Watch Dogs: Legion: Gamescom 2019 – Play as Anyone Explained | Ubisoft [NA]

REPORTER: Vicious terror
attacks left hundreds dead. Mayor of London has declared
a state of emergency. [MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: As you
can see, London’s having a rough time of it. What, with these nasty
opportunists seizing control. That’s where you come in. Welcome to the resistance. It’s up to you to
build the perfect team and take the city back. The good news is
that any Londoner could become your next recruit. You can play as anyone. And they’ve all got their
own game-play skills. [FAST FORWARD] [MUSIC PLAYING] See this charming
chappie– that’s Victor. VICTOR: Watch it,
you dumb idiot. NARRATOR: He only takes
off the amount of damage after his neck to pint. Or four. [ANGELIC SINGING] Tough man! [MUSIC PLAYING] And her? That’s Sue– top notch lawyer. Once in your team, she can get
your operatives out of jail automatically. You don’t even need
to lift a finger. Nice one, Sue. [MUSIC – EDVARD GRIEG, “MORNING
MOOD”] And this is Alan. Old codger, and a
veritable mad bastard. [ACTION MUSIC PLAYING] Increased damage with
rifles, and wait– [RECORD SCRATCH] May die randomly. [MUSIC – EDVARD GRIEG, “MORNING
MOOD”] RIP Alan. [FAST FORWARD] Moving on. [MUSIC PLAYING] Everyone is
different, so you have to decide what’s
best for your team. But why would these fine
people want to join you? Well, everyone’s
got an origin story. CHARACTER 1: I want you
to help me get revenge on the gangster [BLEEP]
that killed my brother. NARRATOR: Help them
with their problems. And once they trust
you, they will become playable characters. Each one of your
new best friends is a unique game-play build. So dust off your sorting
hat and give them a class. Then level them up
and unlock new perks. [FIGHTING] [MUSIC PLAYING] There are thousands
of possibilities. [GUNFIRE] [MUSIC PLAYING] Whether you’ve got
a knack for gizmos, or you’d rather stalk
people from the shadows. Building a team
with diverse skills will be critical
to your success. Each new recruit will
make your team stronger. You can even customize
your team members. There. What a lovely hat. Of course accidents can happen. Don’t worry- if you were small
you could always surrender. No shame in that. Anyone got Sue’s number? Luckily our city is filled
with millions of people, and any single one of them
could be your next recruit. BACKGROUND SINGER:
(SINGING) You’re doing good. I’m doing great. NARRATOR: London is calling. Get out there and take it back. BACKGROUND SINGER:
(SINGING) You’re doing good. I’m doing great. ANNOUNCER: Watchdogs Legion. Available March 6, 2020. Check out the Watchdogs
Legion 101 trailer.

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