Ware and Rima on the Communist Party USA holding 100th anniversary party

oh you know it you know it and and they're doing everything they can to turn Texas blue so what come back and be be governor here you know I was reading this other story to 8:39 where in Ryan McKay TSA I was just reading this other story the Karm communist party a USA gonna celebrate their 100th birthday this weekend in Chicago now that's where they were formed they were formed in Chicago right and one of the things that they are now going to be talking about this weekend as they celebrate their thing and have their confab in Chicago this weekend is do we just go ahead and accept the Democrat Party and call the Democrat Party the Communist Party of America these are the commies saying is because the Democrat Party has gone so far to the left now there's no difference between the Democrat Party and the commies they're really not a socialist party it's really it's really much when you really break it down it's really much more communist in nature well in there when they start you know and this is these the commies talking the commie part of USA CPUSA is where they call themselves they say you know AOC in the green New Deal that's total commie right Bernie Sanders about everything that comes out of his mouth total commie we're not talking about socialists here then they were able to close anything no Bernie Sanders got America to accept socialism and now in this current environment they've gone beyond socialism and now they're going into public ownership of everything that's where it all leads a green new deal and you and I know this the green New Deal is all about expansion of government into every aspect of life government ownership of every entity and decision that goes down in America and that's precisely what it is and you know the surveillance state you know this is this is the way communist organizations and States work I'll give you an example in Castro's Cuba they have a a watcher on every street and everybody is tattletaling on everybody on the street to the watcher the police chief shows up and because they need free labor the police chief shows up and he says okay you're guilty there's no trial there's no judge or anything you're guilty you go to prison for a year you you become a slave to the government there you work for the Cuban government for free because they need workers that they cannot pay cuz they don't have any money right so they just lock you up and you work for them while you're locked up and the reason there is no revolution right now is because when the Castro's came in the late 50s was J with J they they took all the guns away from everybody which is exactly what they try to do in America they want to get rid of the guns and get the guns out of the hands of the citizens right right on the campuses and this is gonna start leaching into the rest of life I think you know they have these these these groups that will report to the administration of any campus victim I heard somebody say this I forget what what University was just last week where they have a means for people to report I heard somebody say there are there are only two genders that was an actual report right somebody had given that opinion so the watchers are already here the gun grabbers are already here right right green new deal would have government ownership of everything Medicare for all Medicare for all that's that's right the copies are on the March you want to own somebody you own their health right right right you make health care decisions for you let the state make healthcare decisions for somebody you're actually owning that person exactly do you think that they know that their actual planks or their actual agenda is communist in nature than socialist but socialist just kind of sounds better and or someone like ALC just really have no clue would you know what I think I think it's it's it's all incremental so in in a couple of years or a few years from now it the the word communist is not going to be as pejorative as it was for our parents right you know our parents it was a pejorative you know you didn't call somebody a commie you you weren't supposed to say that about some in fact I know lawsuits that happen because this guy called that guy a commie right and the guy who was called economy turn around and sued the other guy for calling him at because I was a very pejorative and slanders term Communist Party of America of the USA saying no the Democrat Party is right here with us they're already we're kind of melded together man we got that city councilman in Denver yes Councilwoman I'm all about communism right right so she's at least coming out and saying and she didn't say socialism he said commie I must do everything I can to bring communism to the United States of America that's where that's where they are and I know I don't know if that's Bernie Sanders intent the I don't I know he'd look he honeymooned in commie in commie Soviet Union who and kommune in the communist play whoa hey you know what Fiji forget about that you know that blue water and we can really swim we can swim naked if you want to in the blue water you know I'm kind of thinking that it's really cold in in the Soviet Union and they're a bunch of commies how about we go over there and we have our we you know all the vodka you want maybe the first night of love should be right there in commie Russia in the Soviet Union were meant it yeah that's romantic gee some reason I don't think that Bernie Sanders is a real romantic you know I'm sorry check my wallet every time you everyone yeah he doesn't sound like a very romantic guy [Laughter]

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