[WATCH] Mass Freedom, a Project of Race Forward

Policing Immigration Incarceration Detention We were one block away from home, when we
were pulled over The arresting officer insisted my brother
had an illegal part added to his car It wasn’t true I remember the feeling of rage, of helplessness,
of wanting to stop everything I offered to drive her to the hospital, to
get treatment and care She’d just been the victim of a crime and
she was waiting to be seen, and two police officers came up to her, they
started asking her questions, and then they ended up arresting her. While doing one of our “Cop Watch” patrols,
we came across a scene, we began to do our monitoring, our videotaping, and were harassed, and eventually assaulted
by the police and arrested To liberate our immigrant community from massive deportation. I am motivated by a family member; who was detained for driving without a license. She appeared before a municipal judge; who asked her if “she was in the country illegally?” to which she answered “Yes”, and he sentenced her to pay double the fine. Since then, I began to see a system that criminalize and oppresses people, and structural racism against our communities. I was politicized in the Asian-American community, and in Chinese communities, in New York City,
there were always stories about police officers that were harassing street
vendors and harassing senior citizens who were just having a good time in the park. Maria is a 23 year old Black Indigenous Garifuna
Honduran, TransLatina woman She was picked up for jumping a turnstile
in New York City, and put on Rikers Island. From there, because she’s an immigrant,
she was put into immigration detention Across the board, there are tons of LGBTQI
folks that are profiled for just existing What we’re seeing is a mass number of arrests
where the rights of young people and of immigrants are being violated everyday. I know firsthand how law enforcement and immigration
can change your life in a second. and how important it is for us as a community
to build our power, so our rights will be protected, and we can
stay here with our families. The topic of immigration and deportations
are very important and personal to me. My father, who was undocumented in the 1960’s,
traveled a lot to the US from Guatemala, He was deported twice from being here, he
was deported once from Atlanta, and once from Arizona, both times, not having done anything And he was telling me literally crying to
me about his fears, about the uncertainty, of what deportation is and what it looks like where they were going to, how they would get
there, how they would stay in communication with
family and friends still here in America how would they acclimate in a culture back
in this country they knew nothing about and for many to a country whose language they
weren’t familiar with. Liberation Restorative Justice Abolish detention. No more incarceration. Resiliency No borders, no nations. True democracy. Mass Freedom. Mass Freedom for all. Mass Freedom. Inclusive liberty. Mass Freedom is bridging movements to end
the criminalization of people of color, and share our vision for a better future. Together, we can build a democracy, that is
truly free.

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