What Credit Cards Are in My Wallet? (Dec 2018) | Review of Cards That Are New, Staying & Leaving

Hey, how’s it going everyone? Its Ernest
from Trip Astute. Happy Holidays! In this video, we’re going to review what credit
cards are in my wallet at the end of 2018 and which ones are out. (light chiming music) I know a lot
of you have asked me to do a “what’s in my wallet” video, so I thought I would end
the year with the review of which cards are staying in my wallet, which ones are
leaving, and which ones were added. But first, if you’re new here, welcome to our
channel. Trip Astute a travel channel that is focused on sharing ways to make
travel easier, affordable, and more enjoyable. Traveling can be stressful and
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through travel tips, points and miles, and innovative gear. If that sounds
interesting to you, please consider subscribing. First we’ll cover the
newcomers to my wallet this year. Number 1: American Express Gold card. I’m excited
to be earning American Express Membership Rewards points again. It’s been
a while since I’ve had them and I know a lot of you have asked me to do videos on
the American Express cards. I’ve hesitated to do them since I didn’t have
a points-earning American Express card until now, so I couldn’t pull accurate
screenshots or even speak from personal experience. But now that I have one, you
can expect to see more videos on the Gold Card and Membership Rewards program.
This is definitely an interesting card and it looks like American Express is
really trying to win over the Chase Sapphire cardmembers with this card.
Number 2: US Bank Cash+. I’ve been interested in this card for a while. I’m
definitely not a big spender when it comes to daily expenses, but I still have
this dream of having most of my spend earning some kind of a bonus. I thought
this card might be a good fit to help me reach that goal and to fill in the gaps.
I like that it has customizable rotating bonus categories. However, I don’t expect
to generate a lot of cash back from this card. But I think it’ll be useful to have,
especially since I do a rotating bonus category video every three months. Number
3: Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Business
card. I wasn’t planning on getting this card but I got it for the purpose of
earning enough points to get another year on our Southwest companion pass.
Last year, I earned a companion pass by applying for the personal Southwest
Rapid Rewards Plus card and we really benefited from having the pass. Having it
for another year seems like a no-brainer for us so we strategically planned to get the
card and use Southwest hotel bookings to earn enough points to get our companion
pass renewed. I’m gonna do a video on the Southwest companion pass program since it’s
very valuable and easy to get if you plan it right. And now, here are the cards
that have become a regular part of my everyday carry this year. Number 1:
Chase Sapphire Reserve. You all know how much I love Chase Ultimate Rewards points, so
this shouldn’t be a surprise. I still love my Sapphire Reserve, and it’s
probably the most valuable card in my wallet. Since I tend to spend a
significant amount on dining and travel, especially parking expenses here in LA,
this card really works well for me. Also, the $300 annual travel
credit makes this card feel like it only has a $150 annual fee. Even though most of
my dining out spend will probably end up on the American Express Gold card,
I still think I’ll be able to take advantage of this card’s benefits. Number
2: Chase Ink Business Preferred. This is my primary business card for Trip Astute.
Like the Sapphire Reserve, it earns a lot of bonus points. Even the opening bonus
on this card is an amazing eight thousand points. I basically use it for
all my business expenses and it’s definitely a keeper in my wallet.
Number 3: Chase Ink Business Cash. This is another card that I keep and use
all the time. I have another small business that I run so I use the Ink
Business Cash for all of those expenses. I also charge my internet and streaming
services on this card since it earns five points per dollar on purchases from
office supply stores, internet, cable, and phone services. It doesn’t have an annual
fee so it’s a great card to have especially since it also earns Ultimate
Rewards points. Number 4: American Express Blue Cash Preferred. This is a
powerhouse cash back card. It earns me six percent cash back on groceries and
three percent back on gas, and I’m able to take advantage of many of the Amex
offers. However, this card will likely get downgraded to the no annual fee version
since I’ll be using the Gold card for grocery purchases this year. Though if I
decide not to renew the Gold card after the first year, I’ll likely restore this
card as my primary grocery card. Number 5: Chase Freedom. This is another
workhorse in my wallet. I try to take advantage of the five percent quarterly
rotating bonus categories which can earn me 7,500 Ultimate Rewards
points every quarter. With no annual fee, this card is definitely staying in my wallet.
Number 6: Chase Freedom Unlimited. This card is my go-to card for any expenses
that are not covered by a bonus category. It earns a flat rate of 1.5 points per
dollar so it’s a great no-nonsense card for expenses where I can’t really
maximize a bonus category. Number 7: Discover It. Like the Chase Freedom, the
Discover It card offers a rotating quarterly bonus. However, similar to my
American Express Blue Cash Preferred card, it earns cash back. But I can put
that money toward my travel budget. Okay, those are the cards I actually carry in
my wallet. However, I do have a bunch of other credit cards that I don’t
necessarily carry with me all the time, but I keep active since I get some kind
of reward or benefit with them, even if they have an annual fee. Here’s a list of
cards that I have as well. Number 1: Chase IHG Rewards Club Select. I’ve
covered this card in several videos. I basically keep it because I get Platinum
Elite status with IHG and more importantly, a free anniversary night
with my $49 annual fee. The free night alone is worth so much more than the
annual fee. Chase is trying to get me to upgrade to the new IHG Premier card, but
honestly I don’t think that I would take advantage of the new benefits. And I
don’t want to pay the $89 annual fee. The next card on my list is the Chase Hyatt
card. Like the IHG Rewards Club card, this card offers a bump in loyalty
status and provides a free night every year with an annual fee of $95. There are
a ton of awesome hotels in Hyatt’s portfolio where you can use your annual
certificate. Since I can almost guarantee that I’ll get a room for more than the
value of the annual fee, it’s worth keeping this card. Next is the Chase
United MileagePlus Explorer card. I never use this card but I keep it for
the lounge passes, free check-in baggage, priority boarding, and additional award
availability. If you have this card, you’ll actually see more award seat
availability for flights when redeeming points. To me, these benefits are worth the
$95 annual fee. I’ve contemplated cancelling this card, but I’m gonna keep
it for at least another year, especially with some of the changes in United’s
economy baggage policy. The Citi Double Cash is also in my drawer. I thought
about closing the account but I figured I would just keep it just in case
anything changes in my current setup, especially with Chase. The Double Cash
used to be my go-to non-bonus spend card, but it was
replaced by the Freedom Unlimited. I know that may sound strange because the
Double Cash earns 2% while the Freedom Unlimited only earns 1.5%, but
keep in mind that the Freedom Unlimited earns Ultimate Rewards points which are
valued at at least 1.5 cents. So essentially, I’m earning 2.25% with the Freedom Unlimited, which is why I prefer it. Lastly, I do
have two USAA credit cards that are also in my drawer. I got both of these
credit cards when I was a cadet in college. The only reason I even keep
these cards is because they are my oldest credit cards, so cancelling them
would probably affect my credit score since it would decrease my average age of
accounts. And sadly, there are a few credit cards that didn’t make it to the
end of 2018. This includes the following cards. Club Carlson Premier Rewards. While
this card has helped me to earn a lot of Club Carlson points, I’ve struggled to redeem
the points. Club Carlson does have some incredible resorts around the world like
their Radisson Blu brand. But we’ve not been able to use the points when
traveling due to limited availability or high point rates. Even though I was
earning 40,000 Club Carlson points every year with my $75 annual fee, I decided to
cancel the card. Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus. As I mentioned earlier, I
got this card last year in order to earn a companion pass. At the time, Southwest
was offering California residents the opportunity to earn a free companion
pass as a welcome offer. The only problem is I didn’t really use the card,
and even when paying for Southwest flights, I prefered to use my Sapphire
Reserve card since I could earn Ultimate Rewards points. So, I decided to
cancel this card since there wasn’t a no annual fee downgrade option and applied
for the business version instead. And that’s my wallet wrap-up for 2018. Let me
know what you think in the comment section below. Also, I would love to hear
what cards have joined, stayed, or left your wallet this year. If you’re
interested in applying for any of the cards featured in this video, please
consider using the credit card links on our website. We’ve partnered with CardRatings.com, so any sign-ups that go through our site helps to support the
channel, especially when it comes to buying new equipment and storage for
these videos. If you enjoyed this video or found it useful, please like and share
it with others. It really helps us to grow the channel and our community. Again,
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.
Until next time, travel safe and travel smart.

37 thoughts on “What Credit Cards Are in My Wallet? (Dec 2018) | Review of Cards That Are New, Staying & Leaving

  • 2018 added 4 more😁
    Usbank cash plus my daily driver
    2 Capone Quicksilvers no fees
    Amex Gold Delta Skymiles 50,000 SkyMiles

  • That’s a lot of credit cards 💳 I have 4 with a low monthly subscriptions like Netflix etc on each card. Have autopay on the cards. It gives me peace of mind that my subscriptions are paid for and at the same time increases my credit score.

  • Classy guy … I seviced 9 years in the Air Force and Air National Guard.

    How did you fulfill your commitment to the military after your cadet status?

  • Nice collection of cards. I carry CSR, CFU, Amex Everyday, Amex SPG and Discover it. Sock drawer cards for the most part is 2 Cap 1 cards and Citi DC card.

  • Nice rotation of cards 👌. You could look to product change the Citi DC to the Citi Dividend and have another 5% card 🙂. Have a great New Year's, Ernest! 🍻

  • I added the American Express Everyday card and the Charles Schwab American Express card to my collection. Here is what I have: USAA, Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire Preferred, Citi Aadvantage, Capital One Quicksilver, American Express Everyday, American Express Starwood, American Express Gold Card, and American Express Charles Schwab Platinum card. I did downgrade my regular American Express Platinum card to a Gold Card for the changes and then applied for the Charles Schwab version of the Platinum card to make my Amex collection stronger.

  • Great Video! I have several of these cards…
    I love my
    amex gold card
    us bank cash plus card
    discover card
    amex blue cash everyday card
    chase freedom
    citi double cash card

  • Once you get the Chase trifecta (CSR, CF, and CF unlimited), you really don't need any other cards, except for groceries. The Amex Gold or Amex Blue cash prefered fills that void.

  • Happy Holidays to you Trip Astute? What do you think about the Green card yes it doesn't have 4x on grocery's or restaurant's or 3x on airline credits or the 120.00 Dining credit 10.00 a month but it waves the annual fee then 95.00 not 250.00 ? any thoughts about the Green card?

    Trip when you do the Southwest card are you doing the personal or business version? Not everybody owns a business some people do but not everybody just like not everybody has a savor or Citi Thank you premiere , Thank you preferred or Us bank card so not everybody gets 2-4 x on entertainment?
    not everybody owns a business I hope you would incorporate a personal version?

    So if you go on a business trip not vacation a business trip purchase for airline tickets staying in a hotel taking clients out to eat renting a car you use Chase Ink card or if you make a purchase at a office supply store? what other purchases would consider business expense not including travel or office supply store?

    so if you went to get your car oiled and lubed, if you went to get a hair cut, to a bagel shop or a spa you use the Freedom unlimited?

    So cards I applied for Us Bank card starting January 2019 I will be using it for 5% on fashion and clothing store gift cards an Movies along with movies gift cards
    last card I applied for is the Chase Sapphire preferred this will be my dining card I've used it a lot especially with the holidays shopping during the week and eating out at night.

    cards that remain in my wallet Capitol1 venture1 yes people who travel on company business that travel a couple times a year have this card
    yes I will be using this card for certain purchases like spas I go to the Fountain it's a 55.00 expense shopping at a store like Walmart, target Barnes and nobles gift card purchase ect still have the American express basic Blue cash coinsides with my Venture1 card but I would use it at department stores like Kohls or Macys, if i'm buying a gift card for a restaurant in a gas station or Amc gift card I would then use this card. instead of driving down to movies which are in malls. so with either card Venture1 or blue cash basic If i'm getting my car oiled and lubed I would use either card.

    for travel this year it will go on my Sapphire preferred .

    for certain category's I would use my Discover have to see what the category's are.

  • I have the chase cards and united airlines chase card b/c we use points to fly to New Zealand 🇳🇿 to visit family…so those cards work the best

  • I have another question that I didn't put down in my original comment section. in quarter number Discover is having 5% cash back on grocery stores
    American Express gives 4x on grocery stores so for q1 what card will Trip be using for grocery store purchases?

    What will Mark be doing I'm still very disappointed that in the old days from 1978 to 1990 you could use a credit card in a lot of places like book stores fashion, department stores record stores and restaurants BUT NOT grocery stores, fast food restaurants , hair salons or movie theaters .
    in 1800's you didn't have credit cards so if you wanted a hotel you gave cash this I can see. when Diners club and American Express came around you would now use credit cards for hotels, car rentals, airline tickets, sit down restaurants . stores like what I have above Where the blank was grocery stores in 1990? you had to eat ! to be fair for grocery stores I will be using my Discover 1 time per month and 3 for the quarter.

  • Fantastic video on your card lineup. I love learning about why you keep and use particular cards.

    I am one card away from completing a Chase Quadfecta. I have a CSR, Freedom, and Ink Preferred (planning to product change to Ink Cash later). All I need now is either a Freedom Unlimited or Ink Unlimited. Which one would you go for?

    Eventually, I also want to get a Citi Double Cash at least for the Citi protections (extended warranty, return protection, etc.) and a Chip and PIN card.

  • Still trying to get my Chase quadfecta completed (CIP, CF, CFU), then I'm going for the Amex trifecta. I don't think I will ever get any airline-specific card like the Southwest or the United MileagePlus, but may try for a jetBlue or Alaska card.

    Happy new year in advance, Ernest!

  • Question. I'm worried about my credit scores as they are Experian 806 Equifax 659 Transunion 755. Should I wait until my low score increases before trying to apply for cards?

  • Hello Earnest!
    I have a question.
    My Amex everyday($4k credit line) card and Freedom unlimted($8k credit line)has 15 months 0% APR.My question is if i make some big purchase and carry the balance for 5-6 months only pay a little more than the minimum due,will it be bad thing?
    I know my score will get low but beside from that will I have any other problems?
    Thank you!

  • I Discovered what's in your wallet. A card you should never leave home without and one that's everywhere you want to be.

  • wouldn't it be better to have a Chase or Amex setup and have all your spending into one point currency than several?

  • CSR (thinking about getting Citi Prestige or Amex Gold)
    BOA Cash reward/Citi Costco card
    Amex blue cash preferred
    USAA’s Amex card(5% on gas)

  • wow you have a lot of great credit cards. Remember adding an installment loan or personal loan helps build credit too because it's a different type of credit product.

  • Hey!
    I usually pay off credit card debt instantly while the balance is still pending.For instance,if I get $20 gas using my credit card,I go into the app and pay it instantly.Is it good or do I have to wait few days then pay it off?

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