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hey guys it’s Devin Howard let’s talk
about credit cards when you’re looking for a new credit card it’s a good idea
to figure out which ones have the lowest interest rate so I’m out I’m going to
tell you the best credit cards with the lowest interest rates so that we can all
save money and take advantage of having a good credit score basically when
interest rates become a problem is when you don’t pay off your full balance in
full every month in other words if you have a $1,000 on your credit card but
you only pay it off 500 of it by the end of the month they can actually add
interest to what’s left in your account and it can be huge it can add a ton of
money that you don’t want to have to pay credit cards with low interest rates can
save you a substantial amount of money so it’s a good idea and it’s best to use
if you actually already have a credit card with some debt on it paying off
this debt on a zero APR can actually save you so much money so let’s go over
some of the best 0 interest or low interest rate credit cards so that you
can find which one best suits your needs first up the AMEX everyday card from
American Express no this is a great card for anybody who already has some
existing debt and I’m going to tell you why this card offers 0% interest APR for
the first 15 months for new purchases or even for existing balances on other
cards so that means you can transfer over debt from another card onto this
AMEX card and you won’t get charged any interest balance transfers do need to be
made within the first 60 days of opening that new credit card but that’s easy to
do after those 15 months the interest can balance from 14% to 25% depending on
your credit score so just keep that in mind this card has no annual fees and
also allows you to earn rewards what they call points so you get one point
for every $1 you spend and then two points for every $1 you spend at a
grocery store so in addition to not charging you interest rates you’re also
earning some extra cash they also have a bonus offer 10,000 points if you spend
$1,000 within your first three months and they also offer fraud protection and
rewards for different shopping experiences that you might have so it’s
a great card if you need to transfer over that debt if you want to earn some
extra cash definitely check this one out the next card we’re talking about is the
chase freedom unlimited card if you need to make a big purchase that you want to
pay off over an extended period of time this is the card for you so there’s 0%
APR to start that 0% that 0% APR lasts the first 15 months so basically if you
need to make a big purchase you have 15 months to pay it off with no interest
you can also transfer over a balance from another card but there is an
Associated fee with that so this card may not be but the best for you if
you’re wanting to transfer over existing debt after that first 15 months your
credit the interest can go up from 16 percent to 26 percent so keep that in
mind that will vary based on your credit score this card also comes with great
rewards you’ll earn 1.5% cash back with every purchase you’ll even
for $150 bonus if you spend $500 within the first three months there’s no
expiration date on the rewards there’s no annual fee that it’s I mean it’s a
great card it’s not going to cost you a lot of money it’s just not the best if
you want to transfer over that existing debt
all right next let’s talk about the City Diamond preferred card now this is the
card that you should look at if you’re wanting to pay off debt this card offers
0% APR for the first 21 months this 0% APR for the first 21 months is for
balance transfers that are made within four months of opening up that card
there is a balance fee of 5% if you’re trying to transfer over that existing
debt but this is not actually that bad because you’ll have that whole 21 months
to pay it all off with no interest so even that 5% fee shouldn’t be too
difficult to pay off you also get 0% APR on new purchases within the first 12
months and like the other cards the interest will actually go up after that
first year of course the interest rates vary based on your credit score but it’s
around fourteen point four nine percent to twenty four point four nine percent
the thing about this card is that it comes with no additional benefits or
rewards so you’re not going to be able to get cash back or points for purchases
that you make but if you do have a lot of debt that you really need to pay off
take those 21 months of 0% interest and pay it off and don’t worry about trying
to earn a bunch of points because it’s not going to work with this card next up
let’s talk about the city simplicity card this card offers 0% APR for the
first 18 months on both existing purchases like balance transfers and new
purchases and also this card has no late fees ever so if you have a hard time
paying your bills on time you don’t have to worry about being charged for that
late fee but it’s also just a good extra added you know measure of protection for
even the most responsible card holders like the card I mentioned before there
is a 5% balance transfer but you get eighteen months to pay it off so in my
opinion that fine percent fee is not too bad like the
other cards the APR will jump from 15 ish percent to 25 percent depending on
your credit score so that’s just something to be expected after that
initial offer expires there aren’t any rewards or bonuses or incentives with
this card but what is nice about it is that there’s flexibility with that
payday there’s those know no late fees for you know missed payments and you can
also adjust your payment window based on when it’s most convenient for you if you
happen to only get paid every two months or whatever then maybe you would have it
set up so that it’s you know an automatic payment is made every two
months so it’s just it offers flexibility when you’re looking for a
new credit card it’s important to evaluate how much debt you have what you
plan on using the card for and what you can really afford and how long you’re
wanting to be able to make payments with no interest obviously there are a lot of
options for all of us out there depending on our own personal situations
so you can take comfort in the fact that you can you know transfer over that debt
you can make a big purchase and then not have to worry about added fees all on
top of that so stop paying high interest rates on a credit card you already have
open up a new account that has 0% APR and you know a lot of people will have a
problem with maintaining a balance on a credit card but sometimes we have to
sometimes there’s no other option so why not be smart about it and do it in the
way that saves us the most money so that we can actually get ourselves out of
debt and just live our lives debt-free my only note of advice is to just keep
track of which card you go with and when that initial offer expires whether it’s
12 months 18 months 21 months it’s just a good idea to know when you need to
kind of have everything paid off by for more information on how to make money
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  • I love these vids. Thanks for the info. You should post these somewhere like college pages where recent grads like me can find them. They are really helpful.

  • Word. Credit cards are convenient but the interest charges will kill you. Thank you for naming the 0 interest ones.

  • I walked into my bank and told them that I wanted to start building credit (I’m 18). So they gave me the an unsecured credit card (BOA Cash rewards) but the person that got me approved told me to not pay the full amount that you spend back… So let’s say I spend $200 (my card says $800, so the 30% rule leaves me at $200ish) She basically said I should pay back $160, leaving about 20% to roll over… She mentioned I should do this while I have the 12 months no interest promotion, but once it ends, I should pay back in full… Can you tell me your thoughts on this tactic and possibly explain it a bit for me? Thanks, much appreciated.

  • This video was sooooo helpful I’m 19 and I want to buy my first car with a credit card I like how I searched about credit cards and interest rates an your video came up it was very thorough nand helpful thank you

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