War and the Media: Howard Zinn

the major media have always been own controlled
by the people of wealth and %uh and therefore the the editorial positions the choice of news items has always been determined by those people who control the press I think was AJ liebling the writers who said freedom of the press belongs to whoever
owns the press and the back in in the in the early part of the twentieth century
upton sinclair wrote a book called the brass check the brass check was something used a house of prostitution paris and he was talking about the press as prostitutes
the press the selling out for money the press has it well in fact at that very time talk about
a press being pro war no the hearst newspapers and the pulitzer papers revved up the country for war with Spain exactly world war one again the press played up the German atrocities
some of them turned out to be false the Lusitania has been sunk a harmless passenger ship later
turns out was carrying war munitions and that playing up the atrocities of the germans not saying anything about the British empire and that’s been going on %uh today what we see is in this when the war started in Afghanistan to call it a war is is actually a
misnomer I mean this isn’t a war between to equal parties
the united states and Afghanistan Afghanistan the helpless miserable country
and the united states bombs Afghanistan and it’s called a war what happens then is that executives in of CNN send upwards to the report is amendment
and I’ve seen you know this isn’t it was leaked by people in CNN and and so I were to the report as saying let’s not report civilian casualties in
Afghanistan we were bombing and killing civilians
they were not to be reported and CNN began festooning the stand of the anchors at CNN with American
flags and the media there have been going along with war for
a very long time as the rest of the the rest of the world as I understand it you know that Vietnam was in a sense different
kinds of reporters were investigating the truth in their editors and publishers at least in blocking for publishing from publishing
it but the editorial and publishing and of publishers positions at least early in the
war were world’s different than what we’re reading in the in from the %uh reporters at the new York times and time magazine
so for that’s a question that report in the early nineteen sixty eight the boston globe did a survey of I think something like twenty nine major American dailies not one of them called for the united states to get out of Vietnam I’m particularly conscious of this in nineteen sixty
seven I wrote a book called Vietnam the logic of withdrawal and that and
and and %uh suggesting strongly
no major daily in nineteen sixty eight supported the idea of getting out of Vietnam
%uh up end and you know this this really hasn’t
changed but the rest of the world sees it ’cause she’s
television through television she’s a very different war than American city
and box and CNN and CBS- they see the civilian casualties they see
the bombs falling and that and so on so forth so you a real disconnect I think between the
way we think that were virtuous country see the war every other countries as see the war it’s interesting you may remember that to
me both in the Afghan war and this war in Iraq to the united states bombed the offices of
Al-Jazeera television network they did not want that network to be able to show pictures of the results of our bombing
I mean is this is the kind of thing that happens
in a totalitarian state in the Soviet union nazi germany the shutdown newspapers
television stations they want to control everything that’s the way the united states government
has behaved in these wars

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  • The mainstream media is a major part of our problems. People need to watch multiple news sources, foreign, local and alternative. The major networks in North America are a sickening, pitiful excuse of journalism. I'd like nothing more than to see them meet financial ruin and cancellation.

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