Water is a freedom

Dear colleagues, guardians of the water, greetings from Civil Initiative for Slovenia and Freedom. My name is Brane Golubović and I’m a member of Civil Initiative. Initiative, which was aware of that because of demographic, economic and climate changes demand for drinking water is greater than the availability of water resources. And goods, which are rare, especially if these goods need each and every living creature on planet are interesting for the market. Consequently, that follows a great wish for privatization of water resources. This isn´t fiction. This is the reality. The first step of the privatization is concession for suppling the population with drinking water and concession for commercial purposes (water bottling). The next step will be/would be complete privatization of water resources and supply the population with drinking water. The objective of large world corporations is clear. Drinking water is not a human right. Drinking water is a commodity. However, since corporations are unable to do this themselves, they connected with the international financial institutions and some governments. For instance, governments and corporations secretly creating investment and trade agreements. Like CETA, TTIP and TISA. If we fall asleep and don´t take action, it´ll happen to us, that the only right to drinking water that we´ll have is, that we will be able to buy 1 liter of drinking water for 1 Euro at the nearest market. That was the main reason, that 12 people of different ages, from different parts of Slovenia, with different skills, which we didn´t know before, unit into an civil Initiantive. We aren´t NGO, we don´t have any financial sources, neither place to work. We worked in our free time, at night,
Saturday and Sunday. But we have a big heart and clear goals. Drinking water is a natural resource and so the human rights and water resources are public good. In November and December, we have prepared a strategy based on people, from the bottom up, positive campaign and cooperation with experts and politics parties. We didn’t took policy as our opponents, but as partners who can assist each other. On 30 January we published a petition, where we wrote clearly what we want to be written into constitution. We started even stronger to appeal to the public, also with help of some of famous media personalities We were strongly present on social networks and in the field between people. Because response of people to the petition was great, the national media started to report about efforts for amending Constitution. This was a breakthrough for us. The petition signed in 40 days over 51,000 people, which represents 2.5 percent of the total Slovenian population. In March 2016, we handed over the petition to the President of the National Assembly with proposals, what should be written in the Constitution and by when the Constitution should be amended. The aim was until the summer of 2016, But becouse of various reasons mostly on the side of politics the date emerged to the end of year 2016. In the whole period from the surrender of the petition until the change of the Constitution, we have participated at the transformation of the Contistutional Article. And through various actions we exerting positive pressure on the parliament and Government every day. All the time we kept people under tension and standby, in case if something would go wrong. In that way we have created an atmosfere in wich the politics could not afford to not write down the right of drinking water in the Constitution. There is only the question when and in wich context. On the 25 November 2016 we succeeded. Slovenia added water to Constitution as fundamental right for all. At this opportunity, dear Colleges we ask you, that we all inforce our efforts, that drinking water became a Human right and the water supplies became/stay public goods. This fight is difficult, it will be difficult. But our biggest advantage has to remain trustworthy cooperation and integration of different organisations and individuals all through Europe. There is no room for competition. It is about life and it is about freedom. Water is life, water is freedom. We also have to be awar, that on the other side are large Corporations, international organisations, European commissions and some Governments. But we can succeed. If we connect ourselves and participate with each other. If we wake up European people. All generations. From young people and the oldest one. They all are our force, our success. Path to the people is well known. We need to define a clear and argumentative goal, constantly inform the public, operate transparent and obtain the support of opinion leaders and some important politicians. It is also necessary to have funds. If young innovators can gather funds on crowdfunding platforms for they ideas, then also we can do it. Never the less, our goal is nobel. Drinking water is a fundamental human right. In the end I would like to thank you for the oppurtunity to speak at the Conference on behalf of the Civil Initiative and I wish you all the best and successful work Guardians of water from Slovenia, where a drinking water is constitutional right for all. Good luck!

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