody will know it but rather after than before the end there is also another an interesting thing the universe how it was created and how come it’s expanding and becoming bigger and bigger what about black energy and black mass is it a reality or a simulation like in the Matrix movie think about it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] death so this is the end my only friend like was singing Jim Morrison that’s funny but I realized that we eventually died when I was watching a science fiction series called the PSI factor I don’t remember exactly but I guess I was around 12 years old I’ve been totally shocked just entered the kitchen and looked outside the window then I realized that life is only one and I must do what I want and do not give up another time I’ve been strongly inspired by the scar-faced with Al Pacino and understood that the world is yours it’s really up to you no one is responsible for your actions for the moment everything what I want I do it’s very easy just do it and do not wait I’ve been in many countries in the world today I am here tomorrow I will be there and of course it’s not the end of my journey traveling alone is the best way to find yourself and prove it that yes I do can it’s huge power afterwards that it can give you big motivation for other changes in your life anyway the end is coming each day we are closer and closer therefore it’s important to celebrate each day do not forget about it do not waste your time enjoy your life and do not afraid to change changes are great as it’s like starting into new life tabula rasa and reincarnation shall you try before you die yes indeed good luck and one day good night [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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