What Ammo Should I Use

what ammo should I use how to choose the right ammo for my gun best ammo for my gun what is a gun data stamp hi it’s AlaskaGranny people have asked
me frequently what ammo can I use in my gun best ammo for my gun how to choose the best ammo what is the best ammo right ammo for my gun well the thing you need to know is your
gun comes with the data stamp on the barrel look on the gun barrel for the data stamp which tells you exactly which
ammo you need to use ammo comes in different lengths different shapes
different diameters ammo comes in different calibers ammo comes in different gauges your firearm has
printed right on the barrel what ammo you should use for example here are 2 .45
caliber bullets 45 caliber cartridges they don’t look the same at all trying to substitute ammo into your
gun is not the same as substituting when you’re cooking it doesn’t really matter
if you’re cooking but you’re using a very dangerous firearm you could
potentially harm yourself blow up your gun hurt someone else simply because
you didn’t use the correct ammo it’s not worth the danger to not be careful that
you’re using the correct ammo in your gun how do you know what ammo to choose for your gun what is the right ammo for your gun look on your
barrel for the data stamp its marked right on there so it’s not a question which ammo you should use which is the best ammo which is the right ammo to use in your gun if
you’re unclear what you should be using in your gun you need to talk to an
expert take it to a gunsmith or a well known gun shop and have them assist you
choosing the ammo to go with your gun don’t take risks with dangerous firearms
the consequences are too great remember as a responsible gun owner it’s
up to you to keep firearms away from those who should never have access to
them learn more at alaskagranny.com please
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