We Tried Matching Amazon Reviews To Weird Products

– Today we’re gonna be matching
some weird Amazon products to some equally weird Amazon reviews, and we’re gonna see if
we get them right or not. – [Narrator] “If I could give
this a million stars I would. “I love it so much I couldn’t
even bring myself to use it. “I drew a face on it. “Now it’s my friend and I
have a little over 40 of them! “I am soon ordering more. “I LOVE THESE! “They are a gift from god!” – Look at this! – It’s not. No it’s definitely crafting with cat hair. – You can’t draw a face on a
vacuum or a book I feel like, or a head game. – Yeah so lets just go, eliminate. – I hope it’s not that pickle. – You can draw a face on a sponge, and if you are a good budgeter, you can get 40 sponges
for quite a good price. – I would draw a face on these, because it’s like SpongeBob. – [Narrator] “We purchased this “and gave it to ‘Weird
Al Yankovic’ as a gift. “He liked it so much he posted it “to his Twitter and Instagram. “If the weirdest guy
on the planet approves, “How can you go wrong? “Highly recommended.” – Or could it be the head game? – I loved Weird Al growing up. – Oh I didn’t. (pickle yodels) – Oh that’s gotta be it. – He’s weird. – It’s either this yodeling
pickle, or the head game. – [Narrator] Review number 3, “This was probably the
most awesome Christmas gift “I could have ever give my four year old.” – I was gonna go for the head games. – I just think ya know,
that’s too obvious. – I could see a four year old
just livin’ life right now. I’m 25 and I’ll live life with this thing. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Context clue, this is for six and up. (gasp) – Wait look at the girl on the box. – I’m gonna have to say screw the age gap and just give your four year old some balls to throw at his head. Should we try it? – Lets try it. – [Together] Yeay! – [Narrator] “My
twenty-something kids loved it.” – I mean I’d play with
this, I’m twenty-something I would play with this. – If we could take this out of the box, I probably would put it on. – So yes, definitely review four. – I think this would
be a cool gift to like, oh congrats on your new
apartment, here’s a banana slicer. – [Narrator] Review five. “I use this with my cat
Dwight once a week… “It’s a win for both of us.” – I don’t think it’s the obvious cat book. – I don’t have a cat. – Me either, I had a dog. – It’s gotta be crafting
with your cat hair. – I think maybe the
twenty-something kids like this, and Dwight the cat likes this. – [Narrator] “I purchased
this because I was tired “Of people sitting too near
me on public transport.” – Which makes sense for coconut
oil, out of all these things because you would just smoosh coconut oil on the seat right next to you and people will slide right off, or they’ll look at the seat and be like “Ew, it’s wet” and they won’t sit on it. – The cat book. – But why? – Because people are
freaked out by cat owners. – [Narrator] “I posted this
with my (ex) wife’s account. “She hasn’t changed the password yet. “We bought this a month ago,
and loved every moment of it. “She still does. “When we went through the divorce, “she kept it and left me the kids.” – Oh is it the pickle cause like. – I think it’s the pickle. – We already gave Weird Al that. – Maybe Weird Al is the banana slicer. – I think it sounds like
some idiot on Amazon, who actually doesn’t have a wife, who thinks that this is
what his wife would like. – It’s just like so weird,
and it’s so specific, like an item, you wouldn’t be like “Oh leave me that little
vacuum cleaner or the kids”, like it’d be like, “leave me that weird
pickle thing or the kids”. – And they went through a divorce… she might need some lovin’. – Right. (lighthearted music) – [Together] What? – No! – Damnit. – What did the wife, I don’t know, go on. – Jayde needs a banana slicer. – I would buy this, 100%. – I wish it came in a bigger size, but like especially if
you have younger kids that you’re friends with, like maybe little
cousins, nieces, nephews. Like that would be a winner. Or if you’re our age.

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