We Asked People To Call Their Long Lost Friends

I just hope you're doing really good I really I really miss you my name is Nick I'm Kennedy hi my name is Alyssa my name is Henry I haven't talked to my best friend in eight months my friend Mike in a year my best friend in about eight months I started talking to this girl it was one of those people that you kind of connect with immediately a couple things happen with myself and my family as well as the school work that was piling up day by day it started become very clear that I wasn't in the right headspace to have a relationship our senior year he got a girlfriend and she wanted to be the only female that he had around and so he chose her over me she found this really great guy I think when we started spacing out I was like a little salty but at first I guess any best friend might be and she annoyed as I could she's like why aren't you happy for me and I'm like you know you're right and then she kind of just stopped reaching out we just felt like more and more different and then eventually he called me saying that he was back and then if you wanted to hang out and I I told him that that long day and that we should that was definitely hang on another night and I haven't spoke to him since I just want to apologize for me being selfish I thought that in order to take care of myself I needed to push people away I just wish things didn't end the way they did and I wish that I could have left for college so having in my life everything I'm sorry hug him and tell about how happy I am for him probably not yeah I would yeah yeah I would yeah your call has been forwarded to an automated voice-messaging system hey Delaney it's Nick oh hey Pierce it's Kennedy hey um this is Alyssa I am not sure where you are right now so I figured you might not pick up we just never really saw each other before I left for school and as always I thought you're gonna be there and near that house a year you weren't I just want to apologize for everything that happened yeah what's very selfish on my part I just hope you're doing really good I really I really miss you um and I guess would love to FaceTime or ketchup or something if that something you would like to do too in any case I'm just here to apologize and I say I'm sorry for what had happened I mean I forgive you you don't have to feel bad I mean I guess things happen and you got to deal with whatever you have going off so you don't have to I don't know I would reach out but you were the one who's like ebony doesn't like you nothing like Lilly this entire time I thought that like we weren't talking or anything because of her okay I hope that we can kind of get to a point where we can maybe speak sometimes okay yeah I'll talk to you later when I have time All Right see you later oh yeah anyway um I hope you're enjoying graduation Lee and maybe talk to you later bye that went better than expected sometimes it's okay to be the first person to reach out sometimes it's okay to be first I I hope that that he would find the peace I'm looking for without me needing to send the message myself it feels like I came like breathe like to the deepest point again cuz I just miss her so much I don't know I mean if she never calls him back I know that there wasn't anything else I could do and that's the only person you can make do something I guess is yourself right you

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  • I just lost a good friend and I think it's clear he has some personal issues to work out :/ He has ignored my voicemail

  • My first close friend betrayed my feelings and trust. I moved to a different province but we still talked every day and when she was in town for a wedding I thought we were having a great time until an hour before she was about to leave. She acted selfish and controlling and I couldn’t help but feel like she was angry at me for leaving because she didn’t have the loser friend to boost her self esteem. It was her mom who messaged me on Facebook asking me to forgive her. I didn’t though. We haven’t spoken since she left my house.

    I thought I had made more close friends. More than I had ever had at one time before. But I think I’ve become too introverted and hold back too much from reaching out because I just realized none of us are as close as I thought anymore. Because not one remembered to wish me a happy birthday. If it wasn’t for my boyfriend I would have probably been a wreck. I don’t know if I have the strength in me to restrengthen those bonds though. Luckily cats exist.

  • This is just sort of awkward, like it's the people making the calls who kind of took things too seriously or saw things the wrong way….I don't see the point.

  • I don't miss my lost friend,he's so selfish and self centered, I was always there for him but he was never there for me…

  • My best friend of what would’ve been 11 years moved away when we were freshmen in high school. Just before she left we had a fight over some guy (he was a senior we were both friends with and he liked me and not her. She got so angry that he and I were together because SHE had liked him, but so had I and she knew this before she developed her own feelings. Not to mention I told her I would not be anything with him without her permission. Which she gave and told me countless times it truly was fine, but secretly to her it never was) I dated him for about 4 months after she left. It always felt that she secretly resented me for it in the years to come, but (In the least conceited way possible) she was always jealous of me deep down because I had more friends than her and she pictured in her head that somehow I was better than her (not true whatsoever) . She just never allowed herself to branch out to other people (which I tried to encourage) and got angry at me for doing so. Nonetheless she would come back home and visit over the summers. She was my absolute soulmate, but her area was a lot different from where we grew up and her phone calls became less frequent she was doing… different things (drugs and hanging out with people who were… not good for her) One day she fell off the face of the earth. I called her everyday trying to get some information. A few months later she called and told me her mental health had taken a large toll on her and she had gone to get some help. I begged her to promise and call once a day so I knew she was alright I didn’t ask her for all of her time just a call to let me know how she was feeling that day. She would rarely call so for a long time I had to be the one to call everyday and remind her she was breaking her promise. I realized it was too much to expect her to call everyday so I asked her to do it maybe a few times a week. All of the effort was one sided. It got to the point where I could no longer invest all of my time and energy into her without any type of reciprocation. We had gotten into a fight when I confronted her about this and she began to say awful things about me and call me horrible things. We stopped talking and after a while I missed her so bad I decided to reach out and we spoke again for a little while. She began to retreat back into her silence. I have given up. I miss her everyday, but I have realized we became two separate people. I loved her with my entire heart and soul and it felt like that wasn’t enough. Just remember it is okay to let go of someone who doesn’t help you grow. It is okay to say to yourself “this is toxic and I cannot continue to fight.” You’re enough on your own with or without that person

  • Damn I still remember when my best friend left for work to the other side of the country and it occurred to me that it might be the last time I see him because life happens. Next thing I know we will have our own separate family and new set of friends and might never see/talk anymore

  • I had four friends a year ago. When my mental illness got worse they left me. They ignored me… they told me that no one should care about even though I’ve had several suicide attempts. And to this day, I’m still alone😔

  • My best friend (let’s call her Maya) from school fell in love with the ex boyfriend of someone else in our group. Let’s call him Nick. He was a cheater and had betrayed this other friend several times. One day a women reached out to me and told me, that she had been seeing Nick the last few weeks and that she just found out, that he still had a girlfriend. This girl knew that Maya was my best friend and she thought I should know. She even send me screenshots and prove. I made the mistake to tell Maya. She had been my best friend for more than six years and I felt responsible to do so. First she was furious with him, but somehow she forgave him the next day. A few days later, one day before our graduation ceremony she broke contact with our whole friend group. She claimed that we were all bitter about her dating a friends ex boyfriend. She ignored all off us during the ceremony, grabbed her certificate and left, before any one of us got theirs. Being friends with me reminded her, that there were problems in her relationship. Somehow it was easier to just ghost me. She blocked me on all channels and because it was around graduation, we never got the Chance to talk it out. We didn’t have any contact for one year, till she contacted me and asked for a meetup, that never happend. I found out from her little sister, that her boyfriend had left her, to be with that other girl. I felt heartbroken after this friendship ended. I loved her like a sister. We grew up together. I just never got over the fact, that she choose a guy, she was dating since two months and that already managed to betray her, over our friendship. Especially because she had been there all these countless times when our other friend broke down crying, because he had done the same to her. At this point we very rarely have contact. She migrated to a different country and I wish her all the best, but the end off this friendship still hurts sometimes.

  • Once you get older you'll realize that you want to be with people that wants you around, and not just tolerate. And when it comes to friendships it's okay to have four quarter than 100 pennies.

  • I still believe in order to take care of myself, I needed to push people away. Not EVERYONE of course.

  • I really wish I could do this. I had this friend that moved away. We were friends for just a year, but we bonded to the point were she was my best friend. Once she moved away, a space in my heart feels empty. I miss her so much, but I would’ve never thought I would miss her this much if she never made that first move to talk to me. I miss you so much, Sieun.

  • Sucks so much when you get close to someone, because that’s your person. Then all of a sudden one day they’re a complete stranger, and the saddest thing is that it’s very rare that things ever get back to normal.

  • kennedy’s friend was my least favourite part of this. “no i never said that.” “you’ll call me when YOU have time” no sis the phone works both ways…

  • i think it's sad that so many friendships become distant because one of them/both of them get in a relationship. at the end of the say a s/o is generally temporary. and if they weren't, then you'd HAVE to learn to balance your time with them and the other people in your life. but if they move on or you don't work out, you'll look back and realize the road you came down is now empty because you activley chose another person over a friend.

  • I related so much… it's been 2 years now since I distant from my best friend because she was turning into a toxic person in my life, I still wonder if it was the right choice…

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