We Went To The Fake Sneaker Capital Of China (HBO)

a large-scale smuggling bus to the feds seeds 300,000 pairs of fake sneakers that were headed into the tri-state this month a group of Chinese smugglers were arrested trying to bring 300,000 counterfeit Nike sneakers worth about 73 million dollars into New Jersey the sneakers would then be taken to locations in Brooklyn and Queens they would sell for about one hundred and ninety dollars a pair the forty two containers of sneakers came from China it hasn't been determined what city they came from but in China everyone knows that Putin is the city of fakes what's up reddit so it's Chung and today we are at seaport Factory one counterfeit seller was willing to give us a rare look at his operation I want an only pair of c4 frozen yellow with consoles freshly made at the factory today come on in what are we looking at here well this is pretty much our base of operation it's you can call it an office you know it's basically just an apartment unit you need a large space to put your shoes and organize them and sort them out before you ship them away so what do we got here I see we got we got some Balenciaga is here yeah these are a balanced yoga replica so lately Jim wasn't always in the fake sneaker business he used to be a med school student in the UK while looking for a pair of rare shoes he found fake pairs online and realized they were all coming from the same place eventually he decided to get in on the business himself because this is all part of a black market he wanted to wear a mask during the interview they called the east of dot shoes so you know dead shoes yeah that's yours you know it looks like something you follow we're definitely years ago what are these run USD if they're real I believe they cost somewhere around 800 and what do you sell these for we sell them normally at about 120 US dollars she was like Balenciaga 's Yeezys and Jordans aren't just expensive they're also usually extremely limited if you're desperate you could buy reseller but that's even more expensive so for some people who just gotta have the latest pair the best option is to buy fakes reddit is a good source of information for us to keep ourselves updated on what the customers wants so in 2016 while Chan was still in med school he started his own business selling fakes or what he calls high quality replicas pretty soon he was moving up to 120 pairs of shoes a day which on average brought in over a hundred thousand dollars a month he hired a few employees to do the dirty work but eventually he moved to Putin himself to be closer to the action how common is this kind of work in Putin this is a very major industry it forms pretty much the backbone of the local city economy as soon as the Sun sets the bikes come out each pair is picked up by a courier at the factory and then taken to a middleman packs it up and gets it ready for shipping right there in the middle of the street at any given moment there are thousands of fake shoes flooding intersections and back alleys this isn't a coincidence Nike and Adidas have both had official factories in poutines since the 1980s which means that it's pretty easy to find the same materials and the same employees that you find in a legit Factory some stores operate in plain sight logos and all and police look the other way usually now these just came out very recently really yeah they dropped about a few weeks ago what we have here is a replica of the off-white converse how do you have a replica of these made if these just came out if you want to truly make a something that is very close to the original you need a pair of the original shoes in order to cut it up and fully deconstruct so people managed to procure a sample of the original shoe before they even soul so these are commonly called backdoors and you've already got replicas ready to go we have at least three versions of this converse being made so this is one of the better ones I feel the converse is Chan is holding are part of a limited edition off-white collaboration made by superstar fashion designer Virgil ablow they're one of the most sought-after sneakers today and on the resale market they go for up to $1,500 a pair from the customer standpoint I'm sure they're very happy to get a much cheaper version of the shoes that they like from your standpoint you're making money they're waiting you're winning is anybody losing here obviously the first thing that comes to mind will be the brand owners sure but I feel it actually helps to increase the brand awareness of a brand owner so it's actually a win-win-win situation for everyone involved really let's say you're sitting across from Virgil ablow yeah you think you'd say the same thing Virgil habló did actually mention something about roughly kilowatts before I love counterfeits it's the best feedback it's better than like a great review and vote like if it's working to the point where someone else can profit that means it's really working but that was Virgil a blow last year and since then he seems to have changed his mind this year his company launched a multi-million dollar lawsuit against companies who were selling counterfeit merchandise these are replicas of a human racist so so what's the matter with these a customer probably complained that you know hey for $60 I expect that the edges of the embroider you must be clean and sharp and I'm not happy of this I don't want this but the biggest threat to Chan's business isn't lawsuits anger designers or even the threat of government raids it's his own customers they expect perfection in their fake shoes and if they don't get it they're just as vocal about their disappointment as they would be for a normal business a single negative review can cost Chan tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales and tank is business for months this room is mostly stock piles that resulted in customers complaining that hey I don't like the I don't like certain features of these rows not as good as expected so this wall is just full reject yeah to put it plainly this is just a reject room Wow does it ever frustrate you when you get you know some negative message from some kid in high school who's freaking out because the stitching is ever so slightly crooked on their shoes yeah it does when you're wearing a pair of shoes no one in your right mind goes up close to your feet and say hey you know that looks 0.5 inches off mm-hmm I think it's fake a normal person doesn't do that all of these things don't actually matter in real life are you a sneakerhead yourself and personally I wouldn't call myself a sneaker head really yeah you know what's where is something that is supposed to be functional as much as I think that their shoes look ridiculous at times you know it is my core business so I'm in no place to judge anyone you you

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