War Ammunition Factory – Survival documentary

Welcome at today’s episode, we have prepared a
special place we went into the forest we found recently We found that there are some remnants of the Second World War so we will continue to see what lies in the woods There should be some bunkers etc.
so we’ll see I do not know whether you hear the tree squeaking Let’s go or it’ll fall on us. Caution Do not enter the forest There is a risk of
explosion of ammunition. Man must be careful here here is an example and I forgot to mention that in the woods can be a
lot of unexploded mines Exploded or unexploded so you have to
be really careful I read a story about this forest that there was an ammunition factory and when they
wanted to get rid of it they just blew it up. Here I want to show that we have already found a
few remnants Let’s look here watch your head here you can see that this is not very interesting It seems that there is only an echo but you will hear me
at least better nothing here actually there is virtually nothing It is a common building However, I do not dare to say what was it’s purpose maybe it was some warehouse or something and there in the back it looks like the former entrance at least that’s what I think otherwise there is nothing interesting, we will continue so we found something .. I do not know if you will see it well let’s climb down and see what is there .. but it is not very deep I do not know how to get there with the bag Now let me think for a while because it would be impossible with the bag thinking… So here we are but as you can see, we do not see anything We have only a pipe that’s not going anywhere We got here through this but even greater challenges await us, so you can
look forward I tell you today’s not really warm, so it was quite cold so I had frozen hands, but one must sacrifice himself sometimes nothing to seek here here’re a good acoustics that I like because of the camera So we went through this with a colleague and we found the exit so it looks like we go I’m just kidding .. here we found the exit so we can continue So we found the entrance number two but if this is really the entrance we find out now yes it’s the entrance and this time deeper and pretty smelly so I’ll talk with the team what to do and go in it is incredible that even in this place you see
inside some beer cans etc We’ll prepare the lights and enter So we had a minor difficulties but we are inside Here we have more space but as I said it stinks .. here we also use a lighter
to detect oxygen I do not see anything here so we must use the lights Here you can see that it’s spacious I had to take a cell phone for light So someone was here before us Anyway, I think it’s the same type of construction as
a while ago but larger and of course deeper ok, we will continue
.. If you see the end – you will understand . . See how I now got scared so now we have to climb up and we will continue So we moved a bit further here we encountered a couple of minor bridges we’ll not crawl under since we don’t have to let’s walk around Here, you can see that we also have some followers so we’ll continue and perhaps discover something yet we should run into one building. . a bit slippery a bit more yeah Here we are Still the same forest as you can see. . the same everywhere The factory, which formerly stood here was said to be literally packed with bombs, etc. almost to the ceiling it was actually a ammunition factory Nothing here so we’ll come back after a…. now! .. we just found something something very unique I do not dare to say what they are,
but we’ll not touch them We know that If there is something we find We shall call the police and they should take care of that at the end of this episode we’ll do it
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maybe they aready know but I doubt that if they did itw wouldn’t be just lying here As you can see there is much of that .. I do not want to walk around it especially not around this part As you can see there is another I wouldn’t touch it it’s surely heavy This is really unique There, in the middle of nowhere and how is it made up here So yeah, we will probably continue we won’t take it by hands Let’s go to the last building and on this we will certainly inform someone it may in fact be dangerous to the others Okay, let’s go So here is our latest thing we wanted to show you We are here for the first time, so we let ourselves to
be surprised The ceiling is collapsing so it’s not really safe here I ask my fellow for a light here is even a fallen wall it seems like it lead nowhere I do not know how to carefully climb here There is still a light and chandelier Not safe, there are cracks Okay, we’ll We can show you the shooting range a bit further and it is everything UGH if you notice .. you see .. I just turned the light there how many mosquitoes Well, we’d better go before they eat us So here is the last building, which we hope to show you it is closer to the city, so it’s more preserved but it is also from a war so we look inside It’s a pretty big building We just climbed to the roof of the building which gave us a bit of a hard time But here we have a beautiful view From the roof we got to the basement so we’ll take a look here Through here we’ll probably climb out So that’s the end of today’s episode, we showed you a forest, which was used during the Second World War there are some building remains all around us If you have any questions please email us Otherwise, I do not know what I could tell you more everything we wanted we have shown and have no choice but to say goodbye be sure to look at the photos that we took today so you have to look forward .. so next time What if it falls? I’ll… Try to tape it to your jacket… So my colleague. . . yet .. again .. lights So my colleague decided today to go first – Will it hold?
– No it’s solid. Now this is cool . .

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  • Jak to dopadlo s těmi pumama ? Každopádně, dobře jste udělali, že jste na to ani nešáhli :-D, Bych se k tomu snad ani nepřiblížil, jelikož kdo ví, jak je to náchylné..
    Jinak slušný díl chlapi 😉

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