What are you doing for peace?

hi hi hi hi what are you doing for peace these days my colleagues night we do a whole lot for peace just making a difference sound like something you would like to do maybe it's time to consider a career with the United Nations to make sure your application stands out here are some key tips on how to apply first show us how your experience and qualifications match the requirements of the job highlight achievements that make you a good match for the position on languages indicate your level of fluency and show us through your cover letter how you are a great fit for the role you want to apply for before you send us your application make sure it is clear concise and specific that you are fully qualified for the position proofread and save a copy so you can use your application for other un positions in the future applying to the UN is a process that can take some time but on our website we have a step-by-step guide to help you through your application process I invite you I invite you I invite you I invite you to find out what you can do for this you

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