Watch Michael Cohen’s full opening statement

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  • I am waiting for the bombshell information the news outlets said Cohen had proof of collusion with russia……. Where are they, he says he doesn't have any?

  • When does Trump go to prison for his intolerance of our forefathers?? I am appalled with our republican senators immaturity.

  • crocodile tears all BS … if Cohen hadnt gotten caught he would still be dipping in the slime and filth with his pal Trump. save it Cohen you are doing this country no favor.

  • So did anyone notice when he started talking about black ppl why did the camera man decided to show the black lady 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Cohen is so full of $hit. Trying to show up the inner fight for his conscience. He did his unlawful workings for HIS promotion.

  • why does everybody think this guy is being some sort of hero!? he's a shady lawyer who is playing the victim after getting caught and/or getting booted. any lawyer who practices all this shadiness is no hero. he's a disgruntled employee who is just as bad as the guy he represented! trump or no trump, cohen is a snake, hope you all can see thru his scumbaggery lol

  • What a bunch of subjective opinion based wishy- Washy bunch of krapp this guy is a rat and a liar and a well spoken one at that I hope he doesn't think that him putting a bunch of eloquent words together is really gonna change anybody's opinion and I only wish that someone would go after Barack Obama or Hillary clinton or Bill Clinton for all of their scandals and lies and deceit and Massive corruption like hes attempting to go after trump to save himself buddies really just making himself look like a complete and total liar apparently somebody paid him off Or threatened his beloved family he talks about. But really what a bunch of bullship i The majority of this is him giving his opinion and feelings and emotions The rest is a bench a well put together lies I wonder how many people will fall for this period

  • Michael has performed a Mitzvah today for America by exposing trump. He has proved himself to be a decent guy who was totally BLINDED and FOOLED by a Criminal. Bottom line: follow the money.

  • Cleaning your soul is indeed righteous! I believe your testimony, and I understand how difficult this controversy and lesson must be. No more shame…Forgive yourself.

  • Reading some comments on here makes me laugh out loud because WHO in your effen party can beat Trump in 2020? Right now as it stands YOUR party has shifted so far left there is not ONE candidate in the running who is a moderate lol good luck with that in the general election.

  • I found his testimony to be truthful and honest better than that fake Whitiker and that fake supreme Court Justice

  • Not to take away from the statement itself, but has anyone else noticed the weird thing with the audio in this? It's this weird background noise that keeps going up and down in pitch, very distracting…

  • Without him mentioning Trump's SAT scores or grades, I already figured it out he probably had low scores. Probably bribed his way in.

  • The GOPs do not dare to disprove anything Cohen said. To do so would uncover that the GOP too is a part of the Trump RICO crime family. The reason Cohen warned the GOP to stop protecting Trump is that he knows the GOPs are also being investigated.

  • He and his family have been threatened by the DemonRats. He just said it, he would do anything to safe his family!

  • Amazing time is being wasted on this liar who's on his way to jail. Why would anyone expect his statements to be honest? Why would'n't he want to say things to slam the POTUS after all it gets him all this praise from the left and he wouldn't be in this position if he wasn't involved with the POTUS. Its like watching a circus balancing act, trying to balance lies and trying to look legit. Looking for a movie deal after this I'm sure

  • The blonde with the square jaw and glasses to cohens right, my god she is beautiful. I am sure though her beauty is easily eclipsed by her intelligence.

  • The Trumps' "wealth" is a Ponzi scheme. Michael, please tell the world that Mr Trump is not a Billionaire, that he's barely a millionaire. That his credits far far outweigh his net assets.

    Trump ia a conman that used brass for gold, fake paintings, self promotion on Forbes, small loans to secure bigger loans, grand furniture bought on credits, all to beguile the gullible and part people from their cash.
    His tax returns will show he's not worth much and allow his creditors to know the totality of his con.
    Write a book Michael, make a movie and you'll be worth more than this short-fingered Vulgarian.

  • All these so called "hearings" being fronted
    by the Democrat Party, which offers up nothing
    but false accusations, name calling (i.e. "racist"),
    and smearing. There are NO FACTS behind any
    of this. This party is a complete joke.

  • Five counts of tax evasion, one count of making false statements to a financial institution, one count of willfully causing an unlawful corporate contribution, one count of making an excessive campaign contribution at the request of a candidate or campaign, and one count of making false statements to a congressional committee.3 years in prison; fines; asset forfeiture; disbarment = ZERO CREDIBILITY

  • Can we just stand in awe for a moment. If what Cohen says is true, and he had made the payment on the affair known, most likely Trump would lose. 1 action, one single action, and a passive one at that (an omission, not a lie) changed the path of a whole country. Lol. It's pretty amazing to think about.

  • It's look like that the demoCRUP are desperate, to have a lier having his testimony they didn't and will not find anyone else but a cowered liar to have his testimony isn't a jock A BIG JOCK???

  • "Cohen is a liar!" says the GOP. Ah, but what did he lie to congress about? He lied about Trump's work with Russia, to cover for him. If Cohen is a liar, then Trump did cozy up with Putin for personal financial gain. Either way, Trump is in trouble. And either way, it's telling that the GOP kept attacking Cohen . . and not defending Trump.

  • He's a racist. We know this because of that tape Amarosa has. 'Member how shocked we were hearing him drop the "n" word over and over again? Then CNN kept playing that AND the "pee" tape back to back. Gonna be a sad day when he gets defeated and the transition of power won't be a smooth for the next President like it's been for Trump. I'm so glad this Dem controlled congress picked this week for Cohen's testimony. They must have had no idea that Trump was going to meet a psycho dictator about disarming nuclear weapons. Just like him to go outta' country last minute. Let it be Nam with Kim or Putin in Helsinki. Comey did know that either, that's why he dropped all those indictments on 13 Russians.

  • Cohen has no proof that Trump is a racist. Personally, I believe that Trump may say some stupid things in the heat of the moment. However, he honestly has the nation's best intersests in mind. Regardless of color.

  • How do we know what he says about Trump is true, and what Trump says in his defense is true? They both have their own views and political opinions and are both willing to lie to get what they want.

  • America and Canada are lead by infants that need to get off the throne!
    The people of both countries need to step up and re-elect better leaders immediately!

  • "el numero UNO Soto

    2 days ago

    Will someone please tell me what's the difference between El Chapo and Trump?

    Mr. Chapo supplied millions of dollars of illegal substances in the USA, murdered many with those millions and had a drug war with citizens of Mexico as well as the government. FACT and proven.

    The dirty dossier from the DNC party was written on rumors from the government of Russia run by Putin, many which have been proven false already. This was the basis for so called "Russian Collusion" to the FISA court and subsequent investigation. If your media source didn't tell you this, you are not being served properly and should take care of the problem. Please do not believe everything you hear or read, people lie.

    Michel Cohen is a convicted and perjured ex-lawyer reading talking points to the world.
    "27:18 My testimony certainly does not diminish the pain that I have caused my family and my friends."

    I found Cohen's words so ridiculous, like someone from Lannie Davis's team of DNC political theatre players wrote them. It was a desperate ploy to hide the facts of the fake dossier and continue their deep state hoax. Dems are desperate to protect the Clintons, I get that. My taxes helped pay for this and I'm not amused.

  • Cohen stated Trump directed him to pay to hush, bully, and cover-up to protect his fake identity & his discretions. I believe Cohen. Trump – using his position, withheld 800,000 federal employees paychecks if he doesn't get what he wants, trade wars if he doesn't get what he wants, ICE is working harder to removed people bc Trump only knows TO PUNISH PEOPLE TO GET WHAT HE WANTS!!! I believe Cohen! I believe Cohen. Trump is a wolf in sheep clothing. Trump is disgraceful! Impeach him!!!!!!

  • Michael Cohen has more integrity than all the Deplorables and those Trump kissing GOP senators. Damn Republicans. Time to get rid of all of them. In the end they will all be Hell bound.

    Dump the Trump 2020!

  • I won't sugar coat my ideas to Trump supporter's. Your love affair with Trump is going down & he is taking many greedy self righteous bastards with him-then what?

  • If Donald Trump isn't indicted soon, I will have no reason to believe in the institutions that say the laws of this nation are valid. Why follow the laws if the President can do whatever he pleases? He's not God, he is a man and no man is above the law.

  • Political views aside…To believe we let a lying, manipulative, bigot into the white house. America should be ashamed…WE should be ashamed.

  • Robert Mueller will be knighted overseas for taking down the entire criminal Trump family. From now on Robert Mueller will be known as SIR Robert Mueller. Cohen will be vindicated and made an American hero.

  • Congress Democrats stop waisting our Tax money .
    To the Congress Democrats in Washington , the only time We, moderate Democrats will take you seriously , is when the corrupt Democrats such as Hilary Clinton , Maxine Waters ,Lynch , and other corrupt Democrats ,are also investigated and bring them to testify in front of congress . You can not pretend to care for justice for the American people , when you only go after the politicians from a party you all hate .We , the people are not stupid .You Democrats in Congress are wasting Tax payers money. Be more productive , for a change .There are more important issues to take care . Such as crime in the poor neighborhoods , health care , border security , fighting the drug cartel in our borders etc . We don't care what other people do with their money .Call girl or not. Since when this country became the moral police? Give us a break.!

  • The level of Sinicism/hypocrisy in this gentlemen is outrageous when invited to Congress he said, "I am ashamed of myself." (Michel Cohen) Really why because you keep working for him until the last day of his presidential campaign, or because you was expecting something in return and it didn't happen and now he goes to congress and try to insult the President making derogatory comments of the man who was feeding your family all this time? It is that way that you paid your employer or was that after the FBI contacted you to spy for the government and get all data collected to the feds. It seems to me that he was working for the feds all this time collecting information because he only gets three years of jail time when braking court rules and committing perjury that seems odd to get that little bit of time. An attorney is an officer of the court, with the ability to think logically and ethically at all times; that is the mode of every attorney in any country in this planet and he sticks around after allegedly braking those morals and now he is ashamed of himself? Well if that is the case then show that remorse genuinely not by passing the buck because is impossible to do something against your own will knowing that it is incorrect and the reason you can't be force to do something that you know is illegal. Specially when that someone is an officer of the court. In my opinion he doesn't get any sympathy from me or the American public because we know that he was motivated by greed and power grab. Remorseful was not in his vocabulary he is regretting that he was recruited by the feds to testify in congress but remorsefulness is not showing by his accusative words which they should be acknowledging his responsibility and not blaming or alluding to others for your own misgivings. Furthermore, what he should do is rip off his shirt and throw ashes in his faces, if not feces in his own face to announce to the nation his humiliating actions of deceit and disrespect for the judicial system and all the honorable attorney's. It is one thing that Joe Blow brakes the law but an attorney with his level of practice is unacceptable and he should get more time in the can and not in a jail of minimum security.

  • Now I know what to watch when I can't sleep. I have tried watching this 3 times and can't make it through it.

  • It is amazing no one seen this coming. It is all hoax anyways. They fed you this garbage on a television show years before this ever took place. To mold your minds just like the television show. It is all a Holly Weird theft scheme.

  • We need to have every single person making decisions in our Government to be held accountable for all the crimes they got away with over the past couple hundreds years or so. It is a criminal orginazation in it's self.

  • I work for a small family business that was duped out of payment after the work was done by trump . This happened several years before I began working here but we have the photos and documents to prove it. How many people and small businesses have trump thrown under the bus and into litigation because trump never owned up to what he owes people for their hard work? Thousands? I’ve no doubt.

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