What Changes is the VA Making? | Quicken Loans and Department of VA

♪[music]♪ – [Closson] Okay, you know, kind of closing off this initial form of questions which I are very specific to the VA, it’s what changes is the VA going to make to improve the VA loan process? Is there anything big coming up soon that veterans should know about? -[ John] So you’re starting something that’s near and dear to my heart, and that is our enhancements that we’re making with our automation. And what we’re doing is, you know, how do we, VA, protect the Veterans and make the experience as transparent as possible. We want a veteran, when they go and apply for a loan, no matter what lender they choose, to have the same type of experience across the board. The only way to do that is to understand what variances are out there and to make sure that we understand how to help them navigate that process. So, one thing that we’re doing is enhancing our data, our ability to acquire data elements so that we can understand not only the loan on an individual basis, but can understand trends, and then also understand when we make policy decisions, whether or not those policy decisions are effective or ineffective, and can quickly maneuver to change those if need be. ♪[music]♪

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