Wayne LaPierre: NRA’s 5 Million Members Are Not Terrorists

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, today,
taking the drastic step of officially declaring the nation’s premier gun ownership advocates
a “terrorist organization.” I will do everything that I possibly can to call them out on what
they are: Which is a “domestic terrorist organization.” I shake my head and I go “what the heck is
going wrong in our country?” Let’s give them a real clear view of who we all are. How many
police officers do we have here today? Please stand up. Anyone who works in healthcare,
in anyways. Anyone who works in education. If you work in manufacturing – construction.
If you work in trade – maybe a plumber. And how about stay at home moms? If you own
your own business. Firefighters out there. If you’re in the military, or a vet. Do you
obey the law? Stand up and be recognized as Americans. I want all media to look around
this room right now and see us for the American people that we truly are. We are law-abiding
Americans who believes liberty is a blessing. We love our country. I promise you we’re never
going to stop fighting for your rights and folks just like you all over America that
have the right to defend themselves. So we’re not going to give up or apologize that in
a dangerous world, the Second Amendment is often all we have. Every one of these Americans
are what we’re about.

100 thoughts on “Wayne LaPierre: NRA’s 5 Million Members Are Not Terrorists

  • Amen! We are NOT terrorists. I am a law abiding U.S. citizen. I have sworn an oath to defend this country and I take offense to these types of remarks.

  • Greetings from Kentucky….though my fervor for the NRA wavers, I remain firmly with them as a lifetime member and behind them as our one best voice, our one best last chance for keeping our sacred 2nd Amendment whole and as etched in the shed patriotic blood of our nations founders.


  • Horrific that extremist politicians call an organization who advocates for Constitutionals Rights a terrorist org. The 2nd is guardian of all our other rights.

  • All of these mass shootings , inercity shootings , crime related stuff, are done by liberal Democrats . There the ones that breed hatred into there lives.

  • Just like with Trump this has nothing to do with the NRA, the real hatred is for who they represent, law abiding right leaning America. They are terrified of us having any power in this country.

  • My wife and I are both NRA members.
    For all of you NRA haters in the gun community I say get over yourselves, your being manipulated !
    The NRA is still the strongest advocate we have in the fight for our freedoms !!!

  • The monsters controlling the Left's narrative, ALWAYS project onto their victims their own true agendas. THEY are the domestic terrorists in America trying to take away your rights to protect yourselves and your loved ones. THEY ARE THE ENEMY of our sovereign America!

  • Life member here. Put our money where your mouth is and do tenfold what gun owners is doing. Stop compromising. Stop wasting our money.

  • San Francisco Board of Supervisors should focus on the mess they created of their stinky city, and not lecture the NRA or law abiding gun owners.

  • We're either a liberal or a terrorist in their eyes, theres no in between. They are the same as the nazi party (the exact same).

  • Not only is declaring NRA members terrorists horribly irresponsible and slanderous, doing so enables a maniacal plan for firearm confiscation from law bidding citizens using red flag laws.

  • I'm not a member nor a gun owner but San Fransisco has convinced me that I should become both. I fear it might soon be time for the real reason for the 2nd to be enacted and I for do not want to be on the wrong side of history win or lose. .

  • I am a twice enlisted US Army veteran, SWORN TO DEFEND THIS COUNTY AGAINST ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC and I see some. I'm looking at you SF Board of Supervisors.

  • Ms. Stephani I’m an NRA Member and have been for over 25 Years! How Dare you, Insinuate that I’m a Domestic Terrorist!!
    You Ms. are a Marxist!!!!

  • The day the government declares law-abiding citizens with guns "terrorists", is the day that government needs to be replaced by those armed citizens.

  • Is the city of San Fran going to be sued for defamation of character? Damaging of the reputation of the NRA, potentially lessens the value of my Benefactor membership. Maybe we should all stand up and file a class action suit as well.

  • None of my friends are nra members…and most of them are armed to the teeth…the left are very afraid of the nra…the left needs to fear the average real american!

  • It is time, to say something Out Load, that no one would ever, want to believe. It is time to call out the Democrat Party for what they are. A Terrorist Organization.

    I do not use these words lightly, as they are currently doing in San Francisco, by announcing that they are declaring the NRA as a terrorist group. Where there is no evidence of this
    Claim, what so ever. But Democrats do not need or want evidence. They just want to terrify anyone who gets in their way. ICE and DHS will be next. No one is safe from their false

    Let’s start with the IRS targeting their political opponents. Or using the State Department to start an illegal counter intelligence operation against our president.
    How about turning the full force of our Intelligence agencies, and even the Department of Justice against an opposing political party?

    They use accusations of Racism against anyone who stands in their way. When they are the ones who, I would say have failed the black communities, but the fact is,
    that they have never tried to help the black communities. They do this to put fear in the minds of these poor black communities, so that they will stay in line.
    They even spawned Black Lives Matters, to accuse any white Police Officers who is simply protecting his community and himself, of committing violence against the black
    Community that he is trying to protect. Ask any young black boy or girl in these neighborhoods, if they believe that police men are the bad guys. They all believe this false
    Democrat created narrative.

    They use Climate Change to insight the fear, that the sky is falling, and that the world will end in 12 years, if we do not put Trillions of Dollars into their incapable hands.

    They will even go as far as falsely accusing someone, that they do not like, of committing the horrific crime of raping another person, without any basis in fact. The person
    Under this attack, is pronounced guilty before ever being heard, and even when, there is no evidence, he or she is still guilty, and will forever be saddled with this
    Accusation hanging over their heads, for the rest of their lives…

    They have started a resistance movement that has spawned antifa, which is parallel to Hitler Youth. Who will attack anyone, based on their political views. They have Hollywood
    And the main stream media, black listing and doxing their opponents to insight fear, of supporting anyone, they do not approve of.

    The Democrat Party’s only agenda is to insight fear, on both sides of the isle. To insight their supporters to violence and to silence their opposition, with the fear, that they will be targeted.

    For these reasons, and many others, it is my opinion, that today’s Democrat Party should be labeled as a Terrorist Organization.

    #God save America !!!

  • San Francisco has become a sh1thole, right before our eyes…filth and bums and vermin running around everywhere…feces and needles and urine littering the streets, but the NRA is a 'domestic terrorist organization'???


  • The left are the terrorists .. Antifa , and Maxine Waters telling the dems to harass people. Madonna thinking about blowing up the white house. We see who are the terrorists and it isn't the law abiding citizens of the NRA protecting their home from the leftist nuts who incite violence.

  • I'm approaching an attorney to find if a class action suit against the individuals of the board of directors would hold water. The NRA is a public figure and anyone can say anything about them they want. I am a private citizen and to declare me a terrorist and other members of my organization terrorist is not acceptable.

  • More pushing for the civil war they want, division is the only means they have, as many deaths as they can muster in their minds makes control of the masses easier, They don't care who dies as long as it's not them, these people are cowards they hide behind the groups they prop up and probably have to pay to get them to do the crap they scheme. Some of us swore an oath to defend this Nation, and don't have to be reminded of the oath, and at no point did that oath say at time of discharge said oath becomes null and void. Be ready to saddle up brothers, and sisters, this Nation belongs to the citizens who support, and love the freedoms of our Constitution, and it's Bill of Rights.

  • California is a veritable cesspool and everything coming out of there is nothing more than noxious, putrid fumes. One of these days the Good Lord will gently shake His little finger and the whole of California will take its rightful position at the bottom of the ocean. I am just sorry for the poor aquatic animals that will be contaminated by such a filth!!!

  • according to Nick rekata on youtube, we have a potential class action lawsuit against the entirety of San Francisco about them using the color of law to stifle our first amendment speech rights and potentially our 2nd Amendment as well

  • If we’re domestic terrorists, why are you still alive?
    We are law abiding citizens, and our weapons are here to protect, not just my life, or just my families lives, there here to protect your life too!

  • Right, they are not terrorists. They are just BRAINLESS IDIOTS with LOW IQ, who are easily brainwashed and manipulated by the GREEDY LEECHES from the NRA.

  • Yeah pick and choose your battles what about the red flag laws and bump stock ban you support When it's something that you could really make a impact on you ignore it and support it Canceling my life long membership that is for sure I and many others We will find someone who truly supports gun rights in America because the NRA has proven not

  • We're dealing with insanity, look into her eyes, she has hateful mental issues. The city of San Francisco has no concept of morality, some of the things I've seen there are beyond normal human understanding, it's something you would see in a zoo and in some cases worse, but they call it "woke", I call it a sick selfish society.

  • Wouldn't it be interesting if every one of the five million NRA members filed individual defamation suits against the city of San Francisco, for calling them all terrorists when there is no evidence to back the city's BS claim? It could bankrupt the city.

  • The crazy people on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors just smeared 5.5 million hard working law abiding people. They protect criminals and attack decent citizens. They ARE the criminals. Look at how they get rich while turning a once beautiful city into a shithole.

  • San Francisco is governed by commie-pinko, bed-wetting perverts. You can see it on the streets every day and now in the halls of government and justice. San Francisco is a waste of time, water, energy, and air!

  • Even tho the NRA has let me down in some ways I'm still a member I thank God we have them they are not perfect the NRA but atleast they fight for us the best they can thank you we are not terrorists we are Americans

  • There is an "unofficial " Walmart boycott happening and I'm IN!

    I told my older brother yesterday that if people would just NOT BUY ANY PET FOOD from Walmart it would be a BE hurt on them, I think the sporting goods department is really going to take a big hit as it is!!

    Walmart has taken a political side in there marketing by pulling selective items (Ammo and Guns) just to cater to the Loony Left!

    Many people I've talked to locally is more than a LITTLE upset with Walmart and said they are NOT going to buy anything from them! I used to be in the grocery business and "PET FOOD" took up a good bit of our warehousing space, ITS A HUGE BUSINESS for companies like Walmart!

    Walmart needs to take a BIG HIT for what they're doing.

  • The Second Amendment shall not be infringed by people that have no idea what it's like to NOT HAVE ANY PROTECTION. These San Francisco types are always protected by their police and bodyguards. Us "commoners" can't afford bodyguards and police are seldom close by when a homicide happens. You anti-gun lobby types CAN CHOOSE TO STAY DISARMED while those of us that know the dangers of life can do without your "orders".

  • PLEASE NRA and GUN Owning Americans, DO NOT fall for the Lefts attacks on your freedom and liberty, We as law abiding legal citizens are under attack
    YOU Must not back down, YOU must speak out without fear from the left.
    YOU must not allow yourself to be silenced, YOU must stand and fight
    Please read and follow

  • San Francisco is a major liberal town. She sounds like a baby who isn't getting her way so she strikes out. Labels law abiding citizens terrorist is the best way to make a liberal think they are supreme people. They aren't. America is every acre between California and New York.

  • Click bait if ever there was…NRA is the first and last bastion if defense of our unalienable right to self protection. I will become a lifetime member based on this slander. As a veteran…I owe it to my oath.

  • San Francisco has shown that they're not only completely Weak and incompetent but they are also against the Second Amendment and people who support it.

  • It's funny to see those who call the NRA a domestic terrorist organization when THEY keep the largest homeless population and can't even get their own state in order. Most of their state has been burned down! Are WE suppose to believe they have the best interests of their populous in mind? That's a joke!!!

  • I'm so scared. I'm shaking in my boots. Look at all those scary terrorists in that meeting (sarc). You know who the terrorists really are? The people who try to take our rights away like the SF board of supervisors, San Diego, and the rest of the sanctuary cities and states who try daily to erode our rights as citizens by snip, snip at the Constitution thinking we citizens won't notice. They can all GTH because the rest of the country will stand up and stand behind the Constitution and our country's freedoms.


  • I've never joined the NRA in my close to 50 years but I will now I sure wish California would've left the union when trump won the second protects mthe first an every other one after that

  • F$#% San Francisco!! Fix your freaking problems first before calling the NRA Terrorists. You know who the real terrorists are but yet you're just a bunch of freaking cowards to admit it. Your city has become a 3rd class shit hole country . But it seems you board of supervisors really love it that way, you freaking bunch of real pigs!!

  • The second is for people who are illiterate. Can You understand Old English, written in a bad way, hastily AND get to grips what they meant AT THE TIME in history ? NO because the US people know barely nothing to nihil about ANY world history. They watch TV (biased – are there neutral US channels – not when I watched with vomit and counter vomit coming from every channel…) The rest are too young and glued 24/7 to their 'modern' smartphones (I call them dumbphones) – So euh, nobody except a few non 'enveloped paid' scientist know something more, but they get lost in the 'noise' of the bullshit you call 'news' in the US. The NRA by itself is a non terrorist org. – But what they stand for makes terrorists out of the misinterpretation of the 'second'. Try to learn history in it's context, try the unbiased scientific approach. It maybe an eye opener for people who have shut the blinds for generation upon generation. Greetings from Europe and the rest of the real developed world.

  • How on earth do these idiots get into office? I spent 3 years in the army to defend my country and my constitutional rights, I am an NRA member and damn proud to be one. A domestic terrorist I am not. The domestic terrorists are the ones trying to disarm true blooded Americans who believe in their rights and own guns to protect and defend themselves, their families, and anyone else who needs protection including people like her should the need arise.

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