West: March Madness and Socialism

in greetings everyone Lieutenant Colonel Alan West senior fellow at the media Research Center well that time of the year has come that time of year when all of you stayed up late last night watch ESPN you couldn't wait until you could print it off you couldn't wait until you got in your newspapers today yes it's March Madness the NCAA men's basketball tournament and women's basketball tournaments are upon us and of course some of you guys are already frantically filling out those brackets you've done your research some of those office pools are already started but I think that as we go into a season of March Madness and we hear all the rhetoric of people that want to promote progressive socialism here in the United States to America there's a lot that we can learn from March Madness and this thing about socialism so you can't get more American than basketball that game that was created by James Naismith and you really can't get more American than March Madness in the n-c-double-a basketball tournament and when you think about this tournament think about how once upon a time there were 13 little colonies they banded together and they established themselves as 13 states as part of these United States of America they were the number 16th seeded team and they took on the number one seeded team the United Kingdom the British Empire and back on April the 19th of 1775 a few representatives of this new team took to the court of battle at a place called Lexington green in Massachusetts and there they didn't fire a 3-point shot but they fired the shot that was heard around the world that enables us to be here some 243 years later in the greatest nation that the world has ever known a nation that continually goes and fights on the court of battle against European nationalism Nazism Italian fascism Japanese Imperialism communism Islamism and now it seems we have an ideological battle against socialism think about how many times America has been pitted up against someone in this ongoing competition for liberty freedom democracy and yes the American Way and there's a reason why so many people want to come to these shores to be a part of this team and see that's the important thing to learn about March Madness when it is compared to socialism because you can anyone can win in March Madness it does not matter that you're a small school from the Midwest or from the east or wherever all that matters is your heart you're driving your determination everyone based upon their merit its earn their way into the NCAA men's tournament that thing that we call the Big Dance but see socialism would talk about equality of outcomes they would sit around and based upon false emotions or a sense of fairness and fair play maybe they would try to redistribute points in order to have certain teams win because after all that's what it's all about now sure some of those teams that come in as a sixteenth seed well they may not make it past the first weekend guess what happened last year the overall number one seeded team the University of Virginia was upset by a sixteenth rated team the University of Maryland Baltimore County now how many of you have ever heard of the University of Maryland Baltimore County before they upset Virginia last year the first time in NCAA history see that is what we have to learn from March Madness when we look at what socialism tries to bring about March Madness the NC double-a tournament is all about equality of opportunity 68 teams will go into March Madness each one of those 68 has the opportunity to come out as a champion only one champion will be crowned see that's the interesting thing about what is happening on our college campuses and universities the people are talking about a philosophy of governance that well has nothing to do with we are as America and the American people but as you fill out your brackets as you cheer on your teams and another iteration of March Madness think about how that defines who we are as the American people because we're a championship team good luck to you all of you out there in your respective schools that are part of the 68 that will start this another generation of March Madness the Big Dance the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournament I'll be cheering on my University of Tennessee Volunteers and Kansas State University Wildcats but in the end I revel in the fact that America is still about making champions and the equality of opportunity for all of us to seek to be a champion in our own lives [Applause] you

8 thoughts on “West: March Madness and Socialism

  • Funny story, my cousin was once a supporter of gun rights, ect., She held many right leaning ideas.
    She just got out of college, and now her beliefs have totally changed.
    She legitimately believed that if a shooter goes to a school, the solution is to TRY TO TALK TO THEM!!!
    I was like: the fuck did they DO to you in there?

  • Well sir, based on socialist policies, the University of Northern Arizona is equal to the University of Tennessee. No one wins the championship because that's considered private property. And the NCAA can't make money off the tournament because making a profit is illegal too, so all the schools win and lose at the same time. Ain't socialism great!!!!👍

  • I love basketball, baseball, and football because they are fair games with 2 teams with clear rules. To change the rules ruins the game. Socialism wants to change our laws and constitution and bill of rights. Thank you we are the champions! 😁

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