Want to sell your Omaha home? We’ll buy it.

Do you need to sell
your home here in Omaha? We’d like to buy it. My name is Katy, with my husband Frank. I’ll make you a very
fair offer on your home. Call or text me. There’s no clean up or repairs. No strangers walking through your home. No showings or uncertainty. You can pick your closing date. You’ll get your highest
off-market price with us. You’ll pay zero fees. And most importantly, you can sell as-is – without ever listing
your house on the market or doing any work. I’ll cover the cost of any repairs and give you a fair and
legitimate cash offer quickly. Omaha is our home, too. Frank went to Creighton Prep and UNO. We’ve helped many homeowners in Omaha. You’ll have cash fast. We can close in 24 hours in most cases. So call or text me on my
mobile phone, 24/7, anytime. Tell me about your home and situation. I will listen, it’s confidential,
and I’ll work with you. I will respond quickly, and I
look forward to meeting you. Okay, tell me one more time,
what am I supposed to say? (giggling) – [Camera Man] This is ridiculous. I mean, when do I not have
a perma-smile on my face? [Cameraman] Here we go. [Sound Man] Hold on, hold on. [Camera Man] Camera rolling. [Sound Man] Audio, not rolling. (giggling) You’re just so professional. [Camera Man] Wait. (car engine rumbling) Cash offer. [Cameraman] Slow down, take a breath Well, if I could go
faster, it would be easier. [Cameraman] Just take a breath, you can’t go faster, just relax. Oh, this is painful. I hear neighbors, probably
like, “What is going on?” [Store Employee] How you doin’? [Camera Man] Doing great,
we’re making a video. (giggling) [Store Employee] Oh, mind your business, mind your business. [Camera Man] Pull it up all the way. Hold it up, high, smile! Push in the ground, hard! [Katy] It’s gonna break. [Cameraman] Aw, that’s cute. That was really cute. You’re man-handling me (smiling). All right, recording? All right, so. [Camera Man] Oh, so good. Oh, That was great Frank! [Camera Man] Go. Nice. Now look at doorknobs. [Soundman] You gotta get closer to her, get up there in front. [Cameraman] No, no,
no, just keep walking. (sighs) You’re driving me crazy!

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