Welcome Center Grand Opening

Well, good afternoon and thank you for joining
me here at the ribbon cutting event here at Long Beach City College for the Welcome Center. This Welcome Center means so much to me because
it shows that dreams do come true. It’s been a dream for so many years, they
wanted to provide an open, welcoming space for students to come if they’re lost, confused,
frustrated, excited, whatever the range of emotions; This is where you come to start. Really thank Dr. Romali and the counseling
department for actually executing on that dream. Ideas are free but execution is priceless
so thank you Superintendent-President Dr. Romali. I am the President of the Board Sunny Zia
and really delighted to be here. And the Welcome Center is a place for students
to start, so starting your education career here at Long Beach City College you will start
at the Welcome Center. We will help you fill out your application,
help you understand the process for enrolling in classes as well as connect you to other
program services that will benefit you as you continue your educational journey here. We have two Welcome Centers both at PCC and
LAC. Hopefully we can have our students really
benefit from this and it’s my understanding 3,500 students have already taken advantage
of the Welcome Center and we haven’t even opened yet so I’m excited and delighted to
kick it off today. I invite you to come, we are open Monday thru
Thursday and we are here for YOU!

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