Warface with Rawr — How Do I Give Ammo

[intro] Say what you just said again—starting now. Oh, it’s Blackwood. They sound so ominous
and black. Alright. I’m dropping insane amounts of frames from
recording. That’s weird. I’ll cover you, man. Alright. Like, this… ah… Okay, sniper
asshole There are people up on top of the thing. Bam! Sniper down. Push ahead. Oh, there’s more people. Yeah. Hi, people. For some reason… You have a nice head there, it would be a
shame if I were to blow it off… boom. Alright, for some reason, whenever we trigger
the sniper asshole, we trigger those guys as well. Where is the sniper? Oh, I see him. Same place as always. I need some ammo here. I hate this guy. Boom. Got him. Need ammo? Beew. I don’t even now how to check my ammo. Uh… lower right. Oh, lower right? Yeah, I guess so. I do. Um, G? Gimme da gimme da gimme da… Um… how do you give ammo again? Um… you press the mouse on me. Yeah, I’m doing that, and it’s not doing
anything. Press the other mouse. It’s also not doing anything. And pressing the use/interact button is also
not doing anything. Escape. Uh, options. Controls. Other. Chat… Click… No, no, no, no, no… Weapons… Fucking melee you with it? No, that doesn’t
do anything. Wait, how do you—which one’s the melee
key? For—I set it to mouse 3. Oh, okay. It just hits you with the ammo crate. Options. So, even—is that doing damage to you, no.
Good. No. That’d be funny if it was, though. Why is… okay it has V. Okay, let’s see. I wanna know if you can
melee with a grenade. You can melee with a grenade. [fierce laughter] That is the best. You just, like, your head just rubbernecks
every time I hit you with a grenade. Your head just rubbernecks, it’s great. Alright, let’s move on. Are you still recording this? Yeah, I’m still recording. This is great. Move back. Back. Back. Running. Run. Run. Run. Run. Weeeeee! Run. Okay. I me—I wanna get a melee kill with a grenade. That’s the best. That’s the best shit. Boom. Let’s go. Oh, hi there, shield man. Ah! Got him from behind his shield. Nice shot. I am top sniper. Rival my—no one can rival my leet skills. Leet hax. There. Hello, people who are always in the exact
same place. This is a knife. Oh, hai. Bam. It’s shield man again. Shield assholes are assholes. Just thought
I’d say that. Sniper neutralized. Yay. I have killed them with the gun. So, apparently, this game don’t like fucking
recording with dxtory. Ah, where is the person? …all expendables… It’s the same guy from before. Need backup. Gunner down. Push ahead. There’s someone behind us. Yeah, it’s the guy on the fucking mounted
machine gun. Oh. Oh. Don’t mess with him. Duh, of course. Jesus. He’s down, move up. He’s down. Sniper
neutralized. Ah, dang it, gotta reload. Oh, this is my time. I will get my melee kill. [phone ringing] Uh… God… Feel free to cut that out of the video. Yeah… Anyway, I need more of the ammos. Um, I tried to give you some, and it didn’t
do anything. Gunner down, push ahead. Um… Why are we… I’m gonna see if there are any more people
in here. Okay, I’m gonna shift tab and see if there’s a thing that says how do you
give ammo? How do I give an ammo? WARFACE HOW TO GIVE AMMO And his entire college life was ruined after his parents
forced him to inject himself with one marijuana. Lol. Warface is a class-based blah blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah blah… um… SHOW ME YOUR WARFACE. It doesn’t say how to fucking give ammo.
Fucking… Did it give you ammo? No. But… [tapping keys] Try it again. I’m doing it, and it’s not doing anything. What the fuck? How out of ammo are you? Like, almost out. On your pistol, too? I’ll have to… yes. They’re shared, I
think. Yep. No, they’re not. They’re shared. They’re separate. Then why does it say my ammo’s gone? Oh, wait, nevermind. I’m good. Wrong bar. Oh, hi. Alright, you wanna nade him, or do you want
me to? I want you to nade him. Alright. Unless… If you can get him turned that way,
I can shoot him. Hello. I don’t think there’s anybody there this
time. Huh. No, there’s not. Okay, shield assholes are gonna be down here.
Yep, there they are. I saw them spawn in. Gunner down. Push ahead. Oh, what the heck? What? There we go. Tada. What the heck? These guys are OP. Look out
for the grenade. Oy, ha. I need to get a grenade kill. I have
to. Save it for the guy. No, I mean… I mean melee. Ah. It is my destiny. It is my true calling. Be careful here. There were like 50 of them
in that corner the last time. I love it when the shield people are stupid
and let you shoot them from behind. I know, right? Need some ammo. You like turn around and like “ah, gotcha!”
Headshot. Oh, they’re using the fucking turret. Oh, from where? Don’t worry about it, just go inside. I’m gonna check the line up spot. He’s down. It’s clear. Dang it. Alright. Here comes heavy. Heavy gunner ahead. Eliminate him. Alright, go left. Go left. Okay. Yo. I need some ammo. Holy geeze. There are people behind us, hold on. Gunner neutralized. Dang it. Holy shit! Okay, go go go go. Go. Go. Holy
shit. Move move move. No! No! No! Fuck that. Where is he? Fuck that noise. Holy fuck. Heavy gunner is vulnerable from the back. Where is he? I don’t see him. He’s probably stuck in the thing again.
Let’s go up here. I see him, there he is. Yep. Oh, uh, shit. Is he coming? Where is he? Okay, I’m gonna decoy. Okay. Go wait in the spot. Go go power rangers. Go prep the spot, and then as soon as you
get up there, move directly forward. Where, which spot? The s—the—the help up spot. Okay. Be—G on it, and… yeah. G? E. Whatever your use button is. G presses grenade. G goes grenade. [grenade
exploding] Oh, shit. Tada. Oh, I get another nade when I revive. Nice. [laughing] Okay, so use your use button on it. I’m
gonna—I’m gonna—okay. Come here. Come on. Come on you idiot. Okay, whatever. Let’s
just get up there. Okay. Yo, homie G, get a lift. Alright. What the heck? I’m shooting his backpack thingie, and it’s
not doing shit. Oh, it is, but it’s just not doing much. Okay, I’m—I’m gonna throw a nade. Not yet. Here. Luring powers, go. Weee! Nothing. Look out for the grenade. Look out for the
grenade. The grenade did nothing. Okay. Oh, shit. I think… Um… we fucked this shit up. We fucked this
shit up good. Yeah, we did. I only have six more reloads. Here, you distract him that way. Dang it. I’ll distract him this way. Now
you shoot him in the back. You shoot him in the back. Shoot him in the back. Okay. Go go go go go. Going. Run run run run run. Okay, I’m distracting him. Shoot him. Shoot
him. Shoot him. Shoot him. Now, he always keeps on defaulting to me.
What is up with this? Ow! He just doesn’t like me ‘cause I’m black. Use a resurrection coin, whatever. [outro]

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