Welcome to transparent banking

”Hello, I am an actor. I have been paid 8000 dollars to tell you how great Nordnet is compared to other banks. They chose me because I’m more handsome
than their real CEO – – and because I look succesful in a suit I walk fast through a hallway and read from a prompter on top of the camera. It says that Nordnet has lower fees, a better platform – and that they push less of their own
products. I now walk into this modern office where
I have a cup of coffee with another actor – – whom I have never met before. We shake
hands and laugh – – apparently business is going well.

1 thought on “Welcome to transparent banking

  • Hej,

    Vi vil gerne invitere jer og jeres medlemmer forbi danmarks
    mest benyttede investorforum med nu + 8400 medlemmer !


    Vores nye hjemmeside er ligeledes også klar til jer.


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