Wall Street Alliance 2019 Honoree: Ann Sarnoff

(inspirational music) – I love what I do, so I'm very
passionate about what I do. I like to work with
passionate, engaged people. I'd walk through the gates of Georgetown, and I think, "They had me at hello." I didn't think I could afford to go to a school as good as Georgetown, so when I got the package telling me that my full need would be met, I was ecstatic. Georgetown completely
opened my world and my life. I had some incredible
friends all over the country, all over the world. And we first bonded together in our little cluster in Harbin. The world started there
and then it expanded. I love innovation. It's one of the reasons I majored in marketing at Georgetown, 'cause I really love to
understand the end user and what makes them tick. So that's been a through line of mine throughout my career. We're super proud of BBC America, and the shows that we have on there, including Dr. Who, Planet Earth, Top Gear. We have Redbox now to deliver a whole nother (mumble)
programming to people who just can't get enough, who want to watch it 24/7. – She's really transformed BBC America and made them a very interesting, diverse, multi-platform company. It really speaks to her
intellectual curiosity. It speaks to her, I think,
love of the business. She is not afraid to look
at the new opportunities in media over the horizon. These jobs she's taken have
often been trailblazing jobs. – McDonough is my home. It's my roots and I've really enjoyed watching the school grow and evolve. – Ann is among the most engaged
members we have ever had on our Board of Directors. She brings a perspective and a sense of engagement that is a standard for any service on any board. – She's always there
for the business school. She's always there for Georgetown. She's remained on the Board of Advisors for the McDonough School of Business. She's remained on the Executive Committee of the Board for 11 years and she's been the Vice
Chairman of her board as well. That's a real leadership commitment in terms of time and
energy and dedication. – We launched the Georgetown
Entertainment Media Alliance in Los Angeles right about
two years in, in 2004. We thought it was vitally important to create a New York chapter of GEMA and Ann was really one of
the first people I contacted and has become a great
supporter of GEMA since. – One of the things GEMA does is it has an externship every year for both undergrad and grad students and I host that group every year. I think about a dozen kids come here and they go to probably 15 or
20 other media organizations in New York. It's an incredible way to get exposure to what companies are doing in the media and entertainment business. – Ann recognizes that it
was the generosity of others that helped to enable her to have the experience here at Georgetown and she is deeply engaged in ensuring that this next generation of young people have the very same
experience that she did. – I'm so proud to have been honored by the Wall Street Alliance. The Wall Street Alliance
is a great example of an organization that has done an incredible job
raising scholarship money for people like me and so I am super excited to be connected to the
Wall Street Alliance and to support them
through this great evening. (inspirational music)

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  • #AnnSarnoff fans are waiting for #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. Pls make it happen. Congratulations, and all the best for your new role.

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