WALK WITH ME IN HELL | Peace Death #1

top of the morning to you ladies my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to a game called peace death where I get to play as the Grim Reaper and I get to decide the fates of everyone coming through this fine establishment that I have built with these Nazis apparently or something that looks like a Nazi are you I don't know well I imagine the nazis would be there the operators of the Grim Reaper um what the fucking the music stopped and now it's starting again it was badass a second ago it was doing like all this heavy metal shit that I was getting ready to rock out you in the intro but now it's all lame I think I pick this yes I don't know what I'm doing that's cute I'm sitting down with my little Reaper cat…death comes…they're different Reaper sorry he's hungry he wants a chicken wing of course death would want a chicken wing so the idea of this game is that I'm the devil or not the devil I'm the Grim Reaper and I get to decide if people go to heaven to hell or purgatory I assume that this is what purgatory is that's what Caesar used to do right let's just go over here let's teleport to my fridge god I wish I was the fucking grim reaper and i can teleport to my fridge no food Oh must be high noon somewhere idea Reaper idea hello Domino's Yes i'm gonna call for some food food equals money food equals money yeah yeah you need money to buy food money equals death briefcase death briefcase equals Mickey Mouse's glove Mickey Mouse's glove that's what I'm looking for Mickey Mouse's glove right got it cool apocalypse inc well if I was going to work anywhere as the Grim Reaper will be here welcome to Apocalypse inc. reaper I'm your superior look around and get down to work well if you're my superior does that make you the devil these are the dudes I can play as oh god hi i'm one hundred percent vegan I adore broccoli with meat without the broccoli so the opposite of a vegan then you just consume nothing but animal products who are you feel the fury of my beard do you want to ask me a question that should never be responded no okay I'm not the worst that can happen to men okay do I play as you i hope what the fuck am i doing ah ok week what junior apprentice clients 0 out of 30 schools 0 and 45 so what is the idea of the game is that people pop down I have to judge them very quickly and very harshly it should be good at that I'm very judgmental but then I have to decide if they're going to heaven hell or whatever so I play the game kinda like this and it's kind of a papers please kind of thing as well we're going into week 1 all right it's your first thing oh you're my superior this is me got it ok it's your first day today Reaper thing so here is a simple task that you won't screw up right devils must be sent to the left elevator to hell ok devils left people must be sent to the right one to have it who says the people just go to heaven I mean the devil's yeah that makes sense that's their home course there she goes as ever but some people and some people are pretty shit what if Hitler pops down he's going straight to hell my book this also looks like that guy that people make fun of in the stock photos I god I can't think it from now Robin if you can find a picture of them put them up on screen right now he's the dude is 630 is I was like and he looks so uncomfortable um okay so left is hell right is seven okay go ahead go go go go Bertie Mickey was the last thing I saw ah right well done clear conscience pets alone get the fuck out honestly it's a fancy dress sure sure it is nice jen is it overall Norris night it's time to get out of here and get there ok Jesus simplex to go fast if I wanted you look how quick a minute oh god what are you you're the fucking doomguy do you know what's with my hand for some denizen of else hey it's the dude from Big Lebowski a rogue would tie the room together sure my dude are you Kevin Smith I don't know if there's probably a lot of people in this sort of not getting and I'm running out of time said to Jesus rat accident prevention what's that cool you just came through here let's walk out of here Slavin Bob sneakers are better than shoes well you should go to hell for that all right whatever I was taken for a rock star cool please I've never seen the sea oh I want to send you to hell I really do I don't deserve such claims okay ahhh my leg fell asleep okay I'm 21 out of 30 let's just power through this here we go yeah yeah but it sounded pretty easy there we go right haha just sit back and revel in the reaper ness please do good complete all claims are distributed plain 30 out of 30 schools 45 out of 45 earned plus 45 time 91 second Horseman influence and I mean how did i get schools what's happening a great happy thought that's a great great yeah thanks man pretty good can we actually play if any of these guys you like the four horsemen I don't know man well you were my superior maybe you have to move on to these in the other week to plague doctor your Ares I don't know right one time effect who was a myself whoa misery each client has one less feature I feel like I'm playing the game wrong I got a b-plus and I was a student left and right based on their sheer up here and but maybe there's more to it maybe he gets a bit more subtle later on not sure I'm gonna have to look out to that babies maybe it's gonna be like a baby coming down here think a knife hidden under his diaper purchase for 17 time plus 60 oh d okay I get it his client has one last feature I don't know if the clients features are i can buy both time plus 60 each level last for 60 seconds longer ok that's just by both hell yeah week 2 i'm still a junior apprentice though i'm working my way up the corporate ladder even even the Reaper has to work his way up the corporate ladder there we go today other Reapers noticed a funny thing and that's what I say Reaper ok trying to send his demonic citizens to heaven Lucifer began to endow people with his demonic power and horns from this day on everyone who wears horns should be sent to hell ok glory to arstotzka great this country right here we go go ahead my mom would horn ok hell you don't have horns right secrets are my life ok got it i miss something I'm fuck you for the help go to hell already get out go to add your damn demon babies everywhere it's always demon semi especially own maybe I should have said to him to hell I'm not sure you guys look ok Google there we go cedars are slain for jokes cuz I'm exciting for me to dick around here I gotta send people to heaven and hell based on what a team hey it's Jane he's one of to happen to me filin boss I'm trying to use as fast as I can this time super speedy row look at me go Jay why are you back keep her in the same people over and over again go to hell hey what happened I want to see if I can get like a perfect one grade 8 plus hahaha see normally I'd sit around and I'd make the joke so that make the phonies and the laughs laughs and make your belly hurt from laughing and cramp up and you get a 6-pack from it but today and it's all about speed speed is efficiency speed is key we gets me all their money and I guess 360 ones goals such as come on goals are currency any currency to be able to buy a chicken wing the book experiment nice cup of coffee now all clients are distributed earned plus 45 time horsemen influence plus 4 150 okay yeah okay fair enough whoo today I kill 7 billion living beings in many time scales reaper and this day is not the most route full of my days but today i want to relax if you assist me work the next day for me and death will have less work today what do you think otherwise they'll have to do my job oh yeah approvingly damn it reward after work do you have any idea why everything is constantly shaking I can't see I do there bro do it sir so does that automatically make me work for you this time ok so what get 10 schools in case of victory yeah he's been fine if you get 10 that's a profit right there see profit loss margins are a very big thing if you have a good turnover at the end of the year then we're all singing happy Davis fog dissipates longer avoid for a 12 I don't know what this is boy yes here we go today people yes see I not working for the dude or another have weapons today people started use weapons Reaper weapons are those dangerous things they have with them the way to heaven is closed for them as far as mouth is closed for the healthy food I Spanish that's famine war and pestilence are those there the Four Horsemen I don't know send everyone who gets to you with firearms or edged weapons to help let's begin ok let's break the law and Steven do you count as a weapon I don't fucking know superb hell hell house is your board dr allen TX they're going to keep an eye out for everything no that was ranked on a fucking cent break to heaven you used to call me on my cell phone playing I when you need my love god this is getting complicated now go away with your fucking sleep I have to look out for horns on to packing I gotta look out for fucking swords and Jude Law's hand I gonna get rid of fucking tony hawk pro horn stator gotta get rid of the bft no that's weapon fuck off rate with your fucking mad eyebrows you have a weapon no Drake I'm not playing your fucking album Christ that should be an a plus as well that was good work a plus who's the best around ah fuck yeah complete all the science attributed I have 119 dude I may have found my calling in Leslie I may have found the game that I am amazing at what's or not devil travel Reaper people at least a war at each other but there is a chance for a truce unless one of the parties destroyed the other before they agreed the problem is complicated because of the shortages of the provision delivery delivery to the losing party we need them to survive a little longer and avoid dying from famine and war this mission is very important Reaper and I count on you we need to provide the trained hurting food with the solid armor and a powerful locomotive and this requires money do you want to help mine it's a hundred and fifty skulls I can't even do either and I has 150 schools okay I think I can afford to lose some influence with death to get some influence for the others plus I don't have the money to actually be able to do this one saw I'm stop doing this hurry wait welcome again one time if next time plus 30 I don't need the time to be longer yet cuz the clients are still 30 and I'm still going through them fairly very fast purchase 48 get tentacles in case of victory oh no that's this one yeah this is the same thing you'd be plus a plus a plus you know what that spells ah they're sheep of victory smiles upon me today here we fuckin all right what do we do you know Reaper that an average person has up to five liters of flood some have it on themselves by the way in order not to stain the white and pure heaven those you are covered in blood should be sent to hell so look out for horn devil would weapons okay got it let's begin go go go go blah blah blah blah blah google as soon as we see the horns it's easy super easy super easy right important zone come on him yeah oh fuck that was finally got one wrong I was waiting for Chuck Norris get out of here with that mallet were you doing fucking tender ate with some chicken bro ok here we go no more mistakes you're cute Wow where's wally he didn't fucking hell that's where he is can only hear your horn fuck God came back and defend me in horn hey it's matthew santoro as you said brendan fraser of the elevator before them that's like that's not if that's not an a-plus it's just an a I don't even have a plus in my title anymore fuck it anyway I did it well though did I get made to attend school I fucking no idea why do you tell me this time reaps I need to know where the bathroom is I'm drunk Oh dinner one could forgive everybody even the enemies I need them my loss or start out to become a perfect roast advanced shut up phone uber advanced warship maddewar leads a fierce firefight with a pirate frigate right now as you know I love pirates we all of them because at the pretty school on their flag but they have no chance against the experience man wore crew especially against a large number of soldiers which this monster ship carries monster ships cars I don't you have a great chance to save us from further trouble if we call the heavy fog then the Pirates will be able to get away from the fire and stay alive for some time what we need to do is pave the Hermit core for the potion of fog we just spill it in the water and the magic will happen just as written in the instructions on their website yeah sure why not they don't lose anything except my skulls you helped us a lot you have my thanks no problem dude ur right we do one more supposed to get ten schools in case of victory yeah if you want to make a mistake or is that like attend schools in case of victory but is what I think it is right I just get ten schools if I win not sure great forgiveness if you make a mistake for the first time it would be forgiven yeah I couldn't use that last time god damn it ah no it's a sidebar it was like bara but now it's going down because the A plus if there's a spa and if I get a fucking beyond this it's going to be Bob and the next not gonna make any sense i want all seven days to be back hudson headgear say from cold and the wind but here hat hinder our right decisions everyone who comes here can use hats to hide porn and horns are a feature of health take off hats from clients to make sure you make the right decision your day begins Go Go Go coop okay you're fine you're a devil fucking naming lateness horn matthew santoro get are there any fucking fuck what I was wearing a toupee Oh Conan O'Brien you have blood on your fucking sweatshirt already get out get out get out I know you guys are super bowl but your heart you have your sexy little dungeon slaves and everything let's all fuck out of my line off you go so fucking Jay get out of here pour in some horns hell hell with you here we go yes you okay yeah you're fine oh it's me it's not really but he had a puddy cat horn so kind of look like me are you hiding any blood no you're fine carry on tony hawk pro skater oh wait haven't you go get out here with those gigantic horns he was sticking up my finger and sticking up a finger at me I don't know if I trust him there you go there you go ah fucking weapons get out of here blood get out of here machree haha got to get rid of Jesse machree yes hey boss lower back up ah ah ah and we got Brad I'm a senior apprentice now fuck yeah dude I almost a lot of VoIP recently Reaper what I have to do pecado continue working are you to have some refreshment or the work doesn't a load of the load is still legit that's why Reaper I have an offer for you or a tedx day for being here tomorrow and reward you none I mean yeah there's no downside for that so why wouldn't I 20 everybody special sauce lettuce cheese reward after work oh yeah starvin turbina Reaper you don't get to eat anything which is the time anyway I'm gonna leave this episode right here feels like a very good place to leave it all just wrap it up in some blankets put in a little bassinet in the basket and a wicker basket put it on the river just like who was that the did that in biblical sense I'll fucking know I'm a reaper not a biblical adjust this game is awesome I really like it i like the little the sort of papers please vibe to it it's not as nearly a slower as complex as papers please you can kind of just power your way through and if you get really really good at it in your perception is very good you can just click click click click click click click click click so oh no I like it I like the arcade he feels when I like that you can speed it up and I don't know I feel pretty decent at it so far so good except the first eggs I didn't realize it was just devil than human's I thought there might be more to it but it was the same when I started papers please I didn't know anyway Corey greatest purgatory proud oh it's in people's apaga Tory later it will get really complex oh man anyway thank you guys so much watching this I'm sort of you liked it punch that like button in the face boy apart and I face a rope Shh thanks i 70 bush servatory there's a great good anything for death Plagueis the wise over here I've ever told you about that story it's the story the Jedi would not tell you lightly.

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