“We create space for freedom”: battling sexism in Ukraine’s media

In Ukrainian advertising and in the media,
we have a lot of stereotypes, and a lot of sexism and this is the main point of our campaign,
because we think that gender stereotypes contribute to not only inequality, but also for tolerance
of gender-based violence and now in Ukrainian media women are more like some beautiful dolls,
people who don’t know how to earn some money, and on the other hand men are people who don’t
know how to (take) care of the family, to deal with children, and it’s like a horrible
situation, so we fight against this and we try to create space for freedom, where everyone
could be themselves without stereotypes. How do you think these kind of stereotypes
influence people’s behaviour towards women? I think we have some bias of some stereotyped
roles of women in society and we have not so many women in Ukrainian Parliament, only
12% of members are women, and also our gender pay gap is also about 27%, and of course the
level of gender-based violence is very high, because we every day see a lot of violence,
from our screens, from the media, of course it influences people’s behaviour, and I think
even voters during election process have these stereotypes of women roles, women can’t be
like good politician or something like that. Even in some small things, for example when
some media outlet try to do some interview with women politician they talk more about
clothes, shoes, bags, husbands and something like that, not about some real legislation
process or something like that, and of course thay pay more attention to some beauty of
women in politics not for real deals or for real work, because I see women are men are
equal in politics, it doesn’t depend on sex, but today we have these stereotypes that sometimes
women became politicians and she is (seen like) someone’s wife, or daughter or something
like that. I would like to ask you how does it work this
system of monitoring and then fining which are these fines that are applied to the companies
who put some sexist advertisements. Could you give us an example? Everyone can learn this standard of non-discrimination
content or advertisement in our website, and if you see something that
you think is sexist just send it to our NGO via our website, Facebook or e-mail and we
also have a button on our website, complaint about sexism and also our expert checks these
complaints we also publish it on our Facebook page, and sent our appeal to governmental
agencies after that we also control decision-making process and keep people informed about this
situation. About the amount of money of the fines, it
is about 100 euros for one sexist ad, and of course it is little, it is not very big,
but we try to do it like an everyday process and it will change these practices, so we
not only punish, but maybe change opinion and minds of people who create some content.

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