Wells Fargo Propel Card Review – Amex Propel Rewards Vs Uber Visa Rewards

– Hi, today I’m gonna be talking about the Wells Fargo Propel card. And I’m gonna talk
about all the advantages to having this card. You’ll need to stick around. (intense, ethereal bass digital music) Hi everybody. Today I’m gonna tell you
about how you can use a very simple straight forward credit card to earn most of your credit card rewards. The Wells Fargo Propel card
covers many different categories all in one card. It really does the job of many different credit cards on the market today. And today in this video
I am going to explain all that you get with
the AMEX Propel card. I will compare AMEX Propel
to other similar cards. And from that you can make
the right choice for yourself. Stay tuned to the end to learn everything you possibly need to know
about the AMEX Propel card. So I don’t have any Wells Fargo accounts, whether they are bank accounts
or credit card accounts. I visited a bank and guess what? I saw that they are very actively promoting the
Wells Fargo Propel card. It’s right by the water cooler. Are they trying to strike up conversation at the water cooler, about
the AMEX Propel card? Most definitely. All joking aside with this, that whenever a bank is actively
promoting a card like this, they are really seeking out to grow their customer base. And they’re really concentrating
their efforts right now with the Propel AMEX card. And I spoke with a banker
that was very helpful. And she was able to
provide me with information that I can pass along to you. She in fact herself, is a
Wells Fargo card holder. And then when I was sitting at the desk and when she wasn’t
paying attention (laughs) I took a picture of
this little card display I thought was cute. I was hoping they were
little business cards that I could take home with me. What they were were actual reproductions of the most popular credit card offers. So, sitting down with the actual banker I found it very helpful
when I’m doing this review, so I can tell you more than what I saw, on screen, online in any
kind of internet review. When you speak firsthand
with an actual card holder, it gives you even a better perspective on what it’s like to
actually have this card. And I’m sharing that with you today. Oftentimes different credit card companies have rules on how you can
apply for credit cards, and Wells Fargo is one of those banks. They do have a rule that
once you get approved for a Wells Fargo credit card, you have to wait six
months before you can apply for another Wells Fargo credit card. But, I would really wait 18 months. They also have a rule
that you can take part in sign up bonuses, only 18 months apart. And, they’re doing this to
discourage credit card churning. Which is where people open up accounts just to get the sign up bonuses. I’m telling everyone this
so if you already have a Wells Fargo card, and maybe you applied and got approved 12 months ago, you’ll want to wait another six months before you apply for
another Wells Fargo card. Whether it is the AMEX Propel card, or one of their other offers, so that you can take part
in the sign up bonus. One thing that I think was
great about this card is, I actually have an American Express card. But one thing I always have to do is I have to make my payment online. And that’s how it is with your typical American Express card. Because this is an American
Express Wells Fargo card you can make a payment at any
Wells Fargo bank location. One of the most exciting categories for me with the Wells Fargo Propel card is the streaming category. So, if you use streaming
services like Netflix, you can get 3% cash back on
these re-occurring charges. And this is also a card that
I think is good for people that travel frequently on business. Because, it’s almost in a
way, a travel card as well, because it can cover things such as airfare and your hotel stays. You get a complete package of
rewards for transportation, whether you are taking a flight,
if you need to rent a car, you need to do ride sharing, or if you need to use
public transportation. This card will help you
earn three times rewards on doing all of those things. Another thing that the banker
at Wells Fargo informed me, was that this is the only Wells Fargo card that does not charge
for a transaction fees. So this also makes it an
excellent travel credit card for when you go overseas. So the thing that you
really do need to know about the Wells Fargo Propel card, is that you need very good to excellent credit to get approved. So, if you’re in the fair, good range, this card at this time
would not be a good card for you to apply for. You will most likely not get approved. This is also one of
those rare credit cards that offer a protection
plan with your cell phone. And it helps you to bypass
any kind of insurance that is offered from
your cell phone provider. This is an insurance that is
included with having the card, so you just need to
make the purchase using the Wells Fargo Propel card. But, when you do that,
if something happens like it’s lost or stolen,
you can get coverage on it up to $600. Another card that offers
similar protection for your cell phone devices,
is the Uber Visa credit card. And, it is so similar to the
AMEX Propel card in many ways. I’m gonna briefly go over
the difference between the Uber Visa card versus
the Wells Fargo Propel card. Pretty much with the categories we have with the AMEX Propel
card, it’s really nice, because it’s pretty
straight forward and simple. You only need to remember the categories and know that you’ll get 3X
back within those categories. The Uber Visa card is a little bit more trickier than that, because you have different categories
at different reward rates. So, it’s basically four, three, two, one. And, with that the best
category with the Uber Visa card ironically is dining and
not Uber ride sharing. And that can be frustrating
because the reason why people would get this card
is so that they could get more rewards towards ride sharing. But in all actuality you earn
more ride sharing rewards with the Wells Fargo Propel card. Because with Wells Fargo
you will earn three times cash back on ride sharing. And not only with Uber,
but also with Lyft. So, you’re covering two companies. And with Uber they’re giving you 2% back. Which seems surprising given that it is a Uber credit card. You would think you
would, at the very least, get 3% cash back. I don’t get it, because the ride sharing Uber Visa credit card
is more of a dining card at four times cash back. The only clear, distinct advantage the Uber Visa credit card is, the fact that it will give you four times cash back on dining, with no annual fee. Which, contradicts everything when you think of why people get the saver card, there’s two, one for 3%
which has no annual fee. And then they have a 4% cash back card. And you have to pay an annual fee for it. So, it seems like you’re
better off for dining, to get the Uber Visa card,
rather than the Capital One dining card, at 4%. So, I mean these are things
you need to think about. And you’ll see with this whole video that you’re gonna have a clear
idea of which credit card you should actually get
to maximize your rewards, in categories that you use a lot. And the AMEX Propel, I
think is a great card, to kind of cover most of the bases. And it’s very easy, you don’t
have to exactly remember, do I get 4%, do I get 3%, do I get 2%. It’s three times on all your purchases. So this makes it a very simple card. The only distinct disadvantage
that I see with this card, compared to the Uber card is that you will not get 4% cash back on dining. Rather you’ll only get three. But, I think that’s a small price, because when you have the Uber card, they have categories where you get 2%. So, probably averaging everything out, the Wells Fargo Propel
card is a better option. But again, if you dine constantly, whether you have a large family, or maybe you take out
business clients regularly out for dinner, that 1% difference is gonna make a huge difference
in the amount of rewards you can earn. So, it’s something to think about. I think it’s a really
good strategy to have, to have a credit card that
offers a high reward rate on a multitude of categories, like with the Wells Fargo Propel card. And then have a cashback
credit card to use when you are purchasing items
outside those categories to earn a higher rate than 1%. And, I would recommend either
the Wells Fargo Cash Wise, the Capital One Quick Silver, or the Chase Freedom Unlimited. And I did a video on that
comparing these two card offers. So if you’re looking for
a cashback credit card that earns 1.5% cashback, this is a type of cashback
credit card you would use when you are making purchases outside of the Propel categories. This is a way to earn
an extra .5% cashback on your purchases
outside these categories. So, if you want to learn more about these cashback credit cards,
I’ve left a card up here and you can click on it. You don’t need to do that now, you can wait ’til the end of the video. I have a lot of credit cards myself. I have more than enough. This card really interests me. But, at this time I will not apply for it. But definitely it is ranking there in the
top three credit cards I would want to have. And maybe one day I will
actually get this card. But, as for everyone watching this video, I say why not? This card, if you have
the credit to get it, very good to excellent, then this is an asset in your wallet. Because you’re gonna be
able to earn so many rewards much faster with this
card than competing cards. Thank you for joining me today. I appreciated that you made it to the end. And if you enjoyed this
video and want to see more videos like this, please hit the subscribe
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