Wham! – Freedom | Why Is This So Great? | Tutorial & Cover

Hi I’m Kraft Espen Kraft and I make
retro inspired synth pop and tonight we’re gonna take a look at Wham and the
song Freedom in particular I’ve always loved that song and I think George
Michael is one of the greatest songwriters that ever came out of the
80s and I’m gonna do a little spin a little take on how I feel Freedom would
suit me as a singer and arranger and producer. I’m gonna do a little live
thing for you and I’m gonna break it down and go through why I think Freedom
is a great piece of songwriting so hang with me and maybe you’ll end up loving
the song as much as I do. The chords for this are pretty simple I
sing it in E sharp in the in the demo my remake cover but originally it goes in C and the original recording goes almost
like in a fast soul marching beat like.. and that works for that record of course
that’s not the way I have done it in my remake as you heard so let’s go through
the chords and it goes like this: *No text here, the chords will be ON-SCREEN* *Coming out of hyperspace*
and by adding in some Minor 7 here and there and Major 7 you can sort
of jazz this up if you’re so inclined so thank you very much for watching and
I’ll see you next time. Cheers!

37 thoughts on “Wham! – Freedom | Why Is This So Great? | Tutorial & Cover

  • Well, the original is very much based on that Motown formula, which to me is a little «meh», but I will say that your choruses and verses/bridges when it takes off, lifts the song up to another level! Probably how they should have done it back in the 80s if you ask me. 😁

  • I agree this is one of his best tracks… but the chorus played by a Roland d50 as a cathedral organ at the start of “Faith” almost breaks my heart it’s so beautiful (and the only part of Faith that I like). Have you ever tried to nail that opening note for note with one of your Roland synths?

  • Wham's Freedom sounds more like a borrowed song from Motown label and the similar soul singers. 80's bands used to copy early soul vibes in some songs: Soft Cell "Tainted Love" is the most famous example – it is actually just a cover of Gloria Jones's original soul song.

  • When I was a kid I always wondered who Helen Bach was.. so many songs talk about being taken to Helen Bach, dragged to Helen Bach, etc… she must be a terrifying and miserable woman!

  • The vocals and harmonies sounded great, Espen! Thanks for another informative song breakdown. Whether it’s a cover of a tune I already know, or whether it’s one of your cool originals, I always learn something!

  • Thx Espen! I have almost every record from Wham on vinyl… so also this song. Great video. Maybe I wil make a Bootleg.

  • great stuff Espen!👍 my favourite WHAM song was "Everything she wants" . that funky moog bass line and the Linn was a match made .

  • What a great mashup… Espen vs Wham 🙂 You made it your own, but it still retains all the main elements of the original, which makes it a fantastic mashup. 🙂 I also love the setting you are doing this in The PacMan characters, Missile Command arcade cabinet and the Commodore 64, and all the Synths of course 🙂

  • If I had such a studio and so many synthesizers, then I would probably be happy . ) But still, I don’t know how to play well. (

  • Nice cover! It's interesting how early 80's bands like Wham had such heavy Motown influences. Freedom could have been sung by the Supremes. It lends itself nicely to the 16th note disco/synthpop groove you gave it, which I think most good soul music probably does. Thanks for the video!

  • Nice one Espen your list of synth pop band are pretty much mine and I was lucky enough to see a lot of them. Really enjoyed this vid.

  • Wham!(I think you have to include the "!") had some awesome tunes back then! I even liked "wake me up before you gogo" lol and I was mostly a metal guy back then

  • The similarly titled "Freedom! '90" was a tour de force in songwriting, sound design, and production. Sounds fresh and exciting today.

  • thank goodness this wasn't a cover of Last Christmas, not that it's a bad song or anything and I know you'd nail it, but daaaamn it's STILL ONLY November!! fed up of going round the shops in town and being force blasted xmas pop

  • Hi Espen, I think you might be interested in the vocal sound of Geno Samuel. When he isn't closing down, Geno has that nice Wham sound. I give Geno a hard time. Want Geno to pursue more of this clean vocal sound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6_o2hn2bRg

  • I do not like wham, never like it, but i have to admit, this is a pretty good version ! This track has a better tempo than the original and the sounds are better..

  • Great i love your voice, just a question in the first part the correct word is people say or people saying? Thanks for the answer

  • Nice take on the song Espen. Once again well done. Nice 80’s pop feel. Love the arpeggiator bass in the chorus. What mic 🎤 did you use on this recording?

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