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what up peeps welcome to today's vlog this one's going to be a pretty cool one so the other day when I went to the outlet I didn't tell you guys this but I bought a vinyl melon and what that is it's a gigantic cardboard box that they fill with whatever it is yeah it's like a big box on a pallet and they do them for DVDs and CDs and they do them for vinyl the vinyl ones come out maybe once every month or two and I've never gotten one my buddy david has found a few before and he's found some good stuff in there sometimes it's awesome stuff sometimes it's complete garbage but this is the first one that I've been able to find so I bought it the other day and we're going to go pick it up well it was yesterday that I bought it we're gonna go pick it up today and then we're going to go through everything and so for those of you who are interested in vinyl this will be a pretty cool video if you don't care about it I don't know how much you're gonna like it but well you know going to the outlet will probably shop as well see if we can find anything else and I don't know what else we're doing for the rest of the day but we'll figure it out and my buddy David might be helping us go through this thing he is pretty good just doing a visual inspection seeing like okay these are the expensive ones these are the ones that are worth noting and having him help will make it go a lot quicker obviously I can I can see certain things you know that I know but he knows a lot more about vinyl than I do especially about spying and selling it so it'll be awesome to have him help I don't know if he's gonna be able to come today maybe tomorrow we'll figure it out but we're gonna take Abbey's car because we have to we have to get the whole thing we can't we can't take the box so we have to unload it into the car so it's gonna be a little bit of a process but we'll film it and I'll show you guys what we get out of it I had to run to the store to grab my receipt for the melon can't pick it up without the receipt and I left it here when I left it here when I came and brought everything yesterday to the store so I'm seeing some fuzz on the ground here which I'm gonna pick up real quick before I leave but Abbey's meeting me at the outlet and so she's gonna stop and grab some food then meet me there she's probably still going to get there before me but I got the receipt so now I'm heading back out who I'm excited to go through this thing I think it's gonna be pretty fun I'm hoping that there's some really cool stuff in there like I said David said sometimes there's good stuff and sometimes it's just absolute garbage so we'll see what happens I'm kind of not expecting for there to be anything in there that I want to keep like for our personal vinyl collection just because the kind of stuff that I'm interested in is either hair metal or like death metal black metal type stuff and you don't really find that at the outlet very often so we'll see I'm heading to the outlet now Abby left to go get her car registered so I'm gonna do some shopping while she's gone then when she gets back we'll load up all the vinyl I think this is all I'm gonna be leaving with aside from the final happy went to get her car registered a night she think she's about done so a little game here for Amazon this thing's not worth very much some empty D s cases this little sound scissor thing a petal and couple of trolls one cassette tape and then a bunch of battery charges these are sixty nine cents a pound because it's electronics and they are worth between eight and thirty bucks each there's a ton of them so really gonna add up so I did end up finding a couple more things guys and a Homer flush a cz plush yokai watch plug this little sealed thing a transformer that's newer and a sealed Starling character that's pretty much it though so Eddie's back and we're going to go load up the vinyl all right we just got it open first fine a Pokemon folder that's not vinyl I don't know why it's in here but look at this thing guys there's gonna be a lot of junk so we have to we just have to load it all into the car we'll have to go through it later but even if there's 150 dollar record of pace for the whole thing it's only 50 bucks so David said that what he does is he takes all the good stuff out and then he sells the rest of it yes he'll say he'll put the rest into one bundle on Facebook marketplace and sell it for the price he paid for everything look there's just like a bunch that aren't even in anything that's alright we'll find something you never know it almost looks like Darkseid to move over they're not gonna often if we put them in like that Froemming up disco fire who's jealous Abbie's jealous I'm not Angelus of anything in here oh he's jealous of just go fight yeah does that just got the plastics on it yeah it's not sealed but that's a nice little find so that one should and it's even in there it feels like it it's not like super expensive or anything but that's at least oh here's another we got Johnny Cash bring a fire all right guys we got everything back to the store we went through all the boxes pulled out a bunch of stuff that we thought we would look up it looks like the best one didn't have the actual record in it and it would have been this one it's like a rap one this would have been 50 bucks but it's not in there so there's all sorts of stuff not that box of course so this is the stuff that we pulled out that seems like it's actually worth a little bit so get the Pokemon thing there were two laser discs in here mark for death and how to be a player and then these are the records that we looked up that actually are worth trying to sell like this one it's like a $2.00 record but it's one that probably will sell that was like five this one we couldn't really find Johnny Cash a couple of those this one was like eight to ten that one was like ten this is the best one in the lot this is a David Bowie picture disc this one is about twenty five this Beatles one was about 20 this frank frank zappa one was like 12 this one was like 8 that one was like like 6 and that was also like 8 so didn't find too much in here but there's a lot that we do not know so I'm gonna see if my buddy David couldn't come tomorrow to help us go through it he was busy today unfortunately but there's a lot of like blues and jazz records that are very expensive and I don't know if we have anything in here like that that Michael Jackson won there was also empty that one would only be like 8 to 10 bucks but it was empty so I'm hoping that David can come and look through this stuff and then you know hopefully find like a few actual expensive records because with what we found we probably have a hundred maybe 150 bucks worth of stuff which doesn't really seem worth it for all the work that it took so I'm really hoping he can find a couple more for us that are actually going to make it worthwhile and I don't know what we're gonna we're gonna do with the rest of it either take it back to the outlet or try to post it up on Facebook and just in one big lot and have someone come pick it up who knows we'll see I don't want to stay here much longer today I'm hungry and I just want to relax so probably gonna leave this cleaned up a little bit but leave it here for tonight and if he can't come tomorrow we will probably just have to cut our losses and take it back to the outlet or something it's it's just too big of a hassle so we also have these two which I forgot we forgot to look them up Vampire Weekend fairly newer band and then this one never heard of it but it's from 2014 just look these up they are both averaging about 15 so that's a nice little bonus Abby's going I'm gonna let me keep the Vampire Weekend one and this one maybe we'll look it up but I've never heard of it so we're leaving the store we were sitting in the car the couple people just tried to go in they walked open like oh we're closed so we're going to Mikoto which is a little like japanese buffet they have have a big sushi thing they have hibachi they have all that I'm gonna eat a lot of salmon sashimi and a lot of crab legs Oh Abbie and I finished our Dindin had some delicious food and now we're stopping at Goodwill here they closed in like 15 minutes yeah so we got to be quick but we should find some cool stuff don't see them see what 25 bucks why is that even on the shelf be in the glass case cool it's cool alright guys we are home now and we have four packages here to open three of them are from China and I'm pretty sure I know what two of the three are so open up this first one here which is the one I'm not quite sure about it says phone flex cable but I have a feeling that's probably not what it is cuz I didn't order yeah it's not a phone cable not even close it's not even a cable okay so these are Game Boy Advance battery covers so we have a bunch of the Indigo one's gonna be hard to see they're wrapped in newspaper but there's the Indigo ones these are the like atomic purple clear purple ones and then the clear pink or like fuchsia colored ones so just got a bunch of these as extras every now and then we need them to complete systems this package here I believe yeah these are just third-party Nintendo AV cables they are extremely low on Nintendo AV and then this last one here pretty sure yep n64 jumper packs we were getting super low on those as well so those are the three packages from China the last one here is from limited-run and I'm a little worried because look at the box has a big dent on the side there's multiple games in here so I'm a little worried but let's take a look get it open here hopefully nothing god okay thankfully the box is maybe only halfway full so looks like everything here is gonna be fine alright well alright so we have bomb chicken this is their 30 second switch game we have blood-stained curse of the moon I got two copies of that one so that we could open one and then I got toejam and Earl back in the groove that's just so cool and then there's a bunch of cards there's a bomb chicken one looks like two different Castlevania ones and then the toejam and Earl one and then this completes well technically I said that we had already completed the Wii U collection we were still missing this game but I had ordered it so I was counting it but that is axiom verge for the Wii you got two copies here so I'm probably not gonna open this one we have it on the switch already but got one extra just in case and then we can always trade one down the line for a game that we're missing because I've missed out on a lot of the limited run games not just from them but from like super rare games and all the other companies I can't keep up with all that so whenever I can I try to grab an extra copy of something if I can afford to do it at that moment and then my plan is always just to trade it down the line for something that I missed so I think that's going to do it for today's video guys I really hope you enjoyed don't forget to smack like button leave a comment down below and subscribe and we'll see you guys again tomorrow you

36 thoughts on “We Bought A Vinyl Melon From Goodwill (500+ Records for $50!) | SicCooper

  • Damn Toejam & Earl are still around. I remember playing the old Xbox game with my little sis. Fun times.

  • Please show me a picture of Abbeys SUV from the side view after you put all of those albums in her car that’s gotta weigh at least 500lbs maybe put some in both vehicles 🚗

  • This is what separates you and Abbey from the rest of business owners you guys take your days off and go out to find merchandise to flip to make money 💰 most other business owners sit home on the couch watching TV 📺 on there days off this is why I believe you guys will succeed substantially more then others I’m just waiting to here you say Abbey and I Cooper are purchasing our first home or Commercial property for a larger store great job kids congratulations 🎊 on your life’s success Love ❤️ your videos so much I got my fingers crossed that you will get great albums in you vinyl melon crate as always take care and god bless

  • Maybe you will get a Blind Melon album in the Vinyl melon box lol ya I know Cooper is looking for Metal lme maybe you will be lucky and get Death Angel FrolicThrough The Park album or Frank Zappa Joes Garage album just some classics love your videos as always but ya Cooper and Abbey Thank You for something different you guys make the videos so enjoyable so any video content you make will be great it’s funny I was just walking threw Market Basket supermarket and saw every possible Mario figure from Yoshi to the princess to Mario to Luigi Donkey Kong many other different Pez Dispensers you think that would sell in Double Jump Video Games it’s Video Game related and it’s candy anyway thank you and GOD BLESS take care and share the Luv

  • Hey siccooper,
    Today I found out about a new genre of music, and because like me you are a musician, I thought you would like to know that there is a “Nintendocore” genre! It combines rock with 8-Bit soundtracks and I think you should totally check it out. Love the videos!

    PS: we have the same name!

  • Those big boxes are called “Gaylord’s” Vinyl is always a hit or miss. We did them a couple of times but eventually stopped getting them because we mostly got old Christmas vinyls 😂.

  • That silver album cover is for gangstar greatest hits through out the years,that would have been a dope find,one of the greatest hip-hop groups of all time R.I.P Keith E the Guru

  • Cool LRG unboxing. I have a variant Bloodstained Curse of the Moon switch cover from Limited Run games.

  • Hey cooper or abby, I know the pedal for rockband are worth something is the microphone for guitar hero worth anything?

  • I want to own the entire catalogue of SST vinyls. The thing is some of the bands on the label only sold them at shows and were never in stores like some of the bigger name Punk bands.

  • Why not sell the records in your store for $1 each buy 2 get 1 free? That way you make some money on it instead of just getting rid of it.

  • you found Frank Zappa's Sheik Yerbouti, The Beatles Yellow Submarine, David Bowie Ziggy Stardust pic disc and a vinyl copy of Savlonic?? not too shabby of finds. Savlonic, if you've ever heard of the site "Weebls Stuff" it's that guy's musical project, he does that "Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom" whatever song with accompanying cartoon you might have seen at some point

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