20 thoughts on “We've never had it so good – Will Self

  • Just for shits and giggles, Go out on a Saturday night to a strip of what could be called a zone of entertainment and people watch and look at the vehicles cruising and ask yourself some questions that have no judgement on the accounts or actions of others and see if you "see yourself" in the mix of the population of people partying, getting loose with drink, "meeting new people" and whatever else is going on. Consumer being consumed by what we use for an excuse for freedom. I guess I'm the type who stays in and reads a book, but every now and then I'll walk down a city street known for it's high rate of clubs and bars to quietly see what's going on. See… I don't miss a thing in the middle of it at midnight.

  • Even if one accepted his laughably stupid argument and obfuscations (does he not even understand that the second derivative of even the most simplistic utilitarian functions is not a constant), one would still have to ask what is his alternative to rule based utilitarianism?

  • The biggest problem I see with our society is Its so hard to remain selfless due to so many spoiled rotten brats that make one not even want to help their thankless asses.

  • "we've never had it so good", well if youre David Cameron or his like and you cheat your way through life amassing much wealth that should have gone to the treasury, im sure we never have had it so good

  • Will Self generally uses at least one word I didn't know before in each video I watch of him, but I have to say, lugubrious is probably the best one yet because it just describes his face so well.

  • The utilitarian doesn't believe that more peoples on the plant = more good. As Self himself said: it means "to achieve the greatest good of the greatest number". It's a relationship between the two – maximising the greatest good for the greatest number possible. If greater numbers = less good, then it is no longer a utilitarian scenario

  • Normally like Will Self but he seems to have lost it recently. His obsession with the individual over the communal leads to arguments like this. Acting as a mass for the utilitarian good would be a step forward especially in our (British) society. I feel that because of our neo-liberal overlords our society focuses solely on the individual thus keeping the neo-liberal establishment in power. If the public, meaning working and middle class, would actually co-operate and cast aside petty differences and materialist gain then we could exterminate our current establishment and create a whole new society French Revolution style. But the public won't do this they'll just watch The Voice or something

  • Utilitarianism would only judge population increases good, if the total sum of happiness was increased. I think that Will Self appeals to our notion that population increase or being jammed in a hall is bad. If this was the case, and population increase did cause the current population to be unhappy, that could cancel out the potential happiness that those new to the population would bring. Therefore, Utilitarianism would not necessarily judge a population increase good. That's not to say Utilitarianism doesn't have other problems but just that Will Self's point is rendered moot. 

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