What Are Closing Costs?

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  • That's a good topic. And you extend it to lawyer fees, property management fees etc etc. I explained my son (who partnered with me on a recent deal) that all these fees are like walking into Walmart, grabbing something off the shelf, and when you get to the register they tell you: Ok, so 3.50 for the shirt, 25 cents for shelf space, .07 cents for electricity, .10 cents for parking, security fee, management fee, shopping cart fee.. Your total for the shirt is 14.99.. That's how absurd all these charges are.

    I implore you to please dive in more on this topic.

  • hey morris. do u suggest paying off debt to ratio before asking for a loan? also whats a good intrest rate for a cash out refi on a 45k loan? they were saying 5.6% for me

  • Hello Clayton and Natali great video as always! I just had a quick question: as far as the closing costs, is it possible to have the appraisal and inspection paid by someone else instead of coming out of pocket for it? because what if the property appraises lower than its listed for or there is a major repair needed that was not listed ? the seller and buyer might not come to terms and if everyone walks away from the deal the seller essentially just lost the money they paid for the inspection and appraisal. how can you get around this so that you don't have to pay an inspection and appraisal every time you see a potential deal?

  • If you are getting an owner occupied loan (generally speaking) would banks, credit unions, or mortgage brokers have lower closing costs?

  • Great fundamental content N & C! Certainly makes sense to get paperwork done ahead of time, but it seems to me that my paperwork is never ready until the last minute???

  • Attempting a "Refi" on a investment property I purchased for 48K cash. Received the paperwork via email yesterday, and the closing cost are over 6K! Glad this video found me today. #MuchAppreciated

  • Question. Does your Title company have to be in the state where you are purchasing the property or can you have a local company doing out-of-state title searches?

  • It's like you guys publish a video every time I think of a new question about real estate! Lol I love you guys. Question, as a first time buyer who has served in the armed forces, which is a better loan program? FHA OR VA?

  • How many properties do you recommend should be in the LLC because making another LLC?

    Sorry this question is way of topic

  • I am being charged 11,000 in closing cost on a179,000 cashout 30 yr refinance loan in Houston Tx. It is also the same lender I have my current loan with. They gave me a 4.4 rate with a 800 credit score. This sounds expensive. What are your thoughts about CC and Rate. Thanks you guys are the best.

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